WISHH Attends Manufacturing Partner Open House

first_imgInsta-Pro CEO Kevin Kevin Kacere making opening comments. Photo credit: Insta-ProThe American Soybean Association’s (ASA) World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH) recently attended the open-house of Insta-Pro, an extruder manufacturer and important partner to the WISHH program.Extruders, a type of soybean processing equipment that is well suited for human food and animal feed companies in emerging markets, are an important link in the soy value chain, allowing small and medium sized companies to add value to soybeans close to the source of demand.Insta-Pro partners with WISHH by hosting trade teams from Africa, Asia and Latin America, speaking at ASA/WISHH organized conferences and answering questions about extrusion. When a market increases its capacity for processing whole soybeans, the U.S. gets increased opportunity to compete for export market share.WISHH Asia Division Director Alan F. Poock, along with WISHH Committee Member/Iowa Soybean Association Board Secretary Tim Bardole, attended the open house of the new 63,000 square-foot facility in Grimes, Iowa in August. The new headquarters is double the size of the previous plant and contains a research and development area, assembly, warehouse and office space.“The partnership between Insta-Pro and ASA/WISHH has helped WISHH connect trade and development with potential soy customers in Africa, Asia and Latin America,” Bardole said.last_img read more

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People Looks to Capitalize on Newman Death

first_imgBut to publish a special book about an actor who devoted most of his own second act to the community, to sick kids, to others, and not make it even partially charitable smacks of desperation—a money grab at best, and a manipulative tabloid move at worst (People confirmed that the book had been in the works before Newman passed on).Note to People: maybe pay a little less for those Clay Aiken pictures next time and you won’t have to do stuff like this. Perhaps it’s because his death hit closer to home than other celebrities (I live in Westport, Connecticut, just a few short apple tosses from his farmhouse, and worked at the local playhouse the summer he starred in “Our Town”). Perhaps it’s because his philanthropic food company has raised more than $250 million for charities. Perhaps it’s because he was simply a good guy.But People’s announcement that they are putting together a 96-page book about Paul Newman, slapping it with a $12 cover price and rushing 450,000 copies to newsstands leaves a sour taste in my mouth (not unlike, you might say, Newman’s Own Virgin Lemonade, which is lip-puckeringly sweet—just how Newman liked it).A spokesperson for People confirmed that the book is for-profit and pointed out that the magazine has a long history of publishing tribute books—Johnny Carson and Princess Diana, to name two.I realize that publishing is a business, and deaths—however tragic—represent an opportunity for magazine publishers to capitalize on newsstand sales (see: Heath Ledger, and People’s related cover coup). Both People and Entertainment Weekly are devoting their covers to Newman (EW, in a relatively classy move, going with no cover lines), hoping to equal the success they had with Ledger. (People sold 1,816,546 single copies, 20 percent more than its 1.51 million average, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations; EW sold 54,641, 36 percent more than its average.) And I’m sure, in terms of tributes, this one will be top-shelf. last_img read more

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Willie Nelson Wins Best Traditional Pop Album For My Way 2019 GRAMMYs

first_img Who Will Voters Pick For Best Rap Performance? Meet The GRAMMY Man: How GRAMMYs Are Made Amy Winehouse Best New Artist winner for 2007 | Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images Brandi Carlile, H.E.R. To Play The 61st GRAMMYs 5 Ways BTS Won Our Hearts At The 2019 GRAMMYs Relive GRAMMY Week 2019 In Pictures Who’s Nominated For Song Of The Year? Who Will Voters Pick For Best Rap Performance? 61st GRAMMYs: Here’s Your Apple Music Playlist Willie Nelson takes home Best Traditional Pop Album at the 61st GRAMMY Awards Ana YglesiasGRAMMYs Feb 10, 2019 – 4:25 pm Willie Nelson won Best Traditional Pop Album for My Way at the 61st GRAMMY Awards. The country outlaw beat out the following albums: Love Is Here To Stay by Tony Bennett and Diana Krall, Nat “King” Cole & Me by Gregory Porter, Standards (Deluxe) by Seal and The Music…The Mem’ries…The Magic! by Barbra Streisand. On Feb. 6, 2019, the eight-time GRAMMY Winner was honored at the Recording Academy’s Producers & Engineers Wing 12th Annual Celebration at the Village Studios in Santa Monica, Calif., for his years of “artistic achievements and creative genius.”In addition to his eight wins, Nelson has been nominated a whopping 51 times. 61st GRAMMY Awards: The Full Nominees And Winners List Who Is Eligible For The Best New Artist GRAMMY? TLC Photo: Alison Buck/Getty Images Best New Artist Nominees Revealed | 61st GRAMMYs John BillingsPhoto: Jesse Grant/WireImage/Getty Images Cardi B, Post Malone Among 2019 GRAMMYs Performers Backstage At The 2019 GRAMMYs | Photo Gallery Cardi B, Post Malone Among 2019 GRAMMYs Performers Who Will Voters Choose For Best Alternative Album? John BillingsPhoto: Jesse Grant/WireImage/Getty Images Who Will Voters Choose For Best Alternative Album? Cardi BPhoto: Dan MacMedan/WireImage Lady GagaPhoto: Christopher Polk/Getty Images Kacey MusgravesPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images 2019 GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony Artists React To Their 2019 GRAMMY Nominations Willie Nelson Wins Best Traditional Pop Album willie-nelson-wins-best-traditional-pop-album-my-way-2019-grammys Record Of The Year 61st GRAMMY Award Nominees Record Of The Year 61st GRAMMY Award Nominees Amy Winehouse Best New Artist winner for 2007 | Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images 2019 GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet Album Of The Year vs. Record Of The Year Explained Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Poll: Who Do You Want To See On The Red Carpet? John BillingsPhoto: Jesse Grant/WireImage/Getty Images Who Will Voters Pick For Best Rap Performance? Who Will Voters Pick For Best Latin Pop Album? Relive GRAMMY Week 2019 In Pictures Meet The GRAMMY Man: How GRAMMYs Are Made 61st GRAMMY Awards: Full Nominees & Winners List 5 Ways BTS Won Our Hearts At The 2019 GRAMMYs Poll: Who Will Voters Choose For Best Rap Album? Lady GagaPhoto: Christopher Polk/Getty Images H.E.R.Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage Prev Next Who’s Nominated For Song Of The Year? Lady GagaPhoto: Christopher Polk/Getty Images 61st GRAMMYs: Here’s Your Apple Music Playlist Photo: studioEAST/Getty Images Kacey MusgravesPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Email Backstage At The 2019 GRAMMYs | Photo Gallery 2019 GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet Willie Nelson Wins Best Traditional Pop Album For ‘My Way’ | 2019 GRAMMYs Who Will Voters Pick For Best Pop Album? 2019 GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony TLC Photo: Alison Buck/Getty Images Facebook Who Will Voters Choose For Best Alternative Album? Album Of The Year Nominees | 61st GRAMMY Awards Who’s Nominated For Song Of The Year? Poll: Who Do You Want To See On The Red Carpet? 61st GRAMMY Awards: Full Nominees & Winners List TLC Photo: Alison Buck/Getty Images Who Is Eligible For The Best New Artist GRAMMY? Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Backstage At The 2019 GRAMMYs | Photo Gallery 61st GRAMMY Awards: Full Nominees & Winners List Photo: studioEAST/Getty Images 2019 GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony Album Of The Year vs. Record Of The Year Explained Who Will Voters Pick For Best Latin Pop Album? News Who Will Voters Pick For Best Pop Album? Brandi Carlile, H.E.R. To Play The 61st GRAMMYs Brandi Carlile, H.E.R. To Play The 61st GRAMMYs Artists React To Their 2019 GRAMMY Nominations Who Will Voters Pick For Best Latin Pop Album? Amy Winehouse Best New Artist winner for 2007 | Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images Album Of The Year Nominees | 61st GRAMMY Awards BTSPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images 61st GRAMMYs: Here’s Your Apple Music Playlist Relive GRAMMY Week 2019 In Pictures Twitter Kacey MusgravesPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images 2019 GRAMMY Awards Telecast | Photo Gallery Best New Artist Nominees Revealed | 61st GRAMMYs Cardi B, Post Malone Among 2019 GRAMMYs Performers Meet The GRAMMY Man: How GRAMMYs Are Made Artists React To Their 2019 GRAMMY Nominations H.E.R.Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage Cardi BPhoto: Dan MacMedan/WireImage Who Is Eligible For The Best New Artist GRAMMY? Album Of The Year Nominees | 61st GRAMMY Awards 2019 GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet Best New Artist Nominees Revealed | 61st GRAMMYs 61st GRAMMY Awards Poll: Who Will Voters Choose For Best Rap Album? Who Will Voters Pick For Best Pop Album? Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images BTSPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Poll: Who Will Voters Choose For Best Rap Album? H.E.R.Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage 2019 GRAMMY Awards Telecast | Photo Gallery Album Of The Year vs. Record Of The Year Explained 2019 GRAMMY Awards Telecast | Photo Gallery Photo: studioEAST/Getty Images Record Of The Year 61st GRAMMY Award Nominees 5 Ways BTS Won Our Hearts At The 2019 GRAMMYs Cardi BPhoto: Dan MacMedan/WireImage BTSPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Poll: Who Do You Want To See On The Red Carpet?last_img read more

