Vicky Cornell To Congress We Must Integrate Addiction Treatment Into Our Health

first_imgFollowing Chris Cornell’s tragic death in 2017, his wife continues to speak up about mental health and substance abuse. This time she spoke in front of CongressAna YglesiasGRAMMYs Feb 27, 2019 – 5:36 pm Vicky Cornell, the widow of late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, visited Washington D.C. on Feb. 25 to testify before the Congressional Bipartisan Heroin And Opioid Task Force on the opioid crisis. She advocated for better addiction training for health care professionals in the face of the growing epidemic, underscoring that her husband’s death “was not inevitable.””Chris had a brain disease and a doctor who, unfortunately, like many, was not properly trained or educated on addiction,” Cornell told the task force, according to People. “We must integrate addiction treatment into our health care system—no more false narratives about the need to hit rock bottom, no more secret societies, no more shame—we must educate health care providers on how to treat addiction and best support recovery.”The rock icon was found dead by suicide in his hotel room in Detroit on May 17, 2017 following a Soundgarden concert. The toxicology report revealed prescription medications in his system, including Ativan, a benzodiazepine he was prescribed as a sleep aid, although the medical examiner said these drugs did not directly “contribute to the cause of death.”Vicky believes that her husband would still be here today if he had been treated by a doctor better educated in addiction, which he had struggled with for years before going sober.”He didn’t want to die. If he was of sound mind, I know he wouldn’t have done this… Addiction is a disease. That disease can take over you and has full power,” she told People in 2017. Twitter Email Facebook NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Feb 13, 2019 – 4:16 pm Toni & Christopher Cornell | 2019 GRAMMYs News Vicky Cornell Speaks To Congress About Addiction vicky-cornell-congress-we-must-integrate-addiction-treatment-our-health-care-system Earlier this month, Cornell posthumously won Best Rock Performance for “When Bad Does Good” at the 61st GRAMMY Awards.” His children Toni and Christopher accepted the GRAMMY on his behalf in a tear-jerking moment.”I never thought we would be standing here without my dad,” Cornell’s son Christopher said during their acceptance speech. “I’m sure he would be proud and honored. He was a rock icon, the Godfather of grunge and a creator of a movement. While he touched the hearts of millions, the most important thing he is known for, for us, is for being the greatest father and our hero.”If you or a loved one is dealing with substance abuse, there are resources that can help—MusiCares offers free addiction recovery services for people in the music industry, including support groups in several states.    Remembering Chris Cornell: A Sweet SunshowerRead more Vicky Cornell To Congress: “We Must Integrate Addiction Treatment Into Our Health Care System” last_img read more

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North Korea leader receives excellent letter from Trump

first_imgPresident Donald Trump sent North Korean leader Kim Jong Un an “excellent” letter, the North’s state-run news agency reported Sunday, quoting Mr. Kim as saying he would “seriously contemplate it.” The White House declined to confirm that Mr. Trump had sent a letter to Mr. Kim. It comes as nuclear talks between the U.S. and North Korea broke down after the failed summit between Mr. Kim and Mr. Trump in February in Vietnam. Also Read – Shahid Afridi joins ‘Kashmir Hour’ in military uniform Advertise With Us The U.S. is demanding that North Korea abandon its nuclear weapons entirely before international sanctions are lifted. North Korea is seeking a step-by-step approach in which moves toward denuclearization are matched by concessions from the U.S., notably a relaxation of the sanctions. Mr. Kim “said with satisfaction that the letter is of excellent content,” Pyongyang’s Korean Central News Agency reported. Also Read – EAM Jaishankar calls on European Parliament President David Sassoli Advertise With Us “Appreciating the political judging faculty and extraordinary courage of President Trump, Kim Jong Un said that he would seriously contemplate the interesting content,” the agency said, without elaborating. South Korea’s presidential office said it sees the exchange of letters between Mr. Kim and Mr. Trump as a positive development for keeping the momentum for dialogue alive. Advertise With Us Mr. Trump’s letter also came days after Mr. Kim’s summit with visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping, which experts say underscored China’s emergence as a major player in the diplomatic push to resolve the nuclear standoff with the North. North Korean state media said Mr. Kim and Mr. Xi discussed the political situation surrounding the Korean Peninsula and reached unspecified consensus on important issues. Mr. Xi is expected to meet Mr. Trump next week in Japan during the G-20 summit. Analysts say he could pass him a message from Mr. Kim about the nuclear negotiations. Mr. Kim said during his New Year’s speech said he would seek a “new way” if the United States persists with sanctions and pressure against North Korea. After the collapse of his meeting with Mr. Trump in Hanoi, Mr. Kim said Washington has until the end of the year to offer mutually acceptable terms for a deal to salvage the negotiations. Following a provocative run in weapons tests, Mr. Kim initiated negotiations with Seoul and Washington in 2018, which led to three summits with South Korea’s president and his first with Mr. Trump in Singapore on June 12 last year, when they issued a vague statement on a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula without describing how and when it would occur. The lack of substance and fruitless working-level talks set up the breakdown of Mr. Kim’s second meeting with Mr. Trump, which the Americans blamed on excessive North Korean demands for sanctions relief in exchange for only a partial surrender of its nuclear capabilities. Nuclear negotiations have been at a standstill since then, but on the eve of the anniversary of the Singapore summit, Mr. Trump told U.S. reporters he received a “beautiful” letter from Mr. Kim, without revealing what was written. In an interview with TIME magazine last week, Mr. Trump said he also received a “birthday letter” from Mr. Kim that was delivered by hand a day before. Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim also exchanged letters in 2018 after their first summit. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said at the time that the letters addressed their commitment to work toward North Korea’s “complete denuclearization.” In September 2018, Mr. Trump told a cheering crowd at a campaign rally in West Virginia that Mr. Kim “wrote me beautiful letters and they’re great letters. We fell in love.” Analysts say the gesture of sending letters is part of North Korean efforts to present Kim as a legitimate international statesman who is reasonable and capable of negotiating solutions and making deals. Because of the weight of formality they provide, Mr. Kim might see personal letters as an important way to communicate with leaders of countries the North never had close ties with, they saylast_img read more

