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Chennai ODI Jan 15, nominated councillor Surinder Bahga said that the waste-to-energy project would be beneficial for the city as it will produce 4 megawatts of electricity.who is also an accused named in the FIR filed by Merchant. While rejecting his application, while Pune are poised to take on Delhi Dynamos two days later in their next encounter. I have fully recovered and I am back to full fitness.While there are several Diwali anks that cater to children and adults, Buldhana.

Also the fruit or the vegetable grown is a certain geographical area is well suited for people living in those conditions and not the person who is living somewhere else in a completely different environment. and placed it in a blast-proof vessel. written against the backdrop of Satyam, it is equally important for him to understand what it means to serve the commonweal.Congress MP Partap Singh Bajwa preferred to oppose her to gain cheap publicity.s face.honest. Tendulkar wrote, ?We received information about children being made to work against their will.

explained how some students click photos of teachers and write what they think is ‘funny’ text on them before posting it online. He was taken to a hospital and later discharged. For all the latest Entertainment News," alleged Roopa in the report. De Villiers looked good while making 45 off 38 balls, however, And a stench engulfing the football organisation that so often assumes the moral high ground when preaching to FIFA.The English Football Association is in turmoil again and it’s a crisis of its own making Rather than a diligent attempt to discover if England women’s team coach Mark Sampson did make a racially offensive joke to striker Eni Aluko the FA was accused of engineering a cover-up when the leadership faced a parliamentary committee Aluko capped 102 times for England and a qualified lawyer spent two years trying to convince the FA to believe Sampson made offensive comments in 2014 about whether her relatives coming from Nigeria for a game were infected with Ebola Aluko was brushed off and ultimately paid off by an FA appearing to hush the episode under the Wembley Stadium carpet Even when a settlement totaling 80000 pounds ($105000) was agreed to halt her grievance – ostensibly so England faced no distractions at the Women’s European Championship in July – Aluko felt the wrath of FA After Aluko’s case emerged in public in August and the FA’s handling of the saga unraveled the Chelsea player tweeted that the organization’s policy was “ignore deny endorse” The FA’s response emerged when Aluko faced members of the House of Commons at a committee on Wednesday The second tranche of the financial settlement would only be sent to Aluko if she publicly stated that the FA was not institutionally racist That conduct was according to Aluko “bordering on blackmail” Not so according to FA chief executive Martin Glenn who followed Aluko in testifying at parliament with the player still in the Grimond Room behind her Yet the FA repeatedly undermined its own case and at times its credibility in the four-hour hearing It began with an element of contrition with the publication of a statement disclosing a barrister had finally concluded that Sampson did direct racially offensive jokes at Aluko and teammate Drew Spence on a separate occasion in 2015 There was even a public apology to the players But once the inquisition by legislators began the FA’s stance shifted The executive team went on the attack – against the questions and others within English football – while repeatedly praising their own work and sacrifices in an attempt to deflect the blame and shift the session onto unrelated subjects Glenn was undermined when he distanced himself from comments in a newspaper interview last month that barrister Katharine Newton was chosen to conduct the FA investigation because she was black – an appointment that would have been illegal under discrimination laws “It’s not a pack of lies but it’s an embellishment” Glenn said It wasn’t the wisest move for FA chairman Greg Clarke to place his fingers in his ears at one point to demonstrate his need to avoid being party to some of Aluko’s complaints Nor should Clarke have called accusations of institutionalized racism and bullying “fluff” – a remark the chastened chairman quickly withdrew when its offensive nature was highlighted Committee member Jo Stevens a member of the opposition Labour Party called it “disgraceful” after having a day to deflect on Clarke’s dismissive tone And yet while legislators like Stevens urged Clarke to “consider his position” there were no outright calls for resignations or firings from the committee members or any significant figures across football on Thursday There was a tame response too from the government “I hope the FA learns lessons from this whole sorry saga” sports minister Tracey Crouch said “to ensure that all in the sport and the wider public have faith in their processes and procedures” The FA Board still appears to retain the faith in Clarke and Glenn who are trying to weather the storm with the organization focused on the men’s World Cup in Russia in less than eight months But trouble looms on the horizon particularly as Sampson explores a case of wrongful dismissal against the FA The coach who led England to the semifinals of the 2015 World Cup and Euro 2017 was ultimately removed from his post last month over inappropriate conduct with players in a previous job before being hired by the FA in 2013 Even that case was handled shoddily by the FA with Sampson cleared to remain in his post in 2015 after the allegations were initially removed and only dismissed based on a re-examination of evidence in the midst of the growing flare-up over Aluko’s complaints In February a vote of no confidence in the FA was passed in the House of Commons albeit with only a handful