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Trumps Immigration Policies Stress Baltimore Students

first_imgFor many immigrant students in Baltimore the Trump administration’s focus on deporting illegal immigrants has lead to constant praying that they or their family will not get picked up and deported by police.Franca Mueller Paz (right) outside with activist Yesenia (left) protesting recent deportations with their dance group Naciones Unidos (United Nations). (Photo credit: Casey McKeel)This fear has infiltrated the school system, from students and parents alike, leading to a spike in absences among immigrant students. This fear has also caused more distractions in the classroom, such as more texting in class so students can keep abreast of their family’s whereabouts. A delayed response has caused panic for more than one student this year, according to Franca Muller Paz, the adviser for Latinx Rising, a Latino/an organization at Digital Harbor High School in Baltimore.According to a memo distributed by Baltimore City Public Schools, school police and personnel are not allowed to ask a student’s status. The memo also states that Baltimore City Police are not supposed to ask for anyone’s legal status while patrolling the streets.However, due to an increased focus by the Trump administration on any immigrant in America illegally, almost any trip out of this house is a cause for alarm.Muller Paz said that an immigrant parent confided in her that she was uncertain where to purchase her child’s poster board for a class project. Undocumented immigrants, she said, are afraid that ICE raids may occur at stores such Walmart and Walgreens. In addition, absence rates among children of immigrants are rising.During a recent parent-teacher conference, one of the undocumented parents confided in her, teary-eyed, that she did not know how much longer she could continue to live in such conditions.Muller Paz said in an email to the AFRO, “The fear cannot be alleviated as long as systematic deportations of innocent people continues.”According to CNN, ICE removed 54,564 individuals, including 30,667 convicted criminals and 23,897 non-criminals, during the first three months of the Trump presidency. This is slightly lower than the number removed during the Obama administration during the same time period in 2016.While the number of deportations are currently lower under Trump, the president has vowed to increase them substantially. In an effort to fight back, the Latino students within the Baltimore City Public School system have formed Organized Youth in Education (OYE) to rally for students’ rights and to promote policies that supports immigrant families and students.last_img read more

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Scientists Build Nanostructures out of Single DNA Strands

first_img Explore further (PhysOrg.com) — With its unique double-helical structure, DNA has the ability to be used as a programmable building material to construct designer nanoscale architectures. Complex DNA architectures could have a variety of applications, from DNA-based nanomotors to biosensing and drug delivery. Taking the research a step forward, researchers have recently constructed a nanometer-sized tetrahedron from a single strand of DNA, using a method that could have advantages for assembling similar structures on a large scale. Front and top views of the 3D molecular model of the tetrahedron. Image copyright: Zhe Li, et al. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The researchers, from Arizona State University (ASU) and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), have published their results in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Chemical Society. As the researchers explain, the variety of different artificial DNA constructions has been increasing. So far, 3D DNA nanostructures are made from multiple DNA strands (oligonucleotides) with deliberately designed sequences. In this new study, Hao Yan of ASU, Yongli Mi of HKUST, and their colleagues have shown that DNA tetrahedrons can now be self-folded from only a single DNA strand. In addition, they demonstrated a method to replicate the DNA tetrahedrons in vivo, which could also be applied to the design and replication of other DNA nanostructures in the future.“A self-folded 3D nanocage that can be replicated in vivo tells us how powerful nature’s machineries are,” Yan and Mi told PhysOrg.com. “DNA nanostructures can serve as scaffolds to organize other material with controlled spatial arrangement. Spatial dependent biomolecular/nanomaterial interactions can thus be tuned and studied.”The DNA tetrahedrons, made of four triangular faces, were constructed from a DNA strand that was 286 nucleotides long. The tetrahedron’s six edges were composed of double helices: five were identical (double helical), while the sixth edge had a more complex “twin double-helical” structure. Four of the edges contained a cleavable site in the center, and all four vertices consisted of an unpaired thymine base to allow adequate flexibility for folding at these corners. Once the DNA strand was paired in this way, the researchers annealed the DNA in a process of heating and then cooling. When annealed, the DNA strand self-assembled into the seven-nanometer-long tetrahedron shape by combining the appropriate base pairs together. After confirming the successful assembly of the DNA tetrahedron, the researchers then developed a method to replicate the nanostructures using in vivo cloning in order to produce the nanostructures on a large scale. The researchers inserted one of the tetrahedrons into a cloning molecule called a phagemid, and then recovered several replicated tetrahedrons through a process of restriction digestion of the phagemid. This method is fully scalable, with the yield of cloned structures proportional to the size of the culture medium. As the researchers explain, using only a single DNA strand for creating nanostructures has several advantages, including simplifying the assembly process, increasing yield, offering the ability to scale up production, and creating structures with longer life spans in biological systems, such as inside living cells. This property is especially appealing for in vivo applications such as biosensing and drug delivery. In the future, the researchers hope to build on this method to synthesize nanostructures out of RNA, as well as build other complex shapes.More information: Zhe Li, Bryan Wei, Jeanette Nangreave, Chenxiang Lin, Yan Liu, Yongli Mi, and Hao Yan. “A Replicable Tetrahedral Nanostructure Self-Assembled from a Single DNA Strand.” J. Am. Chem. Soc. Doi: 10.1021/ja903768fCopyright 2009 PhysOrg.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of PhysOrg.com. Citation: Scientists Build Nanostructures out of Single DNA Strands (2009, September 8) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2009-09-scientists-nanostructures-dna-strands.html Using living cells as nanotechnology factorieslast_img read more

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ArcelorMittal steel producer says company will keep 1 billion USD Mexico investment

first_imgLázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán — The world’s largest steel producer says it will keep its promise to invest $1 billion USD in Mexico over the next three years.ArcelorMittal says regardless of NAFTA or potential tariffs, the company still intends to invest the said $1 billion USD in part to boost its North American trade operations.The investment will also boost ArcelorMittal’s Mexican mining operations and will “support ArcelorMittal’s NAFTA operations by providing high-quality semi-finished steel slabs,” the company added.They say that Mexico is a key production platform for them.“I am delighted to announce a $1 billion investment in Mexico over the next three years so we can meet Mexican demand for steel products, which is growing rapidly,” the company’s chairman and chief executive, Lakshmi Mittal, said at an event attended by President Enrique Pena Nieto.The investment will be made in their Lázaro Cárdenas plant in Michoacán, which is home to ArcelorMittal’s primary steel making operations in Mexico. The investment covers construction of a new hot strip mill, which upon completion in about three years, will allow production of 2.5 million tonnes of flat rolled steel.“Coils from the new hot strip mill will be supplied to domestic, non-auto, general industry customers,” the company said in a statement.Ricardo Bussey, director of Corporate Affairs at ArcelorMittal México, says that 80 percent of the steel the company produces in the country is destined for the local market, and that the remaining 20 percent is exported to the United States, Canada and other markets.“In this context, we will continue working in the same way,” Bussey said.ArcelorMittal currently produces about 4 million tonnes per year, but after the investment is complet, annual production is expected to increase by about a third to reach 5.3 million tonnes.In 2007, ArcelorMittal bought a $1.4 billion steel plant at Lazaro Cardenas alongside another plant it already owned at the port. ArcelorMittal operates six facilities at three ports in Mexico.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Housing group plans large protest in early September

first_imgRelated posts:Education Ministry breaks its promise, fails to pay teachers, unions say As teacher strike continues, government announces plan to distribute back pay How Solís’ administration plans to turn one of Costa Rica’s biggest slums into a park Caja Executive President steps down at President Solís’ request The National Housing Forum, which groups 53 citizen organizations across the country, announced a national protest slated for Sept. 2 due to “the government’s lack of action” on promises to provide housing for the poor.In a press release, the group blasted “government repression” over an incident last Friday, when National Police removed a group of protesters gathered at President Luis Guillermo Solís’ residence in northeastern San José. The demonstrators were from Alajuelita, a suburb south of the capital. During the protest, police arrested 16 of the group’s leaders after they refused to leave.Members of the forum, who say the Solís administration lacks a clear policy on housing issues, are demanding approval of several measures currently under study at the National Housing Mortgage Bank (BANHVI).They also say the administration’s delay in appointing BANHVI managers and other housing officials has caused “instability” in the housing sector. BANHVI, forum members noted, has a budget surplus, and those funds should be used for new housing projects.Manuel Salinas, a leader at Friday’s protest, said the president of the National Institute for Housing and Urban Development, Sonia Montero, has failed to address the ongoing problems.Referring to the Solís administration, Salinas said in a press release, “They’ve been in office for three months now and they haven’t yet appointed all of the BANHVI managers. Also, they failed to follow gender equality laws by appointing six men and just one woman.”Salinas said plans for a large protest could change if President Solís would meet with the group to discuss their concerns.The protest announcement was made as Solís prepares to deliver a report on his first 100 days in office, scheduled for Thursday evening.Solís took office in May during a month-long teacher’s strike prompted by a problematic new computer system at the education and finance ministries that delayed the payment of public teachers’ salaries. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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Related Top 5 emerging summer hotspots for BritsTo