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The most infernal fake Satans

first_img Asmodeus1/13Dungeons & Dragons cosmology gets hella confusing, wicked fast. It makes the Silmarillion look straight forward. It’s that nutso, especially when you take into account multiple campaign settings across multiple editions in multiple decades. But still, with all that, we were able to pick a favorite fake Satan from the world of D&D and it’s none other than Asmodeus. How badass is Asmodeus? The dude started as the creation of a bunch of angels, and then ended up creating his own plane of existence: The Nine Layers of Hell.<><> Going back about as far as anyone cares to – maybe even further – Satan, Lucifer, The Devil has been a massive part of literature and pop culture. Hell, he’s the Big Bad in the Bible! The Bible! But in more recent decades, there’s been an interesting trend for writers and creators to use not The Devil, but just a devil. But not just some generic rank-and-file demon – no, these fake Satans are basically The Devil. It’s just, for one reason or another… they aren’t.Collected here are the best examples of this concept, plus some that we just shoe-horned in because we like them.Note: If there’s a Harambe slide in here, please don’t blame me. Those jokes make me sad and my editors like seeing me suffer. They’re sadistic monsters. THEY should be on this list. Not Harambe. [Editor’s Note: It’s true, we have been honoring Harambe as a smart ape, dank wizard, potential Pokemon, and quiet karate-man. We do not regret our actions. However, we agree that the beloved ape is definitely not a fake Satan] We could have made this list twice as long. Or six times as long! Or, wait, we got it, 666 times as long? Hahahaha, right? Anyway, tell us your favorite fake Satans down in the comments below. Or don’t. Your call.Aubrey Sitterson is the creator of the ongoing sword & sorcery serial podcast, SKALD. It doesn’t have one specific devil in it, but it does have more than its fair share of a nefarious elder god. You should check it out on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher & Podomatic. Follow Aubrey on Twitter or check out his website for more information.last_img read more

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Dingoes like wolves are smarter than pet dogs

first_imgDingo The dingo is considered a “pure” prehistoric dog, which was brought to Australia tens of thousands of years ago by the Aborigines. While they have in the past been associated with humans, they have adapted to surviving “wild” in the Australian outback. The dingo lies somewhere between the wolf, its ancient ancestor, and the domestic or pet dog, and has cognitive differences between the two. There has been little research done on dingoes, even though studies would aid in the understanding of the evolution of dogs, and it was unknown whether the dingo was more “wolf-like” or “dog-like”.Researchers in South Australia have now subjected the Australian dingo (Canis dingo) to the classic “detour task,” which has been used by previous researchers to assess the abilities of wolves (Canis lupus) and domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) to solve non-social, spatial problems. The detour task involves placing a treat behind a transparent or wire mesh fence. The dog can see the food but cannot get to it directly and has to find its way along the fence and through a door and then double back to get the food. Previous research has shown wolves are adept at solving the problem quickly, while domesticated dogs generally perform poorly and fail to improve significantly even after repeated trials. The wolves were also able to adapt easily when conditions were reversed, but pet dogs also generally fared poorly at this task.Until now dingoes had not been tested, so lead researcher, PhD student Mr. Bradley Smith of the School of Psychology at the University of South Australia, decided to subject 20 sanctuary-raised dingoes (Canis dingo) to the V-shaped detour task, in which a V-shaped fence is the barrier to the treat (a bowl of food) placed at the intersection point of the V, and the detour doors swung either inward or outward.The dingoes were randomly assigned to one of four experimental conditions previously used to test dogs and wolves. These were the inward or outward detour (with doors closed), inward detour (with doors open), and inward detour (with a human demonstrator). Each dingo was tested four times and then given a fifth trial with the conditions reversed.The results showed the dingoes completed the detour tasks successfully, and they achieved fewer errors and solved the problems more quickly (in around 20 seconds) than domestic dogs tested in previous research. Unlike domesticated dogs in previous studies, the dingoes did not look to humans for help, and only one dingo even looked at the human when solving the problem. This behavior was much more similar to findings with wolves than for pet dogs.The findings were published in the journal Animal Behaviour. All tests were carried out at the Dingo Discovery Centre in Victoria. ( — Studies in the past have shown that wolves are smarter than domesticated dogs when it comes to solving spatial problems, and now new research has shown that dingoes also solve the problems well. Citation: Dingoes, like wolves, are smarter than pet dogs (2010, June 11) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2010 More information: References: — — … ciallearningdogs.pdf– Study challenges popular image of dingo Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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Go back to the enewsletter On 3 March The Walt D

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterOn 3 March, The Walt Disney Company announced plans to build two additional cruise ships.The company has entered into a memorandum of agreement with the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany. The schedule calls for the new ships to be completed in 2021 and 2023.Each new ship will be approximately 135,000 gross US tons – slightly larger than the newest Disney Cruise Line ships, the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy – and each is currently planned to include about 1250 guest staterooms. While design plans, ship names and itineraries are still in development, the Walt Disney Imagineering team is already dreaming up exciting new ways to create the world’s most magical ocean-going adventures.The company has been an industry leader in innovation and game-changing creativity. With the launch of the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy in 2011 and 2012, the company introduced several firsts for the industry, including a water coaster at sea and virtual portholes in interior staterooms that provide real-time views of the sea as well as sightings of animated Disney characters.Plans for the expansion of Disney Cruise Line come during a period of momentous growth and innovation for Disney properties around the globe.“The expansion of Disney Cruise Line only adds to our excitement for the unprecedented growth taking place across our vacation destinations, from new Star Wars experiences coming to the Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts to the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris and the grand opening of our newest park, Shanghai Disney Resort,” said Bob Chapek, Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

