Govt took several measures to promote right to have access to

Rabat – The government has taken several measures to promote the right to have access to information, said, Tuesday in Rabat, communication minister, government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi.Speaking at the house of representatives’ question time, El Khalfi said that the ministry elaborated a modern press and publishing draft law which does not provide for prison sentences, in the light of the results of the scientific committee in charge of consultations on bills on the press and publication.He added that the law has four legislative bills namely the draft bill on press and publishing, the draft bill on professional journalist, the press national council draft bill and the draft bill on press-related professions. He added that his department has also laid down legal provisions on the right of journalists to have access to information, in line with the provisions of the constitution of 2011.He recalled in this regard the national conference on the right to have access to information, held by the Ministry of Employment and administration modernization in June, with the participation of representatives of civil society, the private sector, the media and researchers.

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