5 bodies found over 5-day period in Berbice

first_imgThe bodies of five persons have been discovered in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne). The bodies were discovered over a five-day period.Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of three bodies in East Canje, Berbice. One of the five is believed to have committed suicide while the bodies of three were discovered in their homes and one in a canal.Those dead have been identified as Roxanne Newyear, 45, a school teacher of New Forest East Canje; Ivlaw Henry Snr, 53; and Shelldon Fortune 41, both of Adelphi; Mangalram Chetram, 47, of Reliance, East Canje; and Ramdai Samnarine, 73, called “Aunty Pato”, of Lot 695 Number One Road, Corentyne.On Wednesday evening, the body of Chetram was found lying motionless under his Canje, Berbice home with what appears to be a wound to his forehead.When Guyana Times visited the area, residents said the man’s son had to help him into the yard after he fell on the road. He was later found dead at 17:30h. Reports are Chetram was an epileptic and an alcoholic.Meanwhile, on Wednesday afternoon also, the body of Samnarine was discovered floating in the Albion Estate drainage canal at about 16:00h.The discovery was made by a passerby.According to information, the woman left home at about 16:00h on Tuesday to visit a doctor. It is unclear whether she made it to the doctor’s office. The mother of three went missing on Tuesday. She lived with her 77-year-old husband. The couple had been married for more than 50 years.In the other case, Henry’s body was discovered at his Lot 3 Adelphi home shortly before 08:00h on Tuesday by his son.According to the younger Henry, at about 05:30h he took his bird out and as he was passing his father’s house, he saw his father looking through the window. He said he told his “morning” and continued on his way. He added that his father, who is a pump operator, was preparing to go to work but a few hours later when he returned, he noticed his father’s bicycle still in the yard. He said this prompted him to go into the house and he found his father lying face down on the kitchen floor.Earlier this year, Henry was rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital for blood pressure related issues. The father of seven lived alone.Meanwhile, on Monday, villagers found the body Shelldon Fortune at his Lot 14 Adelphi home. He too lived alone. Reports also revealed that the welder claimed to have had a headache and his eyes were hurting on Sunday evening.He did not respond to friends when they called him on Monday morning. At about 09:00h, neighbours climbed on top of his fence and peeped into his home and saw him lying on a mattress on the floor and thought he was asleep. Five hours later he was seen in the same position. The neighbours then went into the house and found the television and a light in the building on. He was in the same position under a mosquito net.His sister, Roxanne Prince, said she received information that the father of one had passed but by the time she reached to the house, the Police had already taken the body to the mortuary.She referred to her brother as one who frequently used alcohol but was considered a very nice person.Meanwhile, on Friday evening, the body of Roxanne Newyear, a teacher of Zorg Primary who was recently transferred to Rose Hall Primary, was found hanging from her verandah.The woman had reportedly told her husband that she was going to on the verandah get some fresh air. After some time passed the husband went to check on her and found her hanging. Newyear is said to have been experiencing extreme pain recently as a result of a problem with her kidneys.Police are said to be investigating all five deaths.last_img

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