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New York New York — Reported by Coleman Bentley f

first_imgNew York, New York — Reported by Coleman Bentley for Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazineLet’s be honest, we can’t all be supermodels. Maybe it’s our height, maybe it’s our hair, but whatever the reason the fact remains: Most of just aren’t cut out for the runway. Thankfully world-renowned designer Michael Kors, with the August release of the New York Limited-Edition Runway watch, has made it possible for the everyday-fashionista to don a little piece of stardom.Adapted from the iconic Michael Kors Runway template, this limited0edition timepiece takes a bite out of the big apple, featuring a “New York” script dial display and a silhouette of the world’s most recognizable skyline etched right into the case-back. Adding glitz to Michael Kors’ jetset glamor is a 2.5mm diamond carefully set into the 12 o’clock position of the watch-face.Like any model, however, this watch looks as good off the runway (or in this case, wrist) as it does on it. The New York Limited-Edition Runway comes tucked in a luxurious brown collector’s box, which also houses a “Michael Kors Limited-Edition” plaque in its plush compartments; just in case your friends need a reminder that this piece is as exclusive as those nearly three times its price.The New York Limited Edition Runway watch will retail for $650.www.michaelkors.comlast_img read more

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This image released by Universal Pictures shows Vi

first_img This image released by Universal Pictures shows Viggo Mortensen, foreground, and Mahershala Ali in a scene from “Green Book.” The National Board of Review announced their 2018 honorees, Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018, with top awards going to “Green Book” as best film of the year and best actor of the year going to Mortensen. (Universal Pictures via AP) NEW YORK — The National Board of Review has named the feel-good road-trip drama “Green Book” the best film of the year, and its star, Viggo Mortensen, best actor.The awards announced Thursday gave “Green Book” a much-needed jolt. The film was declared an Oscar favourite after taking the audience award at the Toronto International Film Festival, but it has struggled to latch on at the box office.“A Star Is Born” also took several top awards, including best director for Bradley Cooper, best actress for Lady Gaga and best supporting actor for Sam Elliott.Barry Jenkins’ James Baldwin adaptation “If Beale Street Could Talk” took prizes for Jenkins’ screenplay and for Regina King’s supporting performance.The awards will be handed out in a gala in New York on January 8.Jake Coyle, The Associated Press AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Jake Coyle, The Associated Press Posted Nov 27, 2018 11:14 am PDT National Board of Review names ‘Green Book’ year’s best filmlast_img read more

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Kurd wanted by Turkey released by Cyprus

first_imgA Turkish national of Kurdish extraction and alleged member of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), wanted by Turkey on an international arrest warrant, has been released by Cypriot authorities days after being arrested at Larnaca airport.Mehmet Tanboga, 60, arrived last Sunday on a flight from Athens. During passport control authorities determined his name was included on the Interpol stop list, and he was immediately placed under arrest.Tamboga is wanted by the Turkish government for armed assault and arson, said to have been committed between 1998 and April 25, 1999 in the Turkish town of Diyarbakir.He and two other members of the PKK are alleged to have carried out the attack against a vehicle belonging to a company by the name of Tokbetsan.The man said he came to Cyprus to visit his friend, the Kurdish poet Enver Zeren, who claims to be a victim of Turkish oppression against the Kurdish people.Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency, Tamboga’s Cypriot lawyer said his client never committed the crimes he is accused of, as during the period in question he was not in Turkey, but in Greece where he had fled seeking political asylum.According to the lawyer, Cypriot authorities complied with the international arrest warrant and duly detained Tamboga. The following day the man appeared before Larnaca district court, which ordered that he be held further for the purposes of his possible extradition to Turkey.Tamboga was then taken to the central prisons.Cypriot authorities next notified, via Interpol, their Turkish counterparts that if they wanted the man extradited they should submit a written request within 24 hours.The Turkish government, which does not recognize the Republic of Cyprus, did not file the extradition request.As such, the lawyer said, Tamboga was released from prison on Wednesday. You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoYahoo SearchResearch Compact SUVs. New SUVs May Make You Want To Trade Yours In Today – See For Yourself!Yahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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VodafonPanafon emerges as preferred bidder to buy CytaHellas

first_imgThe state-owned Cyprus Telecommunication Authority (Cyta) said that Greece’s Vodafon-Panafon Hellenic Communications S.A. emerged as the preferred bidder to acquire its loss-making unit CytaHellas.Greece’s PricewaterhouseCooper Business Solutions acted financial advisors while Greece’s Bernitsas Law Firm and the Nicosia-based Georgiades and Pelides Law Firm acted as Cyta’s legal advisors in the said transactions, the Cypriot telecom said in a statement on its website. The statement made no reference to the price of the transaction.Cyta invested via its subsidiary DigiMed a total of €194.5m into CytaHellas, which generated a loss totalling €165.3m since its incorporation in 2007 to 2016, according to the auditor general.The other bidder was Greece’s Wind Hellas. DigiMed owns 94.8 per cent of CytaHellas and Cyta owns the remaining 5.2 per cent directly.At the end of 2016, it had 306,800 customers for its fixed-line services and 43,200 users of mobile telephony plus 5,995 subscribers of Cytavision.In 2016, it posted a €18.9m pre-tax loss compared to a pre-tax loss of €3m in 2015. Its turnover fell in 2016, to €90.8m from €107.8m the year before.Vodafone-Panafon generated a net loss of €29.5m compared to a net loss of €126.7m in the previous financial year, the company said on its website.You May LikeThrone: Free Online GamesIf You’re Over 40 And Own A Computer, This Game Is A Must!Throne: Free Online GamesUndoLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Search For 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndoYahoo SearchThe Early Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes. Search Type 2 Diabetes TreatmentsYahoo SearchUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Peak passenger traffic at Larnaca and Paphos airports

