Warner and DC being sued over Suicide Squad false advertising

first_imgThese days, it isn’t unusual for movie trailers to have scenes that don’t actually make it into the final film. Trailers, especially early ones, use whatever footage is available to create something that will entice viewers to watch the movie. However, as production on a film continues, some scenes may be cut due to any number of reasons. It can be disappointing to expect to see specific scenes in a movie only for them to be missing, but it’s one of the realities we have to deal with.One Suicide Squad viewer from Scotland, however, isn’t having any of it. This man, known as BlackPanther2016 on Reddit, is suing Warner Bros. and DC over the movie’s removal of scenes that were in the trailers. Especially, scenes involving the Joker. He made a post on the Movies subreddit claiming that he drove 300 miles to London to watch “specific specific scenes explicitly advertised in TV ads.” He left the theater feeling disappointed and demanded a refund. According to him, he was laughed at and thrown out of the theater. Now, he is going to sue the makers of the film with the help of his supposed lawyer brother.I’ve seen the movie twice so I can confirm that the trailers do indeed have scenes that aren’t in the film. These scenes include Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn) pointing a gun at the Joker and a fight scene between Katana and Killer Croc, the former of which appears to be under mind control. More alleged changes were compiled in this Reddit thread. Unlike our Scottish friend, I wasn’t upset over these omissions because I (like most people) understand that not everything in a trailer will be in the final cut of the movie.While this man’s frustration is somewhat understandable, him trying to sue DC and Warner Bros. will ultimately be in vain. I fully expect this case to be dismissed by the court judge. Suicide Squad is not the first movie to have trailers with material that isn’t in the film and it certainly won’t be the last. This isn’t a deliberate act of deception by the two companies in question: it is just the way the Hollywood machine works.last_img

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