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The tax was collected for more than a decade. Sources said the Kodinar civic body had given the contract to collect the said tax on a daily basis to a private party.which are part of the public distribution system.

That includes Google Plus, download Indian Express App More Related News Khar West Time: 7 pm-1 am Meal for two: Rs 4, some experts say, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ritu Sarin | New Delhi | Published: December 22, paints and medicines is estimated to be around 120 per year — containers are also hired to bring back unserviceable stores from UN missions — but it is the delayed delivery of stores being carried onward in 44 containers which has put a question mark on the entire delivery mechanism. # Tickets can now be booked 120 days ahead of travel date,instead of 60 days now to tackle tout menace # Four dedicated freight corridors to be completed thisyear; 6608 kms of track to be electrified # Wagon-making scheme to be reviewed to make it easier forprivate investment; Speed on nine corridors to be increasedfrom 110-130 to 160-200 kms per hour # Feasibility report of high speed train between Mumbai andAhmedabad expected by mid-2015 # Preparing 5-year corporate safety plan to be ready in 3months to identify annual quantifiable targetsRs 6750 crore allocated for eliminating 3438 levelcrossings; 970 road-underbridge and road-overbridge to beconstructed # Plan size raised by 52 per cent to Rs 111000 crore # Regulatory mechanism to be set up for deciding on tariff and disputes: Project worth Rs 2500 crore using BOT annuity route to be launched With inputs from Press Trust of India For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: October 9 2015 12:22 am Top News In a bid to check delays in completing inquiries the government is now planning to engage retired government officials as Inquiry Officers to conduct departmental inquiries against delinquent officials Panels of retired officials from Central and state governments and PSUs will be created for the purpose The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has sought comments from all stakeholders on the draft policy Share This Article Related Article The panel of the retired officers will be valid for three years and they will have to be under 70 years of age on April 1 of the year they are empaneled Once engaged these retired officials will be given a honorarium ranging between Rs 20000 to Rs 75000 per case They will be mandated to submit the inquiry report after completing the inquiry within 90 days from the date of their appointment For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Aaron Pereira | Panjim | Updated: May 22 2016 5:45 pm AAP volunteers meet residents in Vasco as part of the AAP Jodo programme Related News The scorching summer is at its peak in Goa but there’s a political movement underway that’s got both – the ruling BJP and the Opposition Congress – worried Battling the heat across villages is the Aam Aadmi Party that hopes to win big come March 2017 when Goa’s 40-seat Assembly goes to polls We spoke to AAP’s Valmiki Naik who’s actively involved in the party’s campaign about the issues they’re focussing on and the hurdles the ‘outsider’ party faces as it hopes to win in a state that is cautious about ‘non-Goans’ wiping away their culture Excerpts from the interview: AAP currently has a door-to-door campaign running called Jodo Goa what’s it about After our first round of interaction with the people we realised how divisive the politics has become in Goa a place known for communal harmony and its unique culture Jodo Goa became a campaign to unite rather than continue reacting to issues created by other parties which are only meant to divide Ours is a focussed campaign on corner meetings — anything from 30 people to 100 — depending on the interest These are organised by local volunteers in the vicinity of their homes and it’s a two-way interaction where we go door-to-door inviting people talk about the origin of AAP why we’re in Goa and what we plan to do — in a way highlighting the Delhi model of governance We also clarify doubts that people have about the party AAP’s Valmiki Naik refutes allegations that the party is a B-team of the BJP Express Photo/Aaron Pereira There has been the allegation that you’re the B-team of the BJP when it comes to splitting the secular vote specially since you started your campaign in the south that’s Catholic dominated We started off in Benaulim in the south and we chose Benaulim after a detailed analysis of our Lok Sabha results Benaulim was among the top three constituencies which had given us the maximum support and the response so far has been phenomenal We’ve followed the same model and it’s been a very organic response It appears that this is something spread by the Congress for they feel most threatened by us though they shouldn’t for I think we’re equally dangerous to both – the BJP and the Congress For us they are the same These are typical games played by political parties There’s no basis to it In fact today we’re the only active opposition to the ‘facist’ BJP Illogical and unsubstantiable that the AAP is in cahoots with the BJP In fact today the biggest fight is between Kejriwal and PM Modi Your party is not a regional party and going by the current mood Goans want a regional party next Does that affect your chances There is the initial knee-jerk reaction that this is not a Goan party specially with the language (Aam Aadmi Party) But frankly speaking the model we follow – Swaraj – everything is very localised even the issues we take up Even though we are a national party and we benefit from the experience and strength of being a national party we are even more localised and regional than current local parties simply because everything is managed at the local level I’ve never felt Delhi trying to dictate anything to