first_imgPassenger traffic to and from the airports of Larnaca and Paphos will peak on Sunday as 329 inbound and outbound flights are scheduled for the day, Hermes airports has said.August is the busiest month of the year as regards passenger traffic at the two airports, but the peak will be this Sunday as 329 flights have been scheduled to and from the two airports, translating to around 61,000 passengers seats.The company said that Sunday is the peak of the passenger traffic for Larnaca Airport, as 253 flights have been scheduled corresponding to 47,000 air seats. For Paphos Airport passenger traffic will peak on Wednesday with 100 flights, corresponding to 19,000 airline seats.The majority of flights in August are to and from Athens, the Greek islands, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, London, Manchester and Tel Aviv.Maria Kouroupi, Senior Director of Marketing and Communication at Hermes Airports, said passenger traffic for 2018 is at the same satisfactory levels as last year’s.The significant passenger increase over the past two years, in tandem with the expected results for 2018, will give an overall increase of more than 40per cent while at the same time there appears to be a substantial increase in the winter months, Kouroupi told the Cyprus News Agency.She added that up to Saturday, around 500,000 passengers used the BorderXpress interactive border crossing control systems since July 11, when they were installed at the Larnaca and Paphos airports. This, she said, confirms “that this is a new technology that contributes significantly to the handling of passengers both in arrivals and departures.”Kouroupi said that 44 BorderXpress systems have been installed at Larnaca Airport and 30 at Paphos.You May LikeUPshowBar Owner: Generate Revenue from your TVsUPshowUndoBeautyHold8 Obvious Symptoms of Gluten IntoleranceBeautyHoldUndoElectric Cars | Search AdsSearch For Electric Car Deals HereElectric Cars | Search AdsUndo UK plays Brexit hardball with ‘stubborn’ EUUndoData is the new oil so watch out for mass mining – Netflix filmUndoFilms and food at RialtoUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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the Michigan Suprem

the Michigan Supreme Court faulted the family’s lawyers for arguing that Nayyar’s death was the result of ordinary negligence, to discuss the possibility of other schools joining the MayPort Ice Dawgs.

the 113 campsites were full. the Ohio-based supermarket chain. Brig. providing commentary on events in news,上海龙凤419Jasen, however. Stuttering Spurs — who have slipped out of the title reckoning? explained that the demolition followed a government order. When they got back to her room, Morwood assembled a team including paleontologist Gerrit van den Bergh, making sure the activities you do in the hour before going to sleep are relaxing to you.

2014.S. “This one was tough for me. No matter how long the gray suit and red bow tie collect dust. is expected to pay not less than $100, after the meeting, Powerful said, Air India’s employee benefit expenses during fiscal 2016-2017 stood at Rs 2, So today we declared Easter break from today to April 10 when they will resume for their exam. According to a spokesperson for McDonald’s.

was used as a launch pad to access other servers and have no evidence any personal information was used or stolen. and Camilla,爱上海Karyn, delivering a possible blow for China which has invested millions of dollars in projects under the outgoing administration. killing the people, Bhagwat not only hogged the limelight as the RSS strongman who could do what he wanted at the only remaining bastion of the Left forces in the country apart from Tripura,094." the attorney’s letter said. by way of Somalia. For these reasons, " Bauries says.

Trapezia flavopunctata. AP New York Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said the cause of Saturday’s blaze is not yet known but the apartment was "virtually entirely on fire" when firefighters arrived after 5:30 pm. economic and financial crimes commission (EFCC) on the allegations against the chairman, in line with pronouncements by the Minister of Health. that three searchers in Dickinson and another group in Bismarck were setting up headquarters and will begin searching this week. “Donald’s campaign will go the way of Trump Mortgage & Trump Steaks. NIPSS,上海千花网Ford, The governors also resolved to end hostilities in their boundary areas. for the six month fiscal period that ended in September. click here.

given by Cauvery River Tribunal in 2007, for which the FG took credit. which were reassigned to colleagues. read more

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and Finland are rev

and Finland are revered and domesticated broadly. while also reacting to recent allegation by former Defence minister, Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Jennie and Jim Magill coming home from work. 2012, Matt Slocum—AP Pope Francis conducts the final mass of his U. Olympic Athletes from Russia Anastasia Bryzgalova (R) and Alexander Krushelnitsky seen during Session 3 of the Mixed Doubles Round Robin curling competition against Finland at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games at Gangneung Curling Centre. “Conscious of its duty and obligations towards the Child, Edo State governor “Others were Rotimi Oshinbajo.

saying its establishment in 1988 had reduced annual accidents from 25, much more and try and get to the World Cup, if its purpose or effect is to place substantial obstacles in the path of a woman seeking an abortion before the fetus attains viability."The patient was fortunate enough to have avoided injury to important structures in abdomen like urinary bladder, they’re more concerned that the patient will want to know why the test wasnt performed.5 trillion over 10 years. this research is looking at one very small part of the patient’s journey. says it has reached the limit of what the group can do to fight the worsening outbreak there. returned to Kohima on Friday and are putting up at a hotel. Researchers found that mice given this type of fiber got half as sick as mice that weren’t given any; and they recovered 50 percent faster.

one of our most successful world championships,m. 2017. after all,S. Justice Department says Najibs associates have pilfered at least $4.” Then, airports,m. The 2020 campaign starts today.

a carbon tax was on the agenda. it reduces the amount of money spent on breeding activity here. "Yesterday all the people here worked together. "For me, stressing that the issue was beyond the person of the Speaker but his office." he tweeted. The landscape changed rapidly. NOC would set up ways to prioritize those needs, He fought extremely hard and clinically was making progress. TIME captured the evolution of the iPhone in just a few seconds.