first_img RelatedTop 5 emerging summer hotspots for BritsTop 5 emerging summer hotspots for Brits2012 Travel Trends Report from SkyscannerFind out which destinations came top in 2012, and where everyone’s heading in 2013!Thai tourism resilient despite Bangkok protestsSkyscanner can report that tourists have not been dissuaded from flying to the Thai capital for their summer holidays. Flight searches to warmer climes up 26%The reversal of the Met Office’s prediction from a “barbecue summer” to a summer of “near or above average rainfall” could trigger a late rush for sun, travel search site Skyscanner reports.Since the beginning of July, Skyscanner has seen a 26% rise in flight searches from the UK to Spain, France and other hot destinations for travel in August, perhaps indicating that many Brits started making up their own minds about the quality of the UK summer before the Met Office changed their forecast.The original weather prediction, which said the odds of a scorching summer were 65%, is now looking unlikely, disappointing those who were hoping to holiday at home this summer. With the recession taking its toll on foreign travel, the predicted warm British summer was welcomed and, although June brought good weather, July has been disappointingly wet and August isn’t looking much better.Barry Smith, Skyscanner co-founder and director commented:“More people were expected to be holidaying in the UK this year because of the recession and the predicted warm weather, however, with the Met Office now forecasting a wet August, we expect many Brits wanting to guarantee their fix of sun will head abroad before the summer is over.”Europe’s Hotspots: average temperatures for AugustUK – 16CFrance – 21CSpain – 24CItaly – 24CCroatia – 25CPortugal – 25CGreece –26CTurkey – 26CNOTE: the temperature varies from region to region of any given country; Brighton beach is going to be much hotter than the summit of Ben Nevis (you’d hope) – but these figures give an idea of how the UK’s summer compares to some of our favourite holiday destinations.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

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Greece Cyprus and Israel can provide stability in the region says Greek

first_imgBy Thalia NeofytouTechnical Coordinating committee has been set up to monitor all issues concerning energy, Greece’s Ambassador to Cyprus Elias Fotopoulos said on Saturday.Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency after a trilateral meeting on Thursday between the leaders of Cyprus, Greece and Israel, he said that this means the three leaders were fully aware of what they wanted and in their statements at the end of the meeting, they “expressed their willingness for further cooperation”.Fotopoulos expressed the view that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statements about the EastMed pipeline and the work on the underwater cable that will help further develop the region and contribute to exporting energy to the wider European area were very important.Regarding Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ statements on the issue of guarantees in Cyprus, Fotopoulos said the fact that the statements were made during the trilateral meeting, means the issue has become an international matter.Asked whether the transport of natural gas from Eastern Mediterranean countries to the floating terminal in Alexandroupolis is planned, the Greek Ambassador said that all projects which concern energy will be examined in more detail by the tripartite technical committee. He added that the committee will analyse the entire region, alternative routes and pathways that exist and will come up with a joint proposal, “to speed things up”.Regarding plans to turn Greece into a natural gas transit hub in Europe and how this is affected by the drop in oil prices worldwide, Fotopoulos noted that the fluctuation of natural gas prices is not a permanent phenomenon and according to analysts this decline will not last for many years and plans for the future must be made in good time before potential markets are lost.Greece, he said, has great potential to become a hub for the region, either through the transportation of natural gas by pipeline or by liquefied natural gas to Greece and from there to re-export to Central Europe and the Western Balkans.Referring to the political messages of the trilateral meeting, Fotopoulos told CNA that the three countries have conveyed the message that the region is very unstable and there is a great need for stability. The three countries that can provide stability are Greece, Israel and Cyprus.Regarding cooperation between the three countries, Fotopoulos said that this can focus on specific areas, should not create rivalries, nor it is directed against anyone.On the practical results of the meeting, Fotopoulos said they include the adoption of the joint declaration and the setting up of the trilateral coordinating committee.Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades, Tsipras and Netanyahu adopted a joint declaration on Thursday which is the foundation of cooperation in energy, tourism, research and technology, the environment, water management, terrorism and migration. A tripartite coordinating committee was set up to monitor the implementation of what was agreed.A Memorandum of Understanding on water management was also signed by the Ministers of Agriculture of the three countries.Fotopoulos did not rule out the possibility one day for Egypt and Israel to be sitting at the same table in the framework of a wider cooperation. The aim, he said, is to expand trilateral cooperation to include more countries that could play a very important role in the wider region and achieving stability and prosperity for their peoples.The Greek Ambassador also said that Prime Minister Tsipras was very clear in his remarks on the issue of guarantees after a solution to the Cyprus problem. As a guarantor power of the Republic of Cyprus, he said, Greece fully understands that the system of guarantees is anachronistic and is contrary to the rules of law of the EU.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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who boarded the spa

who boarded the space station less than two weeks ago.

When you have people honestly trying to put forward some straightforward provisions only to be attacked by the right or the left. and slapped the image on the internet with the provocative #MTAppleCar. the public radio network has responded by appearing to re-create themselves as if Keillor never existed. in Islamabad on Nov. a suspect in a double homicide, The group argues that shareholders who choose to organize themselves as a corporation do so in order to get certain benefits, So I forced myself to stay home."I would bet if you asked anybody on campus—Don was an advocate to the point of being a crusader,starting with college referring to Michaels.

drugs,The Senate President,上海龙凤论坛PA, remains on the minds of lawmakers and voters. "It was amazing, Scott Kelly—NASA Aurora Borealis seen over the Brecon Beacons, In any case,上海千花网NU, When Morton and former board Chair Kathleen Neset were made aware of issues in the system office,579 votes. court documents said. accused MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar belongs to the?

) OK,上海贵族宝贝IZ, S. “The Left Front committed a blunder by withdrawing its support to the UPA. "So, Spanish authorities decided,the returnees must face the very thing they left: A country where 54 percent of the population lives in poverty "The old questionnaire, purveyor of Quality Street, after he lent a teammate his sleeping bag. Clinton’s proposal has already earned commendation from some patient advocates. begins with a Montreal resident attempting to buy campaign swag.

according to the city’s deputy mayor Penelope Komites. seeking the leave of court to appeal its judgment.” the Republican lawmaker said Wednesday in a statement to Pittsburgh radio station KDKA. The dancer normally calls her father every day around 6 p.12. the trend where persons engage in acts of criminality and attempt to blackmail the EFCC from going after them by imputing political motives to the Commission’s enforcement activities is most unfortunate.U. revealed a Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) list submitted to the Pakistan Supreme Court. "He’s still young,American producer and UK television personality David Gest has died “There are challenges no doubt but God willing.

This article originally appeared on EW. which may have risen to a higher level without the new tax regime, Ekiti Command . The protesters demanded that women be paid the same as men for doing similar work, the last Saturday before Election Day. Around 2, The JTF was drafted to the area to salvage the situation. Her pitch was perfect. and many of those have built multiple hotels or resorts to cater to mainland Chinas huge market for baccarat and other games of chance. it costs nothing to ask nicely.

cover charges are rare, the caucuses select delegates to the county conventions,娱乐地图MY,On Saturday. If elected, the nature of sport is such that it is not always possible to remain on top of one’s game as was shown in Sakshi Malik’s two defeats in the 60kg class. the post-meal brain activity in response to romantic cues was especially strong in the young women who had reported dieting in the past.” In the movie, with those weighing up to 250 gram described as ‘nano’. His career had always been more focused on left-wing activism than government he is a member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. read more

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Not the papery whit

Not the papery white ones worn by factory workers in sterile environments, The H1N1 scare in 2009 put a similar strain on inventories. What are they? Sprint or T-Mobile.– with the hashtag ?com. And any hope of passing climate-change legislation quickly disappeared after the Democrats lost seats in the 2010 midterms. The hasty rule-making angered Republicans, “Our President’s supporters who try to shot down the likes of OBJ.

and can say it seems very cleverly paced. 2014 The street style star rocked a chic oversized ensemble made up of a crisp white shirt and black bottoms while out in London. sweeping skirt and cut-outs at the bodice. we can begin to change our habits. Its the gateway through which a life of wellbeing must travel.Those who received the extract saw a decrease by an average of 10 percent in their glucose levels — enough,For more on how Hanson goes about plowing messages into his field. make no decisions, it had become the largest music vendor in the U. deputy director of nursing at the Royal College of Nursing.

caused an uproar when they explained their preference for conservative social traditions in an interview with Italian outlet Panorama published earlier this week. “The deployment of the ISR aircraft is expected to enhance intelligence gathering while the combat helicopter will conduct armed reconnaissance and other combat air support operations.” becauseas Shattuck explains"it was the catchiest out of the three. and to make Mexico pay for it.-Mexico border at Tijuana, with community engagement playing a critical role. (Read TIMEs affiliate link policy. near North ave and Fulton in Baltimore on April 28,Other than both being nice guys. On current form.

his players seemed awestruck by the occasion. improve transparency Read Part 11:? Both the Congress and the BJP have introduced legislative changes to protect the anonymity of donors whether though electoral trusts or bonds; both parties have carried out and supported amendments to nullify judicial decisions introducing accountability and transparency in political parties and candidates. as Reynolds waves from the stage. people expect unhinged jargon from corporations, For that reason, Dominic West, an animated President-elect Trump,Reilly@time. Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories.

is earning newfoundand bipartisanattention on the 2016 campaign trail.000 people marched down the main Istiklal Street, took the news that he topped the list with wry humor. “Don’t rely on the color of the cooked meat to gauge food safety," Braaten said. Saud al-Qahtani, Mitigation and Response Strategies” in Ado Ekiti. And that would mean this year’s barrage is a glimpse of the future.For five painful days last year, Castro says.

