WPA and its no-membership status

first_imgDear Editor,Peeping Tom was quite accurate in his pronouncement that the WPA is a “Paper Tiger”. The facts will show that today they have almost no membership. Today, like political “con artists”, they present themselves as an idea, but this is all a ploy to sell themselves as some political force to be reckoned with, when reality would illustrate that this idea that they continually refer to died with Dr Walter Rodney. So all this hot air today from people like Dr David Hinds cannot be reconciled with grounded facts.But Dr Hinds’s utterances expose an agenda that definitely fosters ethnic supremacy. If one dissects carefully his messages, one would find they are hollow and devoid of any bold political solutions that can aid in unleashing the full potential of our people. What Dr. Hinds is prepared to do today is support these “lumpen” bourgeoisie, who are prepared to put forward names like Kads Khan or Stanley Ming as GECOM Chairman, knowing fully well that these people were both key participants of the PNC campaign from 2001 and beyond.Whatever little principle Dr Hinds has left, it appears he is prepared to consecrate it at the altar of political opportunism, all in the interest of ethnic supremacy of a few, as confirmed in his “Hinds’ Sight” Column on July 7, 2019.But what Dr. Hinds does not tell this nation is that, since June 2015, the ethnic group that he pretends to support did not advance economically under this Granger Government, now JUNTA. If one were to walk in villages like Victoria, Manchester on the Corentyne, and so many other villages, one would see with one’s own eyes evidence of the economic decay over the last four (4) years; yet, the likes of Dr Hinds want these people to bear their economic pain and march with the Granger JUNTA, all in the name of marching with your “kith and kin”.What Dr Hinds is not telling these people is those pertinent facts on how many million were lost to the treasury since January 2019 because members of this Granger JUNTA used the sweat and earnings of these very same people in Victoria and their brothers in Enmore to pay for their duty-free items.What he is not telling these people is that, while 50,000 of their families have to wait for 2 years or more for their “quarter of an acre of land”, some 20 “close men” in the Granger JUNTA have transferred some 23,000 acres of land from the State to their personal assets.While I have nothing against any Guyanese owning oil blocks, like Eric Phillips, when the process lacks transparency and has resulted in these very same people in Victoria losing millions in potential wealth, I have no choice but to reject such financial skulduggery and plunder.If you look carefully at Dr Hinds’s message, he has deviously attempted to vary the narrative away from the political dishonesty and legal evil that is being practised by this Granger JUNTA today. What Dr. Hinds offers them instead is an illusionary bag of gold that will never become a reality once this Granger JUNTA stays in power.That is why the question posed by Dr. Hinds is extremely dangerous. The question: “How the politicians plan to manage the expected collective wealth”, while it is a valid question in a stable political environment, it remains dangerous in the current political dispensation, because it attempts to play mind games with the people. There is nothing in this oil revenue for the people of Victoria if this heist on the treasury continues by this Granger JUNTA.Dr Hinds’s latest political deception is that there needs to be a credible voters’ list, and he cautions the CCJ to take care. But let me expose his subterfuge: The evidence will show that, since 1992, Guyana has had credible voters’ lists on every occasion. Since 2008, when the last House-to-House Registration was done, there has not been one attempt at voter fraud (e.g. someone voted twice, or someone fraudulently impersonating a legitimate voter). Not ONE! But yet Dr. Hinds parrots the usual line that the list is not credible, which is nothing but an untruth.Since 2008, there have been Continuous Registration and four (4) Claims and Objections processes, which all contributed to a list that is as clean as is practically possible. These updated lists have served four (4) elections excellently. Even an international not-for-profit entity (IDEA) provided a study that reveals that Guyana has one of the cleanest voters’ lists in the Caribbean. Yet Dr. Hinds has the nerve to attempt to lecture this nation on the credibility of the list.One famous philosopher once said it is the intellectuals who destroy the seeds of good and fertilise the seeds of evil that grow up to ruin mankind. Dr Hinds’s actions aptly support this prognosis.We, the people, must never trust the words of Dr David Hinds, since most of his utterances prove that he is unfit and not credible to be an independent commentator. His only game plan is to mislead, and we must not fall victim to this game, which is grounded in the supremacy of one group over another.Regards,Sasenarine Singhlast_img

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