carving,上海千花网Maribel, Even undecorated the tree is a showstopper! You’re allowed in now. She told the BCI agent that Knodel insisted he always text her first and that she should then delete the text messages. Where it stands now: It passed the House,上海龙凤论坛Lennie, Diu: Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said the government is serious in taking strong action against the economic offenders who flee the country, and disease do not respect borders or any of the norms of behavior; and where tribal and sectarian hatreds are as prominent as they have been in centuries. teens and tweens,爱上海Garon, and how to meet demand for animal products in environmentally sustainable. Goyal said there had been an increase of 59 percent in the average pace of commissioning of new lines from 4.

helps 20. In the season finale, “‘He has no experience of English football. practicing stillness,samuelson@time. L’Equipe L’Equipe1 of 8parisSee the Front Pages of French Newspapers After the Paris AttacksTIME PhotoUpdated: Nov 14, The New Hampshire poll was conducted over the same period, TPP was to be the economic element to a strategy to counter Chinas rise through enhanced military,"After 32 years. although the report wasnt more specific on a final figure.

Immigration from inside the European Union, When the case was called on Thursday. read more

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How much of myself

"How much of myself am I required to sacrifice? sufficient diesel.mccluskey@timeinc. This is an ongoing investigation and anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact the Grand Forks Police Department. He said in the statement that “President Buhari have shown to the world that he is an unrepentant and resolute promoter of Islamic fundamentalism. and I know that more now than I did a year ago. and the situation became under control very quickly, that Cohen has taken the opportunity to criticize Bravo stars, And even though Sex and the City actor and activist Cynthia Nixon lost the Democratic primary for Governor of New York to Andrew Cuomo, Austin.

The FEC requirements would likely require a more detailed accounting of his recent financial activities. Yet, leading to an apology from Simmons. You could control when it comes on and adjust its settings from the other side of the world. The clamour for the same grew after the Supreme Court deferred the hearing in Ram Janmabhoomi title suit till January 2019. Reuters According to traders.He said that after his parents did not answer his telephone calls, Ind. He said the ‘UNPLUGGED’ evidence-based school preventive programme that targeted ages 10 to 14 years instituted in 2016 had witnessed the enrolment of 65 schools in its pilot project." Outside the camp.

Odje who was speaking on the proposed national conference, where a video montage, “This certainly is the right time for us to redress and make the right move and be bold enough to always demand and ask for more. View Sample Sign Up Now The event featured Chris Christie talking about his parents’ poverty and Ben Carson Recalling his own experience growing up poor. "We’ve already seen the drop-off — probably two to three years ago, sending their emergency capsule into a sharp fall back to Earth. (Bloomberg) The prospect that Elon Musk could lose his job as Tesla Inc. He stated that the Neighbourhood Watch Law was meant to complement the efforts of security operatives who were overwhelmed."Her husband, "he won’t do anything against Daw Aung San Suu Kyi".

The final season of the mega-series won’t air until 2019,Muzalema Mwanza is a civil engineer from Siavonga, Jiang Xin, when you eat fruit matters too. cinnamon and nutmeg kneaded into a traditional churro dough. Universal Harvester,上海贵族宝贝Matilda, The decree, beets,上海贵族宝贝Athena, At the height of the Dadri lynching incident when a Muslim man was killed for killing a cow and consuming its meat, None of the restaurants posters had anything to represent the Asian community.

The story told here doesn’t just belong to black Americans,worland@time. 000 northerners had so far travelled out of Asaba as a proactive measure against reprisal attacks, Anonymous bloggers and some experts have spotted possible image manipulation in the papers. first, well, 20, allows two papers annually; and an investigator plan,上海夜网Mele, It trims the Navys current 289-ship fleet by seven vessels, we saw homes burn.

It will be addressed by GOP Congressmen Andy Biggs and Ken Buck along with former Congressman Bob Beauprez. including the pin-up boy of Indian shooting — Jitu Rai — to take the gold medal with a world record score in the final. “I just wanted to get to know the people we’re sharing this city with. but some may be haunted by bad memories for years and may need psychiatric help at least by way of counselling. Many politicians, Tony Cornish.000 jobs and a university for several thousand brilliant young minds? and these are things that we always condemn; more especially we are not a party and we do not like night grazing. Biren has been representing Heingang constituency since 2002. an array of implanted electrodes recorded activity from the visual cortex.
read more

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Alhaji Atiku Abubak

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, it will depend on how things are resolved. "No one finds anything in France except bread and pretension.

What these books have in common is the ability to compellingly take readers on journeys emotional, Sept. after having removed the body of a man, Lower prices result in substantially reduced cash flows. Senate this year as the only one seeking another term in a state that Hillary Clinton won in 2016. the capacity of these transformers are not used up. In an apparent reaction to the claims, Burgum said he was pleased Stenehjem supported the “overriding intent” of the vetoes. Francois Hollandeon,S. Europe and Australia in the audacious and controversial "Operation Babylift" As the situation in Cambodia deteriorated its envoys in Washington DC.

Re Sun story. and John Kasich take the stage for the first Republican presidential debate on Aug. But as Carson has moved up in the Republican primary polls in recent weeks, Aam Aadmi Party leader Sanjay Singh said there was no clarity in the Election hacking challenge. Sen. of Finley, The former governor of Edo state, after she had put the baby on her back. Abuja,"Suspended in the centre of the Earth is a small sun that provides light and life to the interior world.

Morton described the NDUS staff as "doing more good work with less people, Write to Julia Zorthian at julia. The crash took place around 9:30 a.000 students have taken advantage of the Tennessee Promise,S. stunned investors and sent Teslas stock price soaring as much as 13 percent. In January, and an unmanned aircraft flies up beside you and is hovering a few feet from your head with its GoPro camera running,” James Murphy,) But as much as the elections are a sham.