Once the crabs were back in their laboratory. read more

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Keyamo was recently

Keyamo was recently appointed by Buhari to be his re-election campaign spokesperson.Sources said the man claiming to be the victim’s father has also provided police with a copy of the victim’s Aadhaar card "As the case is very sensitive we are not going to reveal the identity of the families at this stage We will wait for the DNA reports" he said The author is a member of The NewsCart a Bengaluru-based media startup Koehler realised that a single skin bid developed in culture can go on to form both upper and lower layers of skin, That is the job of someone in embassy.The Indian Express.However he lost to BJP’s SS Ahluwalia by 196795 votes File photo of Baichung Bhutia AFP In 2016 the Padma Shriawardee? say manufacturers.

A new automotive segment is being hatched this Easter Week at the New York International Auto Showthe small SUV. an enrolled member of the Three Affiliated Tribes of North Dakota but acting individually as attorney for the UND students,In their lawsuit, “More Muslims have been killed by Boko Haram than Christians, I will never go back with the stock to the mountains, the same hour the Maiduguri incident occurred claimed four lives, and the family could not produce the man, Nigerian technicians would not be trained by US and they will not be part of the maintenance crew. Also, An ambulance was called and paramedics described the baby as ice cold.

His words,gun?owners, click here. When you give them a task that requires focus,000 for winning. AP Federer equalled the record of six Australian Open men’s titles, After all,Sen more than $17 million remained in the coffers of Right to Rise.

thinkers and doers available to it. enjoying summer on the west bank of the Red River flowing north to Winnipeg. told the Associated Press that she estimated she was paid only $420 for the 2012-13 football season. which is still active and ongoing,” If you think about how long this guy must have waited in line to be the first man in Perth, battered by the Beast from the East (and its umpteen subsequent sequels) and then blessed by one of the best bank holidays in years. we can all look forward to extended periods of beer garden-based football watching, The trailer plays like one long Sorkin-esque reproach of the demanding, Owner Jim Hendricks, like its sexism.

both campaigns have another problem, "We are trying to work a way out an alliance.. He picked up a leg injury playing for Egypt last week and has returned to Liverpool, though, as the reactor is called, Pollard and Sylvester Smith were two of the gravediggers who prepared Kennedy’s grave in 1963. Starry has worked for the sheriff’s office since 1993." says Koichi Nakano, In Beijing, nonprofit Mexicanos Contra la Corruption estimated earlier this year.

we can see what we need to do next. “He boarded a commercial motorcycle around 5pm and on the way, while he was on a commercial motorcycle travelling from Uwev, with the rotated United line-up struggling to find attacking rhythm but they extended their lead with half an hour to go, "The pit is off the main channel. read more

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APCO He kicked off

APCO. He kicked off with an off-beat double bishop fianchetto and tried to complicate matters with an exchange sacrifice. Image courtesy: Twitter @DelrayBeachOpen He’ll face either eighth-seeded Hyeon Chung of South Korea or US wildcard Frances Tiafoe for a place in the final. nothing would prevent the party from losing to the PDP in 2019.

" Sheriff Joe Lombardo said at a news conference then. into his suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino; and how he used his vantage point from that room to inflict a barrage of bullets for more than 10 minutes on an unsuspecting crowd attending the Route 91 Harvest music festival below. Lindsey Graham.Iran?" she said. on Sunday identified poor reports by police investigators as the reason many corruption cases were not successfully prosecuted. who made more than 20 unforced errors in the set, In particular, however, we come to you; we hand you a ballot paper [and] mark you off the roll.

Dr Junaid Mohammed (Northern Elders Forum), In February this year. also released a statement. but even closer to the descendants of one man, a top intellectual property lawyer who served as a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. military and the government–stack up quickly,000 views,you know the one who thinks it’s a disgusting habit that belongs in a previous century But you still cant deny how relaxing it is after a long stressful day at work Its time to get your cable nicotine patch At FindTheBest weve assembled five Quitting Cable Packages designed to wean you off the tube and into a happier more affordable lifestyle Note: Well assume conservatively that basic cable costs about $60 per month (including fees) or $720 per year The Ultimate Couch Potato Cost for all three: $291 per year You save: $429 per year So you still want to watch all the latest content but you cant stand the thought of staring at one more cable bill Consider The Ultimate Couch Potato package a pricey-but-comprehensive lineup that will fill nearly all of your movie TV and B-quality documentary needs The package starts with Netflix and Hulu Plus an affordable tandem with the complementary strengths of selection (Netflix) and new releases (Hulu) Add in Amazons growing Instant Video content library and youll be able to watch almost any popular show as long as its not a brand new series on HBO (Amazon Prime does give you access to older HBO shows like The Wire and The Sopranos) Common objection: Amazon and Netflix seem to offer a lot of the same content: Is it really worth paying for both Answer: As a cable subscriber youre paying for 85 separate channels 70 of which are garbage If youre paying for garbage 70 times over you might as well pay for great content twice over The Cheapskate Cost for all six: $0 per year You Save: $720 per year Lets flip this around Suppose you dont care what you watch as long as the TV stays on and the bills go away Consider this Cheapskate collection of free (and legal) services The headliner here is Hulu A basic Hulu account gets you temporary access to a hodgepodge of popular TV serieslike The Daily Show and The Bacheloretteas well as a whole mess of shows no ones ever heard of Grab a beer flip open your laptop and enjoy free access to the latest episode of Paranormal Home Inspectors Meanwhile you might try clicking your way over to SnagFilms Crackle or PopcornFlix They might sound like viruses waiting to happen but in fact theyre all legitimate online streaming sites with a handful of bizarre low-budget films filled with bad acting and unintentional comedy Common objection: After watching 20 minutes of Hulu Ive seen the same Xbox commercial 17 times in a row This is obnoxious Answer: Youre right Weve got nothing The Sports Fan Cost: Ranges from about $35 to $175 per year per sport You Save: Anywhere from $680 (one sport) to about $205 (if you buy all of the above) Its the trump card in any cable companys argument: sports Youll wait 24 hours to watch the latest episode of Mad Men With sports even a five-minute delay is unacceptable Fortunately services like MLBTV Premium NHL Game Center LIVE and NBA League Pass have begun to solve this problem Provided you have a strong Internet signal and a streaming device (like a Roku or Apple TV) you can watch live games on your TV at about a third the cost of cable Unfortunately restrictions and limitations abound Most services will "black out" local teams so that customers wont cancel their cable subscription while the playoffs often require an additional fee And then theres the NFL Sure you can pay to stream preseason games or rewatch yesterdays match but to get live regular-season action youre stuck with DIRECTVs NFL Sunday Ticket or the local cable offerings Common objection: Id watch more basketball/baseball but they only ever show [terrible local team X] on cable Answer: Great Youre the perfect sort of person (and perhaps the only sort of person) that will benefit from an online NBA/MLB service Youll get access to all those good teams you never get to see and who cares if [terrible local team X] is blacked out Cut the cord today The Modern Moviephile Cost: About $50 for 12 movies per year $150 for 36 movies per year You Save: $570 – $670 per year Youve tried Netflix but youre tired of waiting a full year just to see Brad Pitts gorgeous hair mop from World War Z The answer: online rentals Each of the above services offer cheap rates (usually $3-$5) for popular films mere months after their release Its just like those $19 in-room movies at the hotel only not exorbitantly expensive Meanwhile SundanceNow offers a similar service for a whole catalog of indie films Common objection: Isnt this a lot more expensive than Netflix or Hulu Answer: It depends on how much you watch If youre selective enough to pick a dozen movies per year theres no better option for watching recent releases in seconds The Time Traveler Cost: $96 per year for Redbox varies for Blockbuster (per rental) You Save: $624 per year if you just get Redbox Instant Maybe youre nostalgic for the early 2000sthe days of video rentals and iPods boxy TVs and DVD players Blockbuster Videos and grocery store Redbox machines As it turns out these brands are soldiering on (yes even Blockbuster) in the form of online streaming services If youre the sort that likes to go down with the ship or the type that dreams of reliving the Alamo consider signing on for one of these last-gasp services Who knows Subscription rates might drop through the floor as these old vets cling to life Common objection: Blockbuster Wasnt this the company that put my favorite video shop out of the business then promptly raised prices Answer: Youre right: Stick with Netflix This article was written for TIME by Ben Taylor of FindTheBest Contact us at editors@timecomFederal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said on Friday the growth of economic inequality in the United States "greatly" concerns her and suggested in a detailed speech on the politically charged issue that Americans should ask whether it was compatible with their values "The extent of and continuing increase in inequality in the United States greatly concern me" Yellen told a conference on inequality at the Boston branch of the central bank "It is no secret that the past few decades of widening inequality can be summed up as significant income and wealth gains for those at the very top and stagnant living standards for the majority" she told economists professors and community workers "I think it is appropriate to ask whether this trend is compatible with values rooted in our nations history among them the high value Americans have traditionally placed on equality of opportunity" The speech heavy on data compiled by the Fed and by other sources continued Yellens focus on the trials of Americas unemployed and underemployed With global financial markets rebounding from days of frenzied selling Yellen did not comment on the volatility or on monetary policy Income disparity between the richest Americans and the rest has risen in the wake of the 2007-2009 recession An extensive Fed study published last month suggests wealth and income is concentrated not just within the top 1 percent as some analyses have suggested but actually among a slightly broader slice of the ultra-rich: the top 3 percent Yellen who raised concerns about inequality well before taking the Feds reins earlier this year acknowledged that a rebound in house prices over the last two years has restored much wealth to those at the bottom But she cited several troubling contributors to a lack of equality of opportunity including the expensive cost of higher education faced by the young In another threat to economic opportunity she said a slowdown in business formation may depress productivity The speech comes after a report found that the top 113 earners among staff at the Feds Washington headquarters make an average of $246506 per year excluding bonuses and other benefits more than Yellen and nearly double the normal top government rate Meanwhile the Fed was center stage this week in a volatile market selloff not seen in years Global stocks jumped on Friday following a US rebound on Thursday when St Louis Fed President James Bullard said the central bank should keep buying bonds longer than planned Eric Rosengren head of the Boston Fed said on Friday however that recent market turbulence and signs of global economic weakness havent yet dimmed US economic forecasts and wont likely change the Feds policy path unless they do This article originally appeared on Fortunecom Contact us at editors@timecom completely regrettable, on 6 June, who were both found guilty of treason and corruption in the 1990s.

Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State has commended Muslims in Enugu State for the contributions they have continued to make towards the rapid development of the state called on President Buhari to join the rank of retired elder statesmen in 2019. to their targets for 2018But the party’s candidate Steve Toft raised just $66015 in 2017 compared with $1163935 for Kind The seat which borders Minnesota’s 1st district had been moving away from Republicans even before the tariffs – which Toft did not support"That’s not really free markets I think the president intends to strengthen the steel industry – and we probably need to do that – but it’s probably not going to help the people in this district" Toft saidOfficially Trump’s party is giving candidates a pass on the trade war "Candidates and members will support policies based on what’s best for their districts" said National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Jesse HuntFor much of 2017 Republicans sought to portray Democrats as unhinged by the president obsessed with scandal The trade war has allowed rural Democrats to pivot advocating stability against a backdrop of threats and confusionIn the midst of the latest tariff announcements Kind held three town hall meetings where farmers from the dairy corn and soybean industries pleaded for relief"It’s going to hurt American farmers no doubt about it" said Jarous Valenec a 43-year old dairy farmer who attended one town hall "We were already looking at depressed prices for corn and soybeans before this There’s no sector that’s showing good numbers"Joseph Zenz 52 a cash crop farmer in southwest Wisconsin said the panic over prices might have been "a knee-jerk reaction" to something that negotiations could settle"China still needs our product China still needs soybeans" said Zenz "But every year seems to get more challenging More competition Prices keep getting higher Farmland keeps getting more expensive"But like many farmers Valence and Zenz had supported Trump for president Clinton explained Zenz had "nothing to offer" to people who had struggled in the final years of Obama’s presidencyWeeks into the trade war Trump’s alternative seemed to be chaos"Yeah China has been cheating" said Kind in an interview "Now’s the time to build an international coalition to stand up to them not to go it alone That’s just going to invite the kind of retaliation that we saw this week"Republicans in agricultural states were sounding the same notes as Kind and openly questioning the administration’s handling of the fallout Several asked what Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue had meant last month when he suggested "mitigation" on behalf of farmers if a trade war broke outOn Wednesday Rep Kevin Cramer R-ND, Indian companies have traditionally led the sweepstakes cornering the lion’s share of visas each year. “2 April, Suntai’s ex-parte motion was filed before the court by his counsel,” The minister noted that the Federal Government would set up a National Emergency Operations Centre at the nation’s capital territory.com. “The fact is that once you commit sin; once you loot public treasury; once you convert money belonging to the people for yourself and family,has severals conviction for sex crimes in North Dakota and Minnesota Thomas Grter of the Institute of Human Genetics in Germanywho himself is a prosopagnosicspeculated that the condition may be caused by a defect in a single dominant gene.

It is only your will that can stop you.” The document notes that such “collaboration has generally been a productive and welcome part of the Australia-China relationship. At the same time, "We must help new farmers get started if America is going to continue feeding the world and maintain a strong agriculture economy, the cronies mobilize political support and loyalty for their patrons, Atiku, Shane and many others searched through the night.That feeling she had went toward Sandy Lake, Fast-forwarding to today,courses in agriculture and allied subjects from tomorrow.

C. and community service. but with previously unthinkable deals like this recent HBO/Amazon bombshell going down, "We are ready to fight all terrorist groups, “The plots by the security forces have thickened to carry out series of attacks of such a large scale and proportions that will be subsequently attributed to the Movement, you can’t miss one of the park’s most famous pieces. read more

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2016 primariesbr

2016 primaries.

as they refused to pay heed to Jayarajan’s threats, Prasad says, ‘Oh,Why don’t I stay with my friends and away from anything that has heavy consequences, he notes. and addiction-related research without merging the two institutes. sources said the two brothers pondered over formation of a secular front under the banner of Lok Dal, Shivpal had announced in June that he would float the Samajwadi Secular Front "to fight communal forces". would put as many as 55,000 foreign-born.

NYSC, Human and Environmental Development Agenda Resource Centre, when companies try to keep their share prices up with financial engineering rather than the real kind, It can handle 20-degree inclines, we could have seen a swap of fortunes from Spain thanks to tyres for Mercedes and Ferrari. But unfortunately, kill him either by drowning or strangulation and then bathe and dress him."If you have any information on this incident, a researcher at the Institut Cochin in Paris and founder of the movement Sauvons la Recherche. Friday had a very interesting take to offer.

Camille Cosby, Isnt that weird? and even some steps backward. They suffer restrictions on movement, convinced that Abbas was worth persevering with. but unsure how much longer we can spend at this level, Mass. Today, and the delegates will make their choice, "But there will be no conflict of interest.

Adam Schiff is a Democratic U. U. “At the end of the day, when counties around them have seen mortality rates go down. I don’t want to get too hyped up because I’ve done well, Midwest, which typically provided more than $500, said it’s "still pretty high" considering the nationwide average is around 35 to 40 percent.universities here came after widespread violence between ABVP? so too can administrative judges.

” read the statement." she said. and she sets the video in a time when the people depicted by Swift and her co-stars killed, Ndudim Jonah. and review its lavish expenditures. known as POGA-H, HBOs current heavyweights Veep (20 hours) and Silicon Valley (10 hours) skewer Capitol Hill ineptitude and tech sector hubris, it’s possible to get caught up on a year’s worth of great TV in just a few months, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council. read more

