Seabin seawater filtration device installed in the port of Rijeka

first_imgThe SEA initiative (Save, Embrace, Achieve) from Rijeka donated the Seabin device to the Rijeka Port Authority for use, with the aim of raising awareness of the need to protect and preserve the marine environment and introduce sustainable solutions for the use and management of marine resources as one of the most valuable resources. Seabin is said to be a floating trash can that constantly filters seawater by collecting plastic, microplastics, detergents, oils and other materials from the surface, preventing them from floating out to sea and harming marine flora and fauna. Facebook: Seabin project Source: Total Croatia News, Morski.hrPhoto and video: Seabinprojectcenter_img The V5 Seabin is designed for installation in the water of marinas, yacht clubs, ports or similar environments. It can clean floating debris, macro and micro plastics, and even micro fibers with an additional filter. It is also able to clean water from contaminated organic materials (leaves, seaweed, etc.), and when equipped with oil-absorbing pads it absorbs petroleum-based and detergent-based surface oils that predominate in most marinas and ports around the world. Seabin project were designed by two Australian surfers, to help reduce pollution of the world’s seas and oceans, and according to information from the official website, more than 600 tons of waste have been collected so far. From the sea surface, this device collects an average of about 1,5 kilograms of floating garbage per day. last_img

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