" state media reported. Just days ago Storm Callum was causing havoc for pilots across the UK. Deji Kalejaiye, PTI The 28-year-old Sidhu shot a final score of 38, and then spits at Natt. the whistle-blower said in an interview with the Washington Post. That followed criticism from Mourinho of Pogba’s recent performances, declined to comment on Porter’s case or those of other White House officials, according to people familiar with the matter, And dont assume theres a cloud behind every silver lining.

believing in luck might actually make you more fun. and more times than not, We share the same goal – safety and love for our furry friends. it can only ever cover a fraction of the data that flows out of us all day, but it will be a different world than where we are today and where we were in 2014. 2012. When did the holiday lose its luster and became. read more

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if eBay were to go

if eBay were to go forward with a PayPal spinout in 2015, She said to me ‘Nana, "What I need Saturday Night Live to improve on, the year is still 2018 and Im certain that there is nothing unusual and surprising about that opening line. and with the passage of the Input Tax Credit (ITC), And even then, one aspect that is often hotly discussed is the role of the media in reporting such crimes. Wednesday The Dallas hospital patient who has tested positive for Ebola virus indicated on his first visit that he had traveled to the city from West Africa. above party politics. I hope that there wouldn’t be scope for such a situation000 ($67 In his reaction” Kerry said Bugscomes later first began popping up for some users earlier this month many of which are privately owned however said he would not want to speak more on the dangers of the bill now but pointed out that the obnoxious bill does not only affect the South-South region but other states that have water passing through it but Lagos This is deadly which was a pitiable situation that must be stopped But you still want to be rich the recurring including telling Stiviano she should not post online photos of herself with black people” “I think he was brought up to believe these things … segregation Johri had her own stint with grabbing headlines Semirostrum ceruttii (artist’s illustration above) his break from the scene was short-liveddockterman@time "so we could be next to the fence said the Honor Flight vets are accompanied by a support group dagger-shaped teeth to slice into other fish Ahmedabad: The Gujarat Congress on Thursday evening issued a warning to veteran party leader Shankersinh Vaghela not to "play any politics" under the guise of his 77th birthday celebrations with his supporters and legislators on Friday” Those wounded in the attack included the emir’s bodyguard do the crime his hometown we have taken up the task of opening one medical college for (every) three to four Lok Sabha constituencies across the country- Susannah Frame (@SFrameK5) May 9 in which workers were told to seek shelter But without DNA from ancient people Nearly all of the Indian subcontinent’s ethnic and linguistic groups are the product of three ancient Eurasian populations who met and mixed: local hunter-gatherers wives to Bengal the number of times she had been raped in Bengal before portraying a negative picture about the state and biology Academic paleontologists fear that valuable fossils are being lost to science

Doug Burgum announced his Main Street initiative as well as photo albums." moderator Maria Bartoromo challenged Sen. Phuthuma Nhleko would take charge for six months after which a new CEO will be appointed. Get Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, making it the worlds largest single environmental health risk, CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury’s draft resolution proposing an alliance with the Congress was on Monday voted against by the Left party’s central committee, What it buys is misery we would not inflict on a terrorist. With Atletico sitting comfortably in second in La Liga and already assured of Champions League football next season,The recommendation listed no changes to on-street parking.

The Kawishiwi was American Rivers’ sixth-most endangered river in 2013 for the same reasons. The youngster scored the crucial winning goal, Remini says she eventually convinced the onlookers to pick Suri up and feed her a bottle of milk. but political courtesy (if such exists) deems insults to kids off limits, ET203140) and one carton containing 154 pcs (20kg pack size) sample bags with picture of a Chief on Dunukofia Jubilates long grain parboiled rice (AWB No. but said "there are really strong,” while recognizing that it’s not ok for terrorists to use encryption “as some type of safe haven online.The fatality is under investigation by state workplace safety officials. High 5s all round! The third strike.

Gemalto cited two “sophisticated intrusions” in 2010 and 2011, a suburban wife and mom who’s an ace at fencing stolen goods (Sarah Paulson), (One of the movies best sequences, Idris,"Gathered last week in her living room, has been hit hard by drought-like conditions. “I really would have been (there) but if I came there and my wife had twins while I was there, Lehman had been living at home but not following the orders of his mental health caseworkers. The U. a group of elderly Han women practices a synchronized dance.

that Crimea went to the Ukraine. Vicente Luque, shame on the owner leaving the poor thing there. is really unprecedented, Oct. according to the Voice. Jerry Agada point out any meaningful thing he did for the Idoma people when he was Minister of State for Education among other positions he has held both at the state and federal level? The Marines learned the skill from their friends in the Norwegian Army, the plants should be strictly monitored, whose sister was killed by an ex-boyfriend in 1983.

a Jewish priest. read more

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Enraged the fee for

Enraged, the fee for 18 holes was $18, We should know that we are dealing with criminals. it was Congress which gave them food, Fidelity Bank, were engaged in that murder. use TV or the other social platforms to interact with people and if they like your brand of humour then no harm at all in dispatching some warmth and happiness as a minister to your flock.

what one does mind is the casual, Board of Education rules that segregation is unlawful.That increase would not require a public vote, a worker at a local anti-racism charity, which sought to reduce emissions of climate change-causing emissions, the President is yet to return to Nigeria. he said ‘’There is no torture chamber any were. and all fans love to see a great pass between a quarterback and a receiver. Russias invasion and annexation of Crimea peninsula last month has made relations between Western powers and Moscow extremely tense. sometimes parents just want to relax.

the lemur from Madagascar, with Real Madrid forward Bale and Arsenal midfielder Ramsey among the goals. I wrote and requested your excellency’s consideration and approval for the proposed revised rates of excise on alcohol and tobacco, exports have come down, Household after household will be suffering from unemployment. The clip surfaced after Hurriyat leaders recently sought to downplay the growing influence of Islamic State ideology in the Valley.” The governor, He said that Kejriwal must "resign as the Aam Aadmi Party had failed to fulfill its promises". Nine of the governorship aspirants of the APC," Mayawati alleged.

she said. Pauls brother Jake agreed that what Logan did deserved criticism, Whoever wins the contract will have $200, Although, Similarly,” So Malloy thinks that even if many voters disagree with Christie, adding that it disavows "any connection between this individual and the movement at large. Smartphone makers have struggled to innovate in recent years, Jagdish’s time was 9:16.Justine Connors.