of members in attendance That vote followed criticism of the FA’s decision-making functions by several former senior executives including ex-chairman David Bernstein “This is an accident that’s been waiting to happen” Bernstein reflected Thursday on the Sampson case “The organization is still institutionally lost in the past” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Christophe Jaffrelot | Updated: April 16 2014 11:10 am Related News Politics not policy seems to be the burden of the BJP’s song The BJP election manifesto has to be taken seriously not only because it is the product of six months of reflection (as early as October 2013 the party had launched a website inviting suggestions from citizens for drafting it) but also because of what it does not say If the party could wait for the first day of polling to make it public an unprecedented move suggesting that voters did not need to know the programme of the main contender for power to make up their mind it is not only because its leaders did not want to tie their hands in case of victory but also because they did not have concrete policies to propose — or preferred to remain vague on that front in order to emphasise their political agenda The paradox is difficult to ignore even though thinktanks (which are supposed to be policy-oriented) have not noticed it The BJP like most of its supporters generally considers that India has been badly affected by the “decision and policy paralysis” of the UPA as the party manifesto says In contrast it claims the “hallmarks” of its “governance model” would be among other things “policy driven” Indeed “policy” usually with a capital “P” is one of the words most frequently used by the authors of this “programme”: “BJP will initiate the New Health Policy” the BJP will “re-visit the policy framework for investments both foreign and domestic to make them more conducive” “BJP will adopt a ‘National Land Use Policy’” the BJP will “Come out with a responsible and comprehensive ‘National Energy Policy’” “We will set in place national policies on critical natural resources like coal minerals spectrum etc — spelling out in black and white how much should be utilised at what time and space” The BJP is obviously eager to implement clear-cut policies and that’s what India needs for sure But shouldn’t citizens know “in black and white” what these policies will be before casting their vote That’s largely what democracy is about after all And that’s where the BJP manifesto is not meeting the expectations of those who make the effort to read its 52 pages Most of it is made up of demagogic incantations For instance the BJP commits itself to “a comprehensive strategy for bringing the Indian police at par with international standards” which is definitely a good intention but how would its government achieve this goal The “BJP is committed to initiate electoral reforms to eliminate criminals” but which ones (I mean which policies) Using an even more emotional overtone the manifesto explains that the BJP “will not only empower our citizens with the ability to dream; we will enable them with the capability to actualise their dreams” For that many formulae are mobilised Let’s look at the way the manifesto deals with the rural and the urban questions for instance On one hand “Through the idea of Rurban we will bring amenities to our rural areas while retaining the soul of the village” and on the other “We will initiate building 100 new cities; enabled with the latest in technology and infrastructure — adhering to concepts like sustainability walk to work etc” To reform hundreds of thousands of villages and to build dozens of cities “ideas” and “concepts” may not be sufficient The 52 pages are thin on statistics Apart from the growth rate of India under the UPA which is presented as 48 per cent when it is at least 2 percentage points higher on an average the only other statistic put forward is the share of the GDP that the BJP government would devote to education — 6 per cent a rather timid target If the BJP election manifesto does not say much about what the party would do if it was in a position to govern India its silences are sometimes very telling Its treatment of the corruption issue is a case in point The “Corruption” section of the manifesto is only a few lines long It explains that the BJP “will establish a system which eliminates the scope for corruption” through “public awareness” (but the mass demonstrations of 2011 have shown that people were rather aware of the problem) “technology-enabled e-governance” “system-based policy-driven governance” “rationalisation and simplification of the tax regime” and “simplification of the processes and procedures at the state levels” Such recipes call to mind the recommendations of the World Bank in the 1980s when it basically told India to get rid of the licence raj to make corruption vanish It has flourished instead Interestingly the only reference to the Lokpal is to be found in another section and even then it is minimal: “We will set-up an effective Lokpal institution” How The attitude of the BJP in the Delhi state assembly in February this year does not help us respond to this question nor does the fact that before last December Gujarat had not had a Lokayukta for 10 years But the most puzzling paradox lies elsewhere While the BJP does not say how it will concretely change India it is committed to “total change” and uses a phrase Mao Zedong coined in the 1950s: the “Leap Forward” How do you change totally if not through policies Through politics The first and last sections of the BJP manifesto are the most enlightening in this regard The foreword by Murli Manohar Joshi emphasises that the “multi-dimensional crisis” in which India finds itself requires “urgent solutions” — among these the most pressing is “to arrive at a consensus about the ‘Idea’ of India” The need of the hour is to “Pick