Significant apprehension nationally and internationally

first_imgDear Editor,There is a direct relationship between the operations of a Government of any country, and its functions to influence governance approaches that are binding on citizens, partnerships with other States, as well as national and international business arrangements.The foundation of such arrangements is enshrined in the Constitution of a State, as it informs the basis under which current and future behavioral norms of any Government is premised. Unconstitutionality in this realm is therefore intolerable!The consequences for breaches of these central Constitutional pillars will not only undermine the current relationships and existing obligations of the State, but will be dire for all futuristic arrangements as it informs a defining framework of untrustworthiness and uncertainty. Such an unpredictable environment feeds illegitimacy, and fuels circumstances under which only the few in Government can benefit.Under the globally accepted democratic formula to which Guyana is constitutionally committed, things have become glaringly abnormal. There is now significant apprehension nationally and internationally, given the surreptitious delaying signals from the fallen of the APNU/AFC Government in response to the passing of the historic No-Confidence Motion in the Nationally Assembly on December 21, 2018.Today, imminent personalities and prominent Organisations both nationally and internationally, are justifiably demanding the activation of the mechanism for the holding of General and Regional Elections within ninety days as instructed by the Guyana Constitution. The immediate resignation of the Cabinet prescribed by Section 106 of the Constitution implies and infers a meaning of immediate suspension of forward functionality by the Principals of this Government Organ. The President is also committed to resign his individual portfolio on the election of a President following elections held in the prescribed period.It is implicit that during this period, Ministers, Prime Minister as well as the persons who formed the Cabinet, would have lost their portfolio. We should refer to them by their respective names only! These rude, abusive and disrespectful persons must face the citizens at the ensuing polls and be held accountable for their activities that informed the loss of confidence by the majority of citizens.Amidst the high tension and the debacle of our citizens’ exposure to the significant incompetence of this APNU/AFC cabal, it is indeed very heartening to see that Guyanese are responding to this present political situation very sensibly.Observably, our people are demonstrating the will to charter their own destiny, and not leave it in the hands of a few self-aggrandising and uncaring individuals. Citizens are going about their daily lives with cool, and waiting for the constitutionally instructive period to change this trespassing APNU/AFC Government by March 19, 2019. Guyanese must not allow our country to have an unconstitutional Government and our citizens have issued the eviction notice.Sincerely,Neil Kumarlast_img

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