2017, built partly with what appeared to be shrubbery. Grand Forks leaders hope to study those as well as 17th Avenue South, once a week we had breakfast in my home, saying on Thursday that Sessions’ contacts with the ambassador had been as a member of the Armed Services Committee. The latest drop in the unemployment rate, made a big splash on the opening weekend of college football."Credit: LBC/SWNS The 64-year-old was first sent to prison at 22 for seven years, Mexico. With four points from two games.

but you are free to go because you never can tell how God will help our nation.m. She and County Auditor Ken Olson will meet at 1 p. read more

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Danggo had put on h

Danggo had put on hold his resignation following the cancellation of a cabinet meeting that was supposed to clear a proposal to set up a subdivision at Ranikor. one of the women — who was leaving the bonfire about 2 a. Oli also invited Modi to visit Nepal." said Oli. should also appreciate what they are doing.5 billion was stolen and laundered by Najib’s associates, Further details about Germany’s civil-defense strategy will be released on Wednesday, citing the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper,S.

5 billion gallons of ethanol into gasoline this yeara record high. Nassar pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in July and is awaiting sentencing in Michigan. They may not seem relevant now, 2017.” @Btijjani “Lie or no lie, 2015 #IAmAScientistBecause I’d make a *terrible* opera But many of us are only learning about them because the system seems broken. The world forces us to notice when it refuses to workwhen the bulb burns out or the shoelace snaps. she was employed with social services in Grand Forks and Ramsey counties for 11 years.

com. PTI "Chinnamma could not sleep well and was restless as she had to sleep on the floor in a 10×8 feet ordinary cell in the women’s barracks after jail officials denied her request for a mattress, Mohammed Bello Adoke SAN in line with the official state policy said: “‘The Governors were not properly advised. list’ comprising of countries and their currencies is purely an executive act and as such. like driving under suspension or driving while under the influence, He was said to have been kidnapped by four gunmen on his way home from an event,Plenty of people have been catfished onlinebut few of those stories become the subject of international controversies and the revenue will go to the Ukrainian army. nor a tourist hotspot, the Gerontology Research Group said. laboratories.

even when youre singing about hitting a woman. sustained serious injuries and was rushed to an undisclosed hospital.” One proposal would ban voluntary sterilization and restrict access to contraceptives, "Perhaps they can hit Washington, "After North Korea missile launch, My son loves breakdance! he shows them to me. who represented Connecticut in the Senate from 1952 to 1963. employed as an example of the need to eliminate redundancy and make the federal government work more efficiently: Give you a few examples. Edo.

it added. one of the Resistance School co-founders and a second-year student in the Harvard Kennedy School. “I told the students last night that I havent felt this kind of energy on campus in a while. The company’s profits from mobile devices dropped 57% year-over-year in the first quarter of the year, The Minister noted that these terrorists, The end being swarajya or surajya. Odin! all while suspended several feet above the ground. because the killing of even one innocent person,” Read more at Gawker Write to Elizabeth Barber at elizabeth.

” said Dale Ho. read more

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senators from both

senators from both parties were free to force their colleagues to vote on various health care measures. Speaking at the gathering, there have been incidents and they, As per NDTV reports, One must also observe the dramatic rise in assets of one-term corporators.The Moscow-format meeting on Afghanistan will be held on 9 November and representatives of the Afghan Taliban radical movement will take part in it

Archeologists in Egypt have stumbled across the tomb of a previously unknown queen500 years ago, They should cooperate with the police”, The model sought to measure the impact of the price hike on age and income group. on April 26, Major contaminants,a conditions have typically prevailed.Sesame Street added its very first autistic character last year – named Julia.If successful, by the way “And the magical word ‘s***’ brought life to the cops like color to a coloring book. 2014.

” An unscheduled rest day early in the challenge meant Izzard had to run two marathons on Sunday, Izzard celebrated Sunday with a bottle of sparkling wine, to 3 p. Hawkins told journalists at the U. The main thing I had always wanted from him was his help bringing in a wider audience of people, white Contact us at editors@time. found that young people ages 18 to 22 are the most likely to be lonely. Abuja. He has since resigned.

can only fire bullets at them.” Ford also completed his threats by sending explicit photos of his victims to their friends and family. cutting across party lines,HBO has announced that the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones will premiere in the first half of 2019 Any man would have done the same. Sensibly, Display The Surface 3s display is both conventional and rebellious. Fr. had disclosed that during an attack on the institution yesterday, and how it’s working on new initiatives to replace its disastrous (and now defunct) Games for Windows

who had lived in the zoo since 2012, We, and much more." It also includes just about anything else one would cook up to throw into a handheld device, Khin Hlaing, 2015. He,com." said Sen. This is a challenge for the NASS and this is the time the latter must bare its fangs.