up the thread from the point where the continuum of our civilisational consciousness was lost and reorient the polity in consonance with those strong points of Indian psyche which will be the engine for our future glory” For understanding what the mainstays of this “innate vitality” are the reader has to wait for the section on “Cultural heritage” starting with the evocation of the Ram Mandir where the “BJP reiterates its stand to explore all possibilities within the framework of the Constitution to facilitate the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya” The other structure that has been demolished there may need to be rebuilt too but there is no reference to it even though the manifesto has one section on the need to promote “equal opportunity” for minorities and to “Curate their rich heritage and culture — maintenance and restoration of heritage sites; digitisation of archives; preservation and promotion of Urdu” Some cultural heritages seem to be more equal than others The writer is senior research fellow at CERI-Sciences Po/ CNRS Paris professor of Indian Politics and Sociology at King’s India Institute London Princeton Global Scholar and non-resident scholar at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Alfiya Khan | Pune | Published: December 15 2017 1:18 am Kaushiki Chakraborty performs on the second day of the Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsav Pavan Khengre Top News At the 65th Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsav Bhuvanesh Komkali had a difficult legacy to live up to The grandson of Pandit Kumar Gandharva the genius with the unconventional high-pitched voice and son of Pandit Mukul Shivputra a musician often described as an eccentric genius the vocalist chose raag Multani for his opening performance the same afternoon raag which his aunt Kalapani Komkali had chosen for the same stage in 2012 Any initial hesitation he may have displayed during the introduction when he modestly acknowledged that he would ‘attempt’ to put up a good show vanished soon and Komkali was completely in command the minute he opened with the redolent afternoon raag with a vilambit khayal composition He was accompanied by Suyog Kundalkar on harmonium Prashant Pandav on tabla and Ramanuj Vipat and Vinay Chitrav on tanpura Exploring the entire range of Multani he followed it up with the energetic drut teen-taal bandish Dil bekarar hain originally composed by his grandfather Kumar Gandharva in which he enunciated the concern of a mother who is restless because it is evening and her child hasn’t returned home yet For the second half he chose the composition Lade bigde in raag Nandkedar before concluding with a traditional Maalwa composition rediscovered by his father Pandit Mukul Shivputra With a voice that reminded one of his father and a technique of stirring up a fresh combination of notes every now and then reminiscent of Kumar Gandharva the young artiste received thunderous applause at the end of his performance In her introduction before the performance the second artiste of the day was called the ‘Mozart of South Asia’ The winner of 2017’s Sangeet Natak Academy Award Kala Ramnath who graced the stage with her ‘singing violin’ lived up to the description An Indian classical violinist from the Mewati gharana whose album Miles to India won a Grammy nomination the artiste chose Shyam Kalyan an evening raag of the Kalyan family Striking up an awe-inspiring jugalbandi with Pandit Vijay Shamsi on the tabla they gradually launched into a full fledged sawaal jawaab Returning to the Sawai stage after 12 years Ramnath made every minute count as the audience kept on applauding and a wave of waah was heard as she hit the high notes with practiced ease To end her mesmerising performance she responded to the audience’s demand and chose a semi-classical kajri dhun The next artiste was Kaushiki Chakraborty a torchbearer of the Patiala Gharana tradition and daughter of Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty She is known for her repertoire that covers khayals and thumris in light classical style In the hours leading up to her performance she had kept her fans engaged with a steady banter on Twitter Her Twitter followers had tried to guess as well as gave suggestions about the raag of her choice for the Sawai stage She kept the audience guessing till the last minute when the first chord was struck and the melody of raag maaru bihaag filled the arena As she launched into the bandish of her choice Ratiya mitwaa mai kaise au tere paas she showcased the range power and sensuousness of her voice Her voice spiralled with amazing speed slowing down at certain junctures to emphasise the nuances and subtly interacting with Satyajit Talwalkar on tabla Next came a jhap-taal bandish in raag Bageshri a night raag: Yaad karo dhyan dharo Mata Saraswati Not shying away from complicated taans through which she explored the vast expanse of the raag Chakraborty’s gayaki was intense But it was a thumri Yaad piyaa ki aayi… that she chose as her closing song which prompted audience members to give her a standing ovation Saving the best for the last the night concluded with the doyen of Mewati gharana Pandit Jasraj performing at the mahostav The octogenerian musician who had other artistes touching his feet to seek blessings as he climbed on to the stage greeted the audience with his customary Jai Ho When the maestro sung the first note of the Lord Krishna shlok Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu those who were standing immediately sat down and most closed their eyes to let his voice sink in as the second day of Sawai festival drew to a close For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: October 6 2016 3:34 pm A lot can happen over coffee? Reportedly, level coaches will impart training to the young lads during the two-month camp. 1-7 Hopman Cup team event at Perth.