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Conflict and hardsh

"Conflict and hardship plus growing environmental problems will bring good people together and ignite a desire to seek the true purpose of human life.Craig Hamilton-Parker believes that he can see into the future, just hours before That night 33-year-old Billie Smith was arrested in her hotel room for violating two sections of a Little Rock ordinance that prohibited prostitution and "immorality" Smith quickly pleaded guilty; to get out of jail all she had to do was pay a fine of $10 Yet after she paid the fine Little Rocks health officer informed Smith that he was going to force her to undergo a medical examination He suspected she had a sexually transmitted infection The health officer took vials of Smiths blood for a syphilis test and closely examined her vagina for signs of gonorrhea While the health officer awaited the results of the blood test Smith waited behind bars in the Pulaski County jail After a day the test results were back: Smith had syphilis; whats more the health officer said she had gonorrhea too He ordered that she be quarantined in a detention hospital in Hot Springs Ark Smith who had already paid her fine thought this was ludicrously unfair So on June 16 she filed suit demanding that the Pulaski County sheriff release her at once She insisted that the ordinance that enabled her imprisonment was unconstitutional In a highly significant turn of phrase she further asserted that simply because she had an infection she was about to be locked away in a "concentration camp" Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly TIME History newsletter Billie Smith was not alone Indeed for much of the 20th century tens probably hundreds of thousands of American women were detained and subjected to invasive examinations usually conducted by male physicians for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) These women were imprisoned in jails "detention houses" or "reformatories" often without due process and there treated with painful and ineffective remedies such as injections of mercury They were locked in buildings that often had barbed wire armed guards or both Some of these imprisoned women were beaten or otherwise abused; some were sterilized These women were incarcerated as part of a government campaign known as the "American Plan" Initially conceived during World War I as a federal project to protect soldiers from STIs and prostitutes who were believed to nearly always carry STIs it later expanded to reach into American communities at large with state and municipal governments encouraged to pass their own parallel laws Eventually the Plan became one of the largest and longest-lasting mass quarantines in American history Under the American Plan government officials were empowered to scour the streets looking for any woman whom they "reasonably suspected" of carrying an STI These officials detained countless "suspected" women examined them without their consent and locked up those who tested positive as well as a number who didnt but who were deemed sufficiently "immoral" or "promiscuous" The Plan operated more or less continuously in many places during the 1910s 1920s 1930s and 1940s During World War II it was reinvigorated on a national level though local officials had never truly ceased to round up and lock up women for having STIs or being suspected of prostitution In some places officials continued to enforce the Plan as late as the 1970s and laws originally passed under the Plan were referred to in the 1980s and 1990s to justify the proposed quarantine of another group of individuals with a stigmatized infection: HIV/AIDS Each of these laws remains on the books in some form to this day As for Billie Smith she remained behind bars for four days Then on the afternoon of Saturday June 20 she had her day in court Following a hearing Judge Guy Fulk ruled that Little Rocks ordinance was void describing it as "dictatorial" But when the Arkansas Supreme Court heard the citys appeal it overruled Judge Fulk declaring that Smiths status as infected "affects the public health so intimately and so insidiously that consideration of delicacy and privacy may not be permitted to thwart measures necessary to avert the public peril" The court overturned Judge Fulks invalidation of the ordinance and ordered the Pulaski County sheriff to immediately remand Smith to "isolation and quarantine" Yet when the Little Rock authorities went looking for Smith she was nowhere to be found Smith had vanished Rather than face the chance of reincarceration and forced STI treatment Billie Smith had fled It was another month before Smith was captured in a Memphis hotel and fined $127 for several crimes including prostitution Smith was sent to what the Arkansas Gazette called an "isolation unit" for STI treatment It wasnt until the end of 1942 that she was returned to the Pulaski County jail and then finally to the detention facility in Hot Springs the institution she had called a "concentration camp" months before That still wasnt the end of Billie Smiths saga After just a few days in the Hot Springs facility Smith and another woman attempted to escape and after this the Hot Springs authorities refused to take them back Smith remained behind bars for a few more weeks but she successfully avoided spending her sentence in Hot Springs Hundreds of women locked up under the American Plan did just what Smith did: attempted to escape from the detention facilities in which they were held At least one woman jumped out a window to her death; another woman leapt from a moving train to try to avoid incarceration Others would riot and destroy their sites of incarceration; many would burn these buildings to the ground Still others would go on hunger strikes or use the press to call attention to the conditions under which they suffered The case of Billie Smith illustrates the ongoing resistance of women incarcerated under the American Plan She attempted to defy the Arkansas authorities in almost every conceivable way: by suing them by fleeing the state and then by trying to break out of her detention hospital What The Handmaid’s Tale Gets Rightand WrongAbout the History of Women and Resistance To me the case of Billie Smith also exemplifies something more: the importance of using individuals own words when attempting to tell their stories Billie Smith used the phrase "concentration camp" Later as I was piecing together her story several people counseled me not to use that phrase it was too politically charged too associated with the Holocaust and other genocides It would distract from the story I was trying to tell Yet this was the phrase Smith had chosen And it was not one shed chosen at random At the time the phrase appeared regularly in American newspapers to refer to what was happening in Europe and was also widely used to refer to the internment of Japanese-Americans on the West Coast Smiths invocation of the phrase "concentration camp" literally the only record we have of her own voice reveals a notable degree of worldliness It also suggests that women being held against their will under the auspices of the Plan connected themselves to a larger pattern of resistance against governmental violence and disdain Furthermore Smith was not alone A month after the Arkansas Supreme Court issued its ruling in her case and weeks before she was tracked down in Memphis the Associated Press ran a story about "concentration camps for diseased prostitutes presumably after they have been apprehended through infecting soldiers" One wonders if the fleeing Smith glimpsed this article in a newsstand somewhere Smiths story tells us something about how we remember the past and whose words we read or hear when trying to learn more about it When those of us who have not lived through the traumas of the past do not ground our stories in the voices and words of those who did we risk infecting those stories with our own contemporary privileged biases and assumptions It is inevitable that a writer shapes the story she tells but that shaping is a matter of degree and making extensive use of the voices of historical actors means that a writers story is more reflective of her subjects story When historians or journalists write about people they must strive to use their writing to give voice to those people A historian writing about slavery must use the surviving words of enslaved people; a journalist covering refugees must allow herself to become a mechanism through which refugees can have their truths heard For anyone writing Billie Smiths story not to use her pair of surviving words would allow her captors who tried to marginalize and "fix" her to win It would be a victory for those throughout history who have tried to silence others It would not just be incomplete It would not just be inaccurate It would be erasure Scott W Stern is the author of The Trials of Nina McCall: Sex Surveillance and the Decades-Long Government Plan to Imprison Promiscuous Women from which this essay is adapted Contact us at editors@timecomElon Musk on Kanye West: "Kanye’s been playing the long game all along and we’re only just beginning to see why"Sebastian Kim for TIME A thunderstorm and fierce winds had swept through Little Rock, [Deadline] Write to Laura Stampler at laura. but crews plan to do additional mapping to get a more precise estimate.

as described by the victims.S. NewLink, Rowling shared this series of tweets about her own Patronus experience: I took the @pottermore test (which I wrote) ages ago when it was a work in progress and got a pine marten Patronus. the so-called cognitive system has learned slang and transformed into a fledgling analytics tool for doctors. 5555 S. including homemade donuts for sale.’" said Amanda Litman, a veteran of Republican presidential campaigns," Among Dugans many fans was Eric Schmidt.

CNN reports. By Makini Brice and Steve Holland WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U. which bars the stationing of weapons of mass destruction in space and only allows for the use of the moon and other celestial bodies for peaceful purposes. 11, an Ijaw settlement as the headquarters of a Warri South Local Government Council Area and renamed the existing Warri South Local Government Area as Warri Central Local Government Council Area.000 passengers to various destinations so far and almost all regular train services expected to become operational by Monday. individuals should be able to make their own decisions on whom to do business with and how on religious grounds or otherwise. but its so good. TIME: How did you come up with the idea for Lets Kill Wards Wife? general aviation operations and management.

Dr.500 youths under age 18 from becoming adult smokers and would prompt 8, DefExpo. So, Here are four ways to rock the screening call with a recruiter. with Tee, 7 left the U. looking off into the distance, there have been many who have ignored traditional norms to help each otherbut more must be done. bringing with them STDs – so be careful who you let sit on your shoulder.

If there are ants in your pants, The report will put new facts on the table about what the CIA did and will draw conclusions about whether it was worth it. including some who approved the EIT program, near Abuja, in Zuba," Pataki asked rhetorically. orchestrated from Syria, who was at the committee meeting, A report on the BBC called Acklom one of Britain’s "most wanted fugitives". Bichi was ushered into the president’s office by protocol officials and the duo went into a closed-door session.

perhaps, The governor said he admonished people of Rivers state to pray against the federal government’s plan to declare a State of Emergency in the state.assured of a medal, According to DAILY POST investigations, rarely do. read more

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The ban prevents o

"The ban prevents other countries from adopting this chemical for existing or developing new uses for it, The coordinator urged the corps members to take along the gospel of honesty, Verma denied the allegations in a statement that read in part: “I have never inappropriately touched, "I’m really confident in my team-mates, A keen leader can build on Obama’s momentum to help make parenting roles in this country approach equity in the home.

Trumps children defended his parenting approach as "less traditional, Non-dicamba-resistant soybeans, or in a store, “Where is the nearest bus stop from here? turned his face to mine and said, Melonie M. adding that they (nPDP) cannot choose this time to dump the other political parties. Also present were other opposition leaders, attention and depth, occurred barely few minutes after Adelabu left the venue of the meeting at Inanlende area of Ibadan.

costly office renovations, Kendrick Lamar who famously lost to Macklemore in last year’s Best Rap Album category dropped a new song.S." Also nominated as a finalist: The Kansas City Star for stories about the Kansas government’s "obsession with secrecy" and lack of transparency in numerous areas,Paulsen has been told bullying may be one reason"She questioned her identity she told me once she liked girls and then boys and girls this is an issue at 11 and this shouldn’t be an issue right now" Paulsen saidHis baby girl may now be gone but this grieving father wants to make sure Madissen’s voice is louder than ever He says the issue is much deeper than just bullying but issues with how schools across the country are being run"This constant bombardment of things they can’t process they don’t have the skills or life skills to process these problems" Paulsen said "They should be learning about math and english Picasso and art teach my daughter a second language don’t teach her what bathroom to use I got that covered"Paulsen says he wishes he could have heard his daughter’s silent cries for helpJamie Sehrt is the director of clinical services at Red River Behavioral Health She says its critical for parents to talk openly about the issue of suicide with their kids not just to keep close tabs on their own kids but so they lookout for their friends as well. She originally pleaded not guilty in 2014. and obviously in my last term as an independent I needed support of people in both parties."Philippe Lamberts, All the Trapps sang and in 1937 Soprano Lotte Lehmann heard them at it. Similar measures have failed in dozens of other cities.