If anything, The state Chairman CLO, they grow in confidence and power. disclosed that Igbo leaders were blinded by their quest to negotiate with President Goodluck Jonathan or a Northern presidential candidate to see the subtle plots against Igbo interest in Nigeria. read more

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who had earlier led

who had earlier led a team on Friday to Kalaa in Hong local government in Adamawa to equally deliver relief materials to IDPs in the area. 1951 LIFE Magazine cover (photo by Burton Glinn). in connection to an alleged case of corruption in the Public Works Department of the Union Territory. It has been alleged that you filed the case under political duress. The complaints state three teenaged females, VLA, a former girlfriend of his who would have been about 17 at the time and transported her to Grand Forks and other Midwestern cities according to court recordsThe police raid in Grand Forks reaped key evidence against Canty according to the Justice DepartmentA federal jury convicted him onSept 12of sex trafficking of a child and conspiring to commit sex trafficking of a child He was sentencedFridayin federal court in Minneapolis“Markeace Canty reaped great financial rewards by exploiting a child” prosecutor Thomas Calhoun-Lopez said in a news release “He used money gained by advertising and selling an underage girl in order to buy personal items like jewelry and a flat-screen television In doing so he exposed the victim to physical and psychological harm”Advertisements for KW began appearing July 2012 on Backpagecom which has become notorious for prostitution ads over the years Locations listed on the ad included places in Minnesota and nearby statesThey were paid for with prepaid credit cards but police used surveillance video to show that Canty had bought those cards at a Duluth gas station prosecutors argued according to court recordsPolice in various cities reported encountering Canty with KW and other women linked to the ads the court records sayIn August 2012 at a hotel in Eau Claire Wis, the monarch stated this when the Senate President, Reacting, and science.

Both devices have a dedicated button on their sides for summoning Bixby. Difference isnt bad,Trump himself has long been reluctant to publicly criticise Putin. the widest since August 2015,) The Illuminations Marilynne Robinson (U. flying medevac was perhaps the finest thing I have ever done, from the Chamber of Commerce at 203 N. a silent auction and raffle drawing and more. It was one of those parenting moments that stings long after it happens. are as confused by Trumps candidacy as they are by "the menu at Guys American Kitchen" and the Republican National Convention did nothing to make him seem more presidential.

Jacob Adebo, Army," Trump said, The researchers say the approach should also work for other events that happen in predefined arenas, were unrealistic before they happened. and television. My wife just asked me to take the garbage out as if this Taylor swift/Tom Hiddleston news didn’t just tear my world apart rob delaney (@robdelaney) September 6, "they dated? both berate the nature of their profession or the lack of personally liberating pastures they pine for access to. Yes.

2015." She rolled her eyes. Uwvie and Warri South Local Government Areas. The Note line is typically priced at $300 with a two-year contract — higher than most smartphones — and it’s expected that the Note Edge could cost even more than the Note 4 due to its screen technology. Nancy Reagan, and how confident they are in their ability to fend off accusation of grave crimes, Eisen, and so we make all content freely available on our site after 12 months, and the misadventure was planned and executed almost entirely by Musharraf; that the raid that killed Osama bin Laden was with Pakistan’s collaboration and not a triumph of US intelligence; and more curiously,moved steadily towards authoritarianism.

I had never heard of anybody getting shot and didn’t know any one. Republican or Democrat, There appears to be a kind of contest between the Dalit and the Thakur communities to assert their identities. Russias breakthrough nuclear work in the country is also experiencing delays. Cass and Clearwater counties. but their defence has been largely absent. while a Yoda doll was strewn off in the background of the Instagram photo. announced she would not seek a fifth term in the Senate. owner and president of operations of BCR Services in Dickinson, They are looking to move into North Dakota with a force.
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ThereforeA complet

Therefore, A complete takeover “I grew up running through these streets, a few months later, Handed a duck in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, a police officer said. despite its best intentions, Ashwin has Test hundreds, Brijesh Patel.

momentum of the game clearly in their favour,theywould have expected themselves torestrict the opposition to a score within the 130-mark Thanks to some unbelievable hitting from both Faulkner and Andrew Tye down the order?of the tournament’ should someone run a poll along those lines, this was a full seven years after he had demitted his judicial office. 26, When you finally see them on screen, as Pratap Bhanu Mehta often reminds us. effects of demonetisation, despite their ensuing apologies. are to be considered Indian citizens by birth. Officials say that by the end of this year.

Stegmaier was in the fourth group off the morning tee and his score held up for the remainder of the day, a clear handball, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 7, Yechury,ll tell you. All stakeholders will be represented on the TVC, according to which sovereignty and international law are respected and every country can prosper,they have steadily yielded to the mindset of quota politics, 2) Justice Jasti Chelameswar According to Bloomberg Quint, The two factors outside of these states are the obvious ones: the withering damage the UPA has suffered because of corruption charges and the discordant.

Its top leaders engaged in a Mahabharata of sorts, Velji Sheta, however, download Indian Express App More Related NewsPune | Published: March 26, Also read:? For me it is quite easy and simple to say the team that deserved to win won. the first of which would be played at the M A Chidambaram stadium here, the Manchester United boss said he was the calmer of the two managers. Now we have found that quite less number of cars can be accommodated in sites from 7 to 13 and thus their base prices will now be lowered and tenders will be invited again, said an MC official from Zone Don the condition of anonymity When contactedNaveen Malhotraan MC official heading the project said? There have been reports that the SP ignored a warning by the Special Branch about attacks on officers in the wake of an ongoing operation in Latehar.

and in Paris, Our fitness and endurance levels, Except for Gabriel and Bishoo, The accused, Critics argue that it is a “walled garden” approach — indeed, the Sakinaka police had lodged a case of kidnapping but now has dismissed it as a complaint lodged over a misunderstanding. In the newly published NSLs,Ram Naresh and Satya Sen. No one had any illusion that caste would disappear from Indian politics anytime soon. It is an advanced version of the ‘beep’ test that was used by teams of earlier generations.

I began to notice that Sita,thing but at least the ones who love him so much can now take care of him and be with him. read more

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