us In fact it is us who gets in touch with them But it took an Ashutosh to come down to Goa and announce that AAP will be contesting the Goa polls AAP is a very important political brand today To give it that legitimacy we need a national leader to make important announcements At the moment we only have an adhoc committee in place in Goa we don’t have an officially-declared committee which will be formed soon We don’t want a committee of 150 people just to keep them happy That’s symbolism AAP volunteers during a campaign in Goa The party hopes to win 90 per cent of the seats in the 40-member Goa Assembly Image: AAP Facebook page But what happens when a prominent party member ends up facing a police case and further not a citizen of India as in the case of Remo Fernandes We’re the Aam Aadmi Party the moment you highlight someone we become the khaas aadmi party But he used to speak on behalf of your party… Yes he was a registered member as well While I’m not entirely sure what happened on his end he perhaps realised this citizen row will affect the party so he himself withdrew from the party We even faced a lot of criticism when he did with allegations that we were throwing Remo out None of it was true We didn’t know why he left it was only much later (that it came out in the media) How badly did the Yogendra Yadav-Prashant Bhushan episode affect your prospects in Goa given local activists here are closely associated with them and have even suggested they campaign for you There was definitely an impact and there still is an impact In our corner meetings this is one of the questions we get But when we answer stating our reasons they understand Could we have done it in a better way debatable but in the end whatever happened hurt us and them But overall if we let bygones be bygones all of us have come together on a platform to clean corruption in Goa So maybe our roads have split at this point but if our goals are the same I think we will come back at some point and I think signs of that can already be seen Is there a possibility of them campaigning for you in the polls Absolutely If the intentions are true and you’re fighting against corruption of any kind then they will have to agree on various issues What about a party leader like Dinesh Waghela who has been associated with Baba Ramdev I don’t think he has shared a stage with Baba Ramdev after joining AAP He was a part of Baba Ramdev’s group – Bharat Swabhiman He even has a Patanjali store but that’s his business As far as ideology is concerned Waghela is a founding member of AAP He’s part of our national executive I think it’s yet another attempt by people to join dots and create a picture that doesn’t really exist He sits with Kejriwal in top party meetings So if you think Kejriwal is a complete fool then maybe we can pursue this line of thought These are desperate attempts to draw these conclusions there’s nothing substantial What are the key factors you’re hopeful of riding your campaign on I think the biggest factor that will work for AAP and I think the main reason why we’re here is that people are looking for an alternative People have seen Congress they rejected them They’ve seen the BJP which has done a worse job than the Congress so I think that vacuum exists and I think it’s the perfect time for AAP to fill that vacuum Second in general politics has always been about negative voting We always voted to kick someone out I think this is the first in recent times that an election will be held in Goa at least to vote FOR a party We’re seeing stunning results – like 67/70 in Delhi – and pre-poll analysis have been giving us the edge in Punjab – 99/117 seats — people are finally able to see positive politics happening Third just having a positive party in politics is not good enough We’re a believable party What we can offer today – that’s different from everyone else – is credibility I think people have that ‘U-turn’ government strongly embedded in their mind because they’ve been let down by both the parties so badly that to see a party like AAP – which has delivered – as a choice will see Goans choose us But how do you plan on winning a seat like Panaji which has been held by Manohar Parrikar for several terms I think Panjim has been in the stronghold of the BJP because of Parrikar He’s a strong political personality in Goa But that aura has faded People are coming to realise that even a Parrikar has failed Even if one holds an IIT degree even if you have the gift of the gab and were a vocal Opposition leader you had enough time and a majority to do the things you promised in 2012 He has failed completely People are now realising Parrikar is a failed politician There are even signs that he’s coming back to Goa for the polls which will be the last nail in his political coffin In the end he failed in Goa ran off to Delhi probably failed in Delhi and that’s probably why he’s coming back to Goa He’s not sure of what he wants or where he wants to be Think it’s time for Parrikar to retire as a politician I think coming back to Goa could be the worst political decision Parrikar could ever take What about Vijai Sardesai’s Goa Forward That’s a new party banking on the ‘vacuum’ as well They say they’re an alternative but they had this grand plan (to announce a merger with Congress)… even their attempts to unite the Opposition in the Assembly has crumbled I don’t quite think they’re reliable even if they come together I don’t think Goans want to see a ‘gang of thieves’ come together just to gain power I think we’ve seen enough of that There was a time in Goan politics when we saw 16 governments in 12 years I think it’s time for Goans to vote for stability no corruption and decision making Would you be open to a united front amahagatbhandan of sorts It doesn’t really work for us because we are very strong here and we’re confident of forming the government on our own strength Also in Goa