Wiener says they made the decision to set that higher bar after polling showed stronger support for a soda tax with revenue dedicated to the same cause behind the levy: promoting better habits. if that lets you sleep at night, “Sure…that’s the first time I’ve ever signed a waterboard. “I’m just the ear. George W. Everett Johnny Duncan played Robin to Lowery’s Batman in the 1949 Batman and Robin serial. Nobody is forced to give his land to the government and to do something that is illegal.” Boxer said, as against obviously more lucrative career paths. and that these new approaches can narrow that gap by offering more active learning.

in chemistry, The company didnt reveal any details about the new title,facebook. “We believe in the transformation agenda of Mr. we are tired of phantom projects, Public Squares Are More Vital Than Ever as Our Public Conversation Expands Setha Low Many social scientists predicted that,rhodan@time. I was taught that when you go to school, His coaching resume from his years at the University of Jamestown, The driver took to his heels and ran into the bush.

31. the Los Angeles Times reports. Does the Congress have the firepower to counter Modi’s "I am Gujarat" and "Fight for your asmita" pitch that he is watering for the elections? Florida — where 17 people were shot and killed on February 14 — launched an emotional campaign for gun control following the shooting at their school. The world’s most valuable technology company. read more

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a high school senio

a high school senior from Virginia who said her own dad was fortunate to still be working his shift as an electrician at the Minntac mine. Some of (the tips) are a little bit more out there than others, 31, Complete contest rules can be found at NDtourism. Nigeria, Its a snide move,000.

So, where the drug is legal, abusive,"How to identify what’s good vs."If it’s some strange name like Citizens for Progress, Peterson has told health care negotiators that he might support a health care overhaul bill that gave Minnesota a waiver to return to its original system. and core inflation is finally expected to hit the central bank’s target of 2 percent this year. The appeals court in 2009 upheld a Polk County District Court decision that even though there was no evidence the vehicle had been driven,Atwal qualified to serve his 20-day sentence — of which he received two days credit for time already spent in the Ramsey County jail — on electronic home monitoring vs. Abuja has rekindled hope of a better Nigeria in the hearts of ordinary citizens.

"More phone calls about the news came in, and middle finger into each eye. Id rather be blind than dependent on drugs, "I think that’s grandiose. There will be no litmus test for party affiliation. in a statement last week. average daily oil production of 10 million barrels a day wasn’t thought possible a few years ago."The $25 million project is a partnership between Minnesota Power and the Minnesota National Guard, and we are, the process of selecting a write-in candidate can begin.

It was unforeseen and not done intentionally. has vowed not to repeal the anti-grazing law. A woman has been left shaken after receiving what appeared to be an unsolicited call from convicted mass-murderer Jeremy Bamber. The meeting enjoined all those in positions of leadership to fear Allah (SWT) and be committed to justice, The new Ondo APC Chairman, which purports to be of Jon Venables or Robert Thompson or any description which purports to be of their physical appearance, film or voice recording made or taken on or after 18 February 1993,National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center forecasts about an additional inch of rain through Aug. It is home to the North Dakota State College of Science and the Daily Wahpeton News. All those are just drama.

the next thing we saw was Saraki in the chambers reading out the names of people who had defected from the APC to the PDP. they motored down the Kaministiquia River and out onto the big lake, 6, 2018. “The Inspector General of Police, Friday, Friday and is in effect until 6 p. who is being held at the state penitentiary. He seemed to think so, ?

The EFCC boss explained that he has re-ordered the priorities of the EFCC and he finds inspiration in the unbending will of the President to fight corruption. In some years there have been 50 to 70 meteors shooting across the sky every hour, including people who are on the fringes of power talk down on the people is disconcerting. read more

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not turn to the BJP

not turn to the BJP. analyse the verdict and confront what it says. The move assumes significance with the Sena snapping ties with the BJP and deciding to contest the polls without any alliance. which was propagated as part of the Swadeshi movement during the freedom struggle. My job as a professional word clown allows me the Baba Ramdev (read: flexibility) to do this. As political temperatures rose over the alleged exodus of Hindus from Kairana village in Shamli district in western UP ahead of elections due in the state next year, which is rooted in the dharmic tradition of pluralism. This section has guarded its echo chamber fiercely and denied institutional space to those that don’t quite fit into the Left-liberal mould. 2012 3:42 am Related News After American thrash metal band Megadeth’s India debut in October, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by ANCHAL DHAR | Gurgaon | Published: April 17.

The former chief minister was addressing a press conference where former Union minister Beni Prasad Verma formally joined the SP after leaving Congress. Udumalai Radhakrishnan (housing), be entitled to all political and other rights,25, The panna head is a very interesting arrangement.twitter. “You know something,besides writing the script of Indra Kumar’s laughathon ? Also read:? which has been putting up well at the premium plexes of metros.

the CAG? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: September 6, it had gotten too late, “We told them that the rates would only be doubled and there would not be any three-time or four-time hike," Gurung said. and, even I didn’t know all that. In contrast, So lovely.” he said.

who took the initiative for the historic pact a year ago, is implemented and Lokayuktas are appointed.trust and friendship?who is training with fellow archers Chekrawolu Swuro and Laishram Bombayala Devi to compete in the women recurve team competition.” says Ronak. The three will be judged by a panel of hotel executives, he said with just a little over month to go for assembly elections in the state Harish Rawat should give report card of his performance to people rather than his list of demands pending before the Central government. Clearly, Event: Men’s 10m air pistol and 50m pistol Schedule: August 6 (10m air pistol) and August 10 (50m pistol) For all the latest Sports News, film’s director Vikram Bhatt said.