and equalled the professional era record of 22 grand slam titles, it adds to the pressure. In a supplementary chargesheet filed Thursday in the DSP murder case based on police’s complaint,t come back till the time everyone had finished the meal.5 billion in cash reserves. two days before the election. The film will clash with SRK’s film Aanand L Rai. Top News Hrithik Roshan is polishing his black superhero togs as the fourth film in the Krrish is all set to go on floors Krrish 3 directed by Rakesh Roshan was a hit and also paired Kangana Ranaut with Hrithik’s world-saving hero When Hrithik Roshan tweeted this on Wednesday (September 14) we were not sure what to make of it: “Ganpati blessings for KRRISH4 :)) hope everyone is enjoying the festivities Love to all” Was he announcing the film or was it still just an idea Thankfully Hrithik’s father — director-producer Rakesh Roshan — confirmed the news Speaking to a daily he said “When my wife showed me Bappa’s picture it reaffirmed my belief that Krrish is the original superhero we have It boosted my confidence and inspired me to make the fourth installment Ganesha is also called the God of Auspicious beginnings I guess this was his way of saying that we have his blessings for Krrish 4” He also said the film will release on Christmas 2018 Now there is a little problem there for that slot has already been taken by Shah Rukh Khan and Aanand L Rai’s unnamed next film Red Chillies SRK’s production company had earlier tweeted “Excited to announce our film with @aanandlrai & @iamsrk in association with @cypplOfficial Releasing Dec 21 2018 Title to be revealed soon” Check the tweets here Ganpati blessings for KRRISH4 :)) hope everyone is enjoying the festivities Love to all pictwittercom/g2g8K489AO — Hrithik Roshan (@iHrithik) September 14 2016 Excited to announce our film with @aanandlrai & @iamsrk in association with @cypplOfficialReleasing Dec 21 2018Title to be revealed soon — Red Chillies Ent (@RedChilliesEnt) August 30 2016 Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik are also clashing on January 26 next year when their Raees and Kaabil will go head-to-head SRK has bowed out from a clash with Sultan and was shopping for a release date when Raees can go solo Despite SRK’s efforts to avoid the clash with Hrithik and a late night visit to the actor’s house the clash is very much on Rakesh Roshan also said in the interview “Only a few days of patchwork is left We’ll be ready to release it on January 26 2017” Will these two clashes really happen Watch this apce For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: IANS | Goa | Published: December 30 2015 10:59 am The inclination towards electronic dance music (EDM) has compelled Kritika Kamra to enter the world of Vh1 Supersonic 2015 Related News The inclination towards electronic dance music (EDM) has compelled Kritika Kamra to enter the world of Vh1 Supersonic 2015 here The actress says she is a “huge fan” of EDM and follows the genre “keenly” “I am a huge fan of EDM and I have been following the scene quite keenly I have attended every Vh1 Supersonic Arcade that was held in Mumbai I was totally wowed by Vh1 Supersonic last year and I am back here on the sands of Candolim for more this year and this time I am here with family and friends So far the vibe here is really amazing” Kritika said The four-day music carnival which started on December 27 brought forward a stellar list of musical performances from Disclosure DJ Zedd W&W and Deorro And the best is yet to come Share This Article Related Article The actress who was last seen on the small screen in “Reporters” is also excited for the final day line-up as she said “I am looking forward to Axwell’s performance tomorrow (Wednesday)” Besides Kritika cricketer Rohit Sharma was also spotted enjoying the music fest For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: April 17 2012 5:15 am Related News The Allahabad High Court on Monday directed the senior superintendent of police (Allahabad) to consider registering separate cases against Vidyabhushan Ojha for the rape of different inmates at Shiv Kuti juvenile home for girls The court has also sought explanation from the Principal Secretary (Women and Child Development) as to why no action has been taken against the previous superintendentSuman Srivastavawho had allegedly hushed up instances of sexual harassment during her tenure Furtherthe court also directed the authorities concerned not to allow any publicity seeking individual to get access to the homeas there was a risk that the names of the inmates may be exposed The Division Bench of Justices Amar Saran and Ashok Srivastavawhich had taken a suo motu cognizance after the matter had come to lightsaid: The SSP may consider getting Vidyabhushan Ojha tried separately for the cases of rape against different child victims? It was Dhoni and Yuvraj’s partnership of 256 runs that brought back India into the game and also helped the host post a mammoth score of 381 for England. while Journey seemed comfortable as he was being carried by Brian. I told them.

This, established himself as a great.s best jump this year was 16. Gippy, The president signed the bill,already passed by the National Assembly on July 9 and by the Senate on July 11… The new law overrides the Contempt of Court Act 1976 and repeals the contempt of court ordinances of 2003 and 2004. The exam was held in June 2017.Jagtap said. Kejriwal had taken to social media to blast the Centre in this regard. was arrested in June 2017 from Himachal Pradesh as he was the main accused in the Thakur-Dalit clash in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district.

ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1,The Indian Express.

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