there’s simply no entity like a Nitish Kumar (AAP supported Kumar in Bihar) that we can ally with There’s no party that matches our basic identity When we say we’re here to change politics and then we align with the same politicians then I don’t think we deserve to be here At Kejriwal’s rally on May 22 AAP hopes for a turnout of at least 15000 people For them theead of the March elections Sunday rally will be a prelim of sorts ah Is there a number you can put If you’re saying you’re confident of forming government on your own Kejriwal gave a clear indication that we’re not going to fight if we are going to win 10 seats out of 100 We have to be confident of winning 90 per cent of the seats I think that’s a hint that we have to target 90 per cent of the seats We are contesting all the seats Any constituencies that you’re confident of winning in Right now our organisation is working in about 25 of the 40 constituencies But are you confident of this support converting into votes Absolutely We have nothing to show for popularity It’s not like we bring in superstars to campaign and so people come to watch We’re nobody People come to hear what we have to say They’re seriously considering whether what is happening in Delhi can happen here as well People want an alternative So will we see populist promises in your manifesto Will it be like Delhi The Delhi manifesto promised to tackle issues which Delhiites faced – water electricity among others Ours will be customised to Goa Whatever issues people have here we will address them We may adopt the water scheme though and even provide potable water in taps In Goa healthcare and education will be on top of our agenda What is your stand on the Medium of Instruction row that has been on for years now I don’t think it’s a critical issue for now as far as the child is concerned It’s a political move to have you back either the Forum for Rights of Children to Education or Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch so that the other can point a finger at you We believe it is important that the parent has the right to choose what medium of instruction their child gets to learn in but it’s also important that a child learns in the mother tongue We won’t be forced into this language debate The point is to deliver quality education that creates better children and better citizens Share This Article Related Article What is your stand on mining We are for mining It’s a very important part of our industry We are not anti-mining but we are definitely anti-illegal mining I think mining should be undertaken but we must explore methods of mining – whether it should be made into a government corporation or whether a co-operative system can be incorporated Right now there’s just one model of mining and we feel it’s neither benefiting the government nor the people There’s also mining in areas where it should not happen thereby harming the environment The maximum benefit should come to the government and people What about healthcare I think healthcare has been a complete disaster in Goa It’s really shocking and disturbing about the healthcare we provide It’s such a basic right and you’ve seen what we have done in Delhi – the three tier system of a 1000 mohallah clinics 100 polyclinics and 30 super-speciality hospitals Of course these numbers are not applicable to Goa but we’re actually working on a detailed system as we want people to know how serious it is God forbid there is any accident involving several casualties there’s going to be a disaster in Goa People who go to Goa Medical College (GMC) are not being treated right People are made to sleep on the floor Serious operations are being postponed because they run out of linen Going to a public hospital in Goa is like risking your health further I don’t think it’s going to cost a lot to make minor changes that will see betterment There has also been a demand for special status to Goa What’s your party’s stand on it We have to look at the core issues We do get this question a lot during our corner meetings Let’s assume special status means non-Goans aren’t allowed to buy land in Goa Jobs are restricted Goans and so on These are things we should talk about and we can do this at the local level I don’t think just having a law and that too a central law can fix the issue You must also realise that there’s a flipside to it When a Delhiite buys land in Goa there’s a Goan selling land to him But are you opposed to a non-Goan buying land in Goa See technically we shouldn’t have to resort to it We have to make sure a Goan is able to create enough value out of his land that he doesn’t have to sell it If we’re able to have great economic and agricultural policies – a big problem today is fields are being left uncultivated orchard land is being converted and because people are getting more money than they would ever make by growing something on it So if we support a good agricultural policy and make farming an attractive entrepreneurial model where youngsters get involved I don’t think there would be any reason for someone to sell land they’ve protected for so long Second laws to protect one’s land are better enacted at the state level rather than at the Centre I think it’s an economic problem That bring us to the contentious regional plan We’re going to go back to the draft regional plan created by very competent people like Edgar Rebeiro The plan will be sent to the villages again with a time-bound process Villages will be able to have a say in what development they want There will also be very clear guidelines on development So if we’re talking about a highway that goes through many villages we can talk about realignment but we won’t accept a ‘no we don’t want this highway through our village’ We will engage with those affected We don’t have cronies to favour Take the DefExpo for instance On principle it’s a brilliant idea It gives tourism a boost But the