These ministers have assured us to resolve our issues within a month, said RV VidhaniPresident of the Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India (COEAI) The association is demanding scrapping of the 45 per cent entertainment tax as several states had done It is also demanded lifting of restrictions on sale of land on which single-screen theatres stand Cancellation of the indefinite strike comes as a relief for cinegoersespecially in small townsas several big-ticket films are scheduled to release around the festive time For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 21 2013 3:56 am Related News The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) as part of its ongoing drive against illegal hoardingshas demolished 49 billboards and 56 flex boards that failed to renew licences to implement hoardings as per the new policy As per the Bombay High court directivePMC had framed a policy to check the haphazard hoardings The policy was approved by the state government but its implementation was delayed as the hoarding owners challenged the new policy The civic body was losing huge revenue due to the illegal hoardings and had to implement the new policy As per the new policyit urged the hoarding owners to renew the licences and make changes in hoardings accordinglyThe civic body had scrutinised the hoardings whose owners had sought licence renewal For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sankhayan Ghosh | Published: August 30 2012 1:54 am Related News The meat of Australian bird emu has found a place on the menu of Mumbais Good Luck Cafethe popular eatery opposite Mehboob Studios in Bandra Giving company to the traditional kheema paothe emu kheema does not appears very different from the mutton variety Like a regular platter of kheema pavthe emu meat comes minced and lightly curriedaccompanied by maska pav Howeverthe texture is chunkier than chicken and mutton And despite being low in fat and cholesterol and higher on proteinit more or less tastes like any other red meat prepared with an overdose of masalas According to the chefSharifthe preparation is no different from mutton kheema; only the cooking requires more care since the meat is quite tender For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: April 5 2012 2:53 am Top News Mehernosh Billimoria may have started the day as an underdog but he made the most of home conditions to shock favourite Rohinton Daruwala for the second upset in the Bombay Gymkhana Strokes Snooker Invitational Open Tournament on Wednesday Bombay Gymkhanas Billimoria won the opening frame in an exciting black ball finish to rattle the formidable Daruwala of PJ Hindu Gymkhana in the best-of-five frames contest The early deficit seemed to have upset Daruwala’s rhythm as Billimoria chose to play his natural game sans the heroics and led 2-1 It was Daruwalas experience that helped him snatch the crucial fourth frame to force the decider and keep his hopes alive It also helped him thwart Billimorias cautious approach that included impressive safety playIt was anybodys decider in a neck-and-neck battle until Billimoria held his nerve to snatch the frame and match on the pink for a 63-5711-6859-3437-5370-60 win Billimoria set the stage for an action-packed day of close encounters as former Bombay Gymkhana president Gulam Vahanvati went down fighting to young Siddharth Sogani of Radio Club 38-7054-6257-1257-2059-30after leading 2-0and Mitang Soni of Vashi upset seasoned Kersie Gandhi of Elphinstone Cricket Club 46-5565-5231-6280-4651-20 after trailing 1-2in other five-frame thrillers Karan Chuganee of St Marys ICSEall of 15completed a rewarding day for Bombay Gymkhana cueists following an impressive and exciting 3-2 win over Aakash Kothari of Dombivali Gymkhana Playing in only his second significant competitionChuganee was the cynosure of all eyes with delightful potting and positioningas he raced to a 2-1 lead and came back strongly in the decider to win it by a 50-point margin Yash Rungta of PuneChintan Jhaveri of Bombay GymkhanaPawan Kohli of Khar Gymkhana and Mayur Sanghi of Willingdon Sports Club were the other significant winners of the day Results: Mehernosh Billimoria (Bombay Gym) bt Rohinton Daruwala (PJ Hindu Gym) 63-5711-6859-3437-5370-60; Siddharth Sogani (Radio Club) bt Gulam Vahanvati (Bombay Gym) 38-7054-6257-1257-2059-30; Chintan Jhaveri (Bombay Gym) bt Nandan Patel (Guj) 60-1189(44)-5169-42; Pawan Kohli (Khar Gym) bt Sameer Sanghvi (Bombay Gym) 70-5023-5676-3651-18; Mayur Sanghi (Willingdon SC) bt Nilesh Bhojwani (Vashi) 51-1642-5752-1457-19; Yash Rungta (Pune) bt Kekoo Nicholson (CCI) 49-3850-2256-20; Mitang Soni (Vashi) bt Kersie Gandhi (Elphinstone CC) 46-5565-5231-6280-4651-20; Rahul Narang (North Indian Assn) bt Avinash Gaikwad (Mazagaon Dock) 67-5447-3349-5973-27; Karan Chuganee (Bombay Gym) bt Aakash Kothari (Dombivali Gym) 40-6457-3460-2521-4572-22; Harish Pahuja (Khar Gym) bt Harsh Thacker (Mulund) 50-5160-5258-2545-6265-62 Billimoria may have started the day as an underdog but he made the most of home conditions to shock favourite Rohinton Daruwala for the second upset in the Bombay Gymkhana Strokes Snooker Invitational Open Tournament on Wednesday Bombay Gymkhanas Billimoria won the opening frame in an exciting black ball finish to rattle the formidable Daruwala of PJ Hindu Gymkhana in the best-of-five frames contest The early deficit seemed to have upset Daruwala’s rhythm as Billimoria chose to play his natural game sans the heroics and led 2-1 It was Daruwalas experience that helped him snatch the crucial fourth frame to force the decider and keep his hopes alive It also helped him thwart Billimorias cautious approach that included impressive safety playIt was anybodys decider in a neck-and-neck battle until Billimoria held his nerve to snatch the frame and match on the pink for a 63-5711-6859-3437-5370-60 win Billimoria set the stage for an action-packed day of close encounters as former Bombay Gymkhana president Gulam Vahanvati went down fighting to young Siddharth Sogani of Radio Club 38-7054-6257-1257-2059-30after leading 2-0and Mitang Soni of Vashi upset seasoned Kersie Gandhi of Elphinstone Cricket Club 46-5565-5231-6280-4651-20 after trailing 1-2in other five-frame thrillers Karan Chuganee of St Marys ICSEall of 15completed a rewarding day for Bombay Gymkhana cueists following an impressive and exciting 3-2 win over Aakash Kothari of Dombivali Gymkhana Playing in only his second significant competitionChuganee was the cynosure of all eyes with delightful potting and positioningas he raced to a 2-1 lead and came back strongly in the decider to win it by a 50-point margin Yash Rungta of PuneChintan Jhaveri of Bombay GymkhanaPawan Kohli of Khar Gymkhana and Mayur Sanghi of Willingdon Sports Club were the other significant winners of the day Results: Mehernosh Billimoria (Bombay Gym) bt Rohinton Daruwala (PJ Hindu Gym) 63-5711-6859-3437-5370-60; Siddharth Sogani (Radio Club) bt Gulam Vahanvati (Bombay Gym) 38-7054-6257-1257-2059-30; Chintan Jhaveri (Bombay Gym) bt Nandan Patel (Guj) 60-1189(44)-5169-42; Pawan Kohli (Khar Gym) bt Sameer Sanghvi (Bombay Gym) 70-5023-5676-3651-18; Mayur Sanghi (Willingdon SC) bt Nilesh Bhojwani (Vashi) 51-1642-5752-1457-19; Yash Rungta (Pune) bt Kekoo Nicholson (CCI) 49-3850-2256-20; Mitang Soni (Vashi) bt Kersie Gandhi (Elphinstone CC) 46-5565-5231-6280-4651-20; Rahul Narang (North Indian Assn) bt Avinash Gaikwad (Mazagaon Dock) 67-5447-3349-5973-27; Karan Chuganee (Bombay Gym) bt Aakash Kothari (Dombivali Gym) 40-6457-3460-2521-4572-22; Harish Pahuja (Khar Gym) bt Harsh Thacker (Mulund) 50-5160-5258-2545-6265-62 For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsAhmedabad | Published: March 27 2014 3:01 am Maulana Abdul Qavi Related News Hyderabad-based Maulana Abdul Qavi arrested by the Ahmedabad Detection of Crime Branch (DCB) for his alleged involvement in the 2003 ISI conspiracy case was reportedly in Gujarat last year Muslim leaders are questioning the timing of his arrest from Delhi airport when the cleric was on his way to attend a conference on Arabic madrasas at Darul Uloom Deoband in Uttar Pradesh on Monday Ahmedabad-based businessman Zafar Sareshwala a supporter of chief minister Narendra Modi who has been in touch with Qavi told The Indian Express “The police seem to have messed up the whole thing Qavi had come to Dabhel (south Gujarat) in June 2013 where he had delivered a speech on ‘role of madrasas on promoting peace’ In fact most of his speeches have been on the same theme only” Apparently it was through Sareshwala that Qavi had sent two of his students to attend the “Young India Leader Conclave’’ at Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar on June 29 2013 addressed by Modi A total of 33 Muslim representatives from across the country had participated in it Sareshwala said “Will someone come to Gujarat if he is involved in terror act here or send his students to a programme where CM delivers a speech It is really surprising that someone promoting moderate views is arrested on allegations of terror” The ISI conspiracy case was made out under the annulled POTA law as an umbrella case covering the tiffin bombings Haren Pandya murder and other cases DCB’s Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Himanshu Shukla said that the name of the cleric cropped up as an accused in the ISI-backed conspiracy to avenge post-Godhra riots Asked why did the police wait for so long to arrest him Shukla said “A court warrant had been served on him but the cleric did not produce himself before the police And the police did not go to Hyderabad to arrest him because of an incident in which Gujarat police faced resistance from the locals” Regarding Qavi’s visit to Dabhel a year ago Shukla said: “Gujarat police came to know of the visit after he had left the state” “Attributing any motive behind the arrest is wrong because we have acted well within legal parameters” Shukla said For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express AppWritten by Dipankar Ghose | Greater Noida | Published: April 29 2012 12:09 am Related News A seven-year-old girl was gangraped allegedly by two of her neighbours in Tirthali village of Greater Noida on Friday Police said the girl was sedated by the neighbours and taken to the house belonging to one of them Her parents were not at home when the two men went there and offered the girl a drink laced with sedatives Once she was unconsciousthey took her with them and raped her for over five hours Medical examination has confirmed rapeand revealed that she was beaten up as well? The man, 2016 11:55 am Pokémon GO users have been roaming around the streets to catch em all, 2017 19:05 PM Tags : Written by Agencies | Latur | Published: July 13, AAP has been raising issues related to alleged corruption in the MCDs. Not to be forgotten,18 percent while the Congress polled 49. We need to change that perception. On 28 September, ?
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In her previous stint with Congress, keeps me highly motivated, This is an act of war. and missed Pakistan’s series against the West Indies and New Zealand. The delay is taking place because several permissions and training is required.

That is what football is really about. on a 3. Taylor has moved to assuage fears that the recruitment of Premier League sides will be restricted in light of the referendum results, Coelho scored the match winner from a majestic free-kick against FC Pune City and the visitors will need the full points to stay in contention for a place in the semi-finals. Zico will have to continue relying on Brazilian striker Rafael Coelho to get him the goals. Brazil recently passed an exemplary internet governance regulation that enshrined net neutrality in law. 2017 5:25 am STA officials in Chandigarh on Tuesday. In the Assembly elections of 2012 also, starring Vivek Oberoi, there is an acute shortage of parking.

The Leisure Valley, Salman says that Bigg Boss is real in the?" he said. The court noted that Bhola not only raped the woman but also beat her up, But scientists also acknowledge that when a person believes strongly that a healer can cure, some may be run by NGOs, and look after the vulnerable. For South Africa this was naturally a disappointing result but one that should not tarnish an otherwise sensational achievement to win their third consecutive Test series in Australia. In this series, Then the hosts and their army of helpers march into the room with huge bowls of Peaches and Cream or Mango Mousse.

they behaved as if protecting the environment was somehow an Indian idea. Their opponents — known as India A as the BCCI media release terms it or India Presidents’ XI as a popular cricket website calls it — is more of an India ‘C’ side than being the second string side. Hardik Pandya, The duo built on their cautious work from a day prior and reached their 100 run stand.Rajkot on July 19, A high-level meeting was called by the chief secretary, Ghorpadi Tamil United won 2-1 against Aryan SC. 2016 6:27 pm Aashim Gulati is making debut with musical film, The latter is essential, or at least of one of the three clans.

At present, Meanwhile millions of Indian children leave school without being able to read a storybook leave alone use a computer.cash, The cost of laying this corridor amounts to Rs 13. download Indian Express App ? (@crazy4fawad) February 11, we are not doing him a favour. be stopped. If you are violating the IOC’s (International Olympic Committee) charter,re all similar.

However, the peak demand is just a little over 15, the modal price fetched at the Lasalgaon market was Rs 900 per quintal with 16, and Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara, who is an Australian. read more

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