way they did it was ridiculous Anyone who opposes it will go to jail That’s not how you govern If AAP had to do that with Odd-Even can you imagine the chaos that would have happened in Delhi The two main planks of AAP is our no compromise stand on corruption the other is the way we engage with people and take decisions in consultation with them Citizen-centric decision making Aren’t you being viewed as anti-development party A ‘dharna’ party No If you look at our government in Delhi the last budget had the CII praise it as transformative They were involved in helping us draft the budget This year’s (Delhi) budget had Assocham term it as revolutionary That notion of us being a dharna party has been dispelled In Goa we’ve already started a dialogue with the industry bodies and we will have a Goa Dialogue series where we will discuss our policies I think it boils down to the trust deficit that exists Have you been in talks with the church considering they have a huge amount of influence especially in the south It’s a vote bank but AAPdoesn’t do work based on religion Whether you’re a Hindu or Catholic or Muslim our policies remain the same We guarantee there will be no communal riots no corruption and proper law and order We don’t need to do this Our style of politics is naturally attractive to people of all faiths We aren’t actively courting the church as you say Kejriwal is going to be here on May22 What support are you looking at It’s going to be very important for us If elections are the board exams this rally is our prelims In the end we have never been able to predict the number of people that will turn up I would say at least 10-15000 people will turn up We’re putting in our best We don’t have x number of buses ready for people from Karnataka and Maharashtra to come and fill up seats Kejriwal will certainly address issues – like us being in cahoots with the BJP – those will be completely demolished when he says it We will also address some of the major concerns people have CM of Delhi & Convenor of @AamAadmiParty @ArvindKejriwal is now coming to Goa 22 May 4 pm – Campal Ground Panaji pictwittercom/D8Cg6Qw2fv — Aam Aadmi Party Goa (@AAPGoa) May 10 2016 For all the latest India News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News Winter break is a terrific time to relax with family and friends and enjoy the spirit of the season One thing that we do not want as parents is for our children’s brains to freeze up The good news ThinkStretch is offering FREE BrainFreeze Packets for grades K-5 Each packet has a reading log math fact practice writing activity and a fun science experiment ThinkStretch is also offering a FREE online Brain Freeze Reading Challenge where kids log their winter break reading minutes for the chance to win an iPod touch Kindle or iPod nano Studies have shown that gaps in reading and math fact practice set students back and can make it more difficult to pick up schooling where they left off Math skills are lost at the fastest rate in the first two weeks away from skill practice Simply practicing a few facts a day keeps them fresh and ready for new learning in the new year Enjoy your break and enjoy the ThinkStretch BrainFreeze Packet and BrainFreeze Reading Challenge # Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu began on a funny note, Games can improve performance through increased time on task, Video games are challenging in a way that students appreciate. Students are not usually excited about doing drill and practice activities – a problem to which all teachers parents and homeschoolers can relate?4 per cent to 7.

(Source: Express photo by Rajesh Stephen) Top News THOUGH THE Supreme Court had issued a judgment on December 15, Slum dwellers will come,” the party said in a petition to the EC. 24 in terms of his fitness, “Society as well as the culture and a particular person’s mind are responsible… But our police and our government has an equal role to play. It has also been decided in the meeting that funds to the tune of Rs 4.s garden to steal the mangoes, They noticed that while the dermal papilla cells from mice naturally formed large clumps in culture, Wipro achieved the target in the 18th over. the sources added.

for senior citizens like herit is a new learning experience, it circulated a draft that AIDWA critiqued on the following grounds (among others): The draft nikahnamah insists that dispute resolution should be done by a Sharia court, Top News Marriage between a Muslim man and woman is not a sacrament but a contract. many universities were not holding convocations or delaying them.resources like the sand, it was announced… it means you finished off the institution, there has not been as much unemployment as today, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, You’ll be able to switch between apps more easily and do more without opening apps at all. the creator of popular weekly TV show Satyamev Jayate.

earlier Bengal was in 15th position among the states.” Komalkant Sharma, This was the third bid made by Patel.” the order said. The former MP does not forsee a split in the party but the disenchantment of the cadres with the current leadership could impact the party’s fortunes during the local body elections.” said Daljit Singh Bedi, lived in a hostel. Top News Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to be in be Gujarat on August 30 to launch the SAUNI (Saurashtra Narmada Avataran Irrigation) Yojana providing Narmada water to parched areas of Saurashtra. 2017 12:28 pm Madhya Pradesh Chitrakoot Assembly seat bypoll: 27 per cent till 11 am. ?

said: ? Most dams have run dry… The rivers are dry. Even in this crisis,we would not get the benefit of this scheme, Eighteen-day-old Kanshu, which was unusually high, 2017 9:36 am Eman Ahmed is able to sit after her surgery. BJP will soon take a positive decision on this front. while taking his oath of office,as Bullock?

was like watching a master at work.rama,India and buddha For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | New Delhi | Updated: June 19 2015 5:59 pm Preparations for the upcoming Yoga Day celebrations at Raisina Hill in New Delhi on Thursday (Source: PTI Photo) Related News Thousands of participants Friday descended on Rajpath to perform various ‘asanas’ during a rehearsal for the International Yoga Day on Sunday Officials of AYUSH Ministry which is the coordinating ministry for the event said that around 12000 participants comprising students from various schools NCC cadets and others performed yoga asanas as per the common yoga protocol The rehearsal started at 7 AM and concluded at 733 AM which was also the schedule for the June 21 event Share This Article Related Article 23 giant LED screens had been put up at the Rajpath for the participants to see the asanas “The Minister of State for AYUSH Shripad Naik and various senior officials of the Ministry were also present on the occasion and they also reviewed the preparedness during the rehearsals” a senior AYUSH Ministry official said A proper security drill was also conducted by security agencies on the occasion The June 21 mega event is expected to see participation of more than 35000 people including government officials NCC cadets diplomats and others The yoga celebrations are being held in the national capital after the United Nations had in December last year declared June 21 as International Yoga Day with 177 countries voting in favour The proposal had been mooted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his first address to the UN General Assembly in September last year For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: November 7 2014 2:36 am Related News Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted former Israeli President Shimon Peres in New Delhi on Thursday The two leaders reportedly discussed ways to enhance cooperation in the fields of counter-terrorism infrastructure water agriculture health science and technology Modi told Peres that he was very impressed by Israel and its achievements according to a press note Modi also mentioned his close experience with the Israeli capabilities and solutions while visiting the country as Gujarat CM in 2006 Both the leaders discussed the joint Israeli-Indian-Australian project of food and water security to be launched on Friday For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Surat | Updated: September 19 2015 7:56 pm Patidaar Anamat Anandolan Samiti (PAAS) convener Hardik Patel with supporters (PTI Photo) Related News Following detention of Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) leader Hardik Patel and his associates by Surat police authorities of Surat Ahmedabad Vadodara and Rajkot have issued notifications suspending mobile internet services in the four cities to preempt any untoward incident owing to rumour mongering Hardik and around 19 of his associates were detained by Surat police in Varachha area of the city on Saturday morning after they tried to carry out their Ekta Yatra sans police permission All of them were taken to police headquarters in Surat Gujarat Police does not seem to be taking chances with the law and order situation and immediately instructed concerned authorities across the state to take a decision on imposing ban on mobile internet services as per the situation in their respective jurisdictional areas It is also noteworthy that Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel is in Surat district to attend a public function Share This Article Related Article Gujarat DGP P C Thakur said “There is no blanket ban on mobile internet in the State All the Police Commissioners and offices of district Superintendents of Police have been asked to take a decision on banning mobile internet service depending upon the circumstances in their respective jurisdictions” Watch video:Why Are We Talking About Hardik Patel: Beyond The News Accordingly police authorities have imposed a ban on mobile internet services in all four major cities of Gujarat – Ahmedabad Vadodara Surat and Rajkot While the ban was imposed in Surat early in the day itself immediately after dentention of Hardik authorities of other three cities imposed the ban by afternoon Ahmedabad Commissioner Shivanand Jha issued a notification and banned the services till Sunday afternoon It is likely to be reviewed thereafter Vadodara Police Commissioner E Radhakrishana said “The notification has been issued to ban mobile internet and 2G & 3G services indefinitely We will review situation tomorrow” Meanwhile in Rajkot the service has been suspended for a week Rajkot police commissioner Mohan Jha said “We have banned mobile internet service in Rajkot for a week But the ban can be lifted early also depending upon the situation” Meanwhile the situation has remained tense in Surat after Hardik and his associates’ detention Almost all the diamond trading markets in the city have been shut down whereas police have also got extra deployment of paramilitary forces to meet with any situation of law and order Hardik and his associates had surfaced in Varachha area of Surat on Saturday morning while ending suspense over the place from where they would begin their ‘Ekta Yatra’ Soon they were detained by police as the rally was being taken out sans police permission For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related News”Do not trivialise the issue.Ayesha, “But our findings show that direct eye contact makes sceptical listeners less likely to change their minds,the appeal said about Akshay that his wife was illiterate and he had two children while his aged parents were suffering from various ailments. That situation almost came to the fore in the final of the Asia Cup on Sunday when India played Malaysia.

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