Koke and the celebration against Liverpool in the Champions League: “We don’t disrespect anyone”

first_imgHow does the dressing room feel? Happy, it has been a tough week with very complicated matches. This is the path we must follow, because we always talk about it being a year with many changes, we are recognizing Atlético from many years beyond who it is. It is the Atleti that we all want to see.Is it a booster for Anfield?We play on Sunday against Espanyol and we can only talk about the next game, that question does not make sense.Was the celebration of the match against Liverpool exaggerated?We came from a bad streak and the game ended, we thanked people for the victory and it is a moment of happiness, we must not give more ball or more foot, we must not give it more laps. We do not disrespect anyone, we won and were happy, nothing more. Every match that is won is to be happy. If they had won Liverpool they would have uploaded happy photos.They find the results.The requirement of Atlético to this day is the maximum, it is normal that there is this transition time, when many people leave it happens to everyone, we have also had many injuries. We would like to see how other teams would be in our conditions.How do you feel after overcoming the injury?Very calm and very happy for the job well done. I am always with the same humility and work. We have to rest and for the match against Espanyol and we have to continue working and winning matches to play such important matches as Liverpool.Would you like Monkey Burgos to follow?If something happens with Germán he will have to explain it, I am nobody to explain the situation of each one. He is an extraordinary type and it is he who must give explanations.Can Liverpool be a turning point?When people are healthy, today is the first game with almost everyone, except Lemar, it is important. The more players we are in, the more competition of the first team there is and it is the results that make you look at things differently.How do you see João Félix? He is a young boy, he has a lot of room for improvement. Many cracks have had to adapt to Atlético, it is not easy to adapt to Atlético. It has a lot of room for improvement. If João wants to, listen to the coach and his teammates, he will be the player we all want to see. He is not having luck with injuries, but I think that in the future we will end up seeing the player we want to see.Correa: “Winning Liverpool has given us a lot of confidence …”She’s in her best moment?Yes, I’m having a good time and I’m very happy about that and I hope to continue like this until the end of the season helping the team.What is that force that moves you across the field?The coach asks me to play in one position and then in another and try to do my best to help the team.After this great week the team has another pint.It was a very important week for us. We are very happy with the results we had and because almost all of the injured returned. We are all together to continue competing.After the summer that happened, did you think it would be so important?That is already in the past and all team players are important. We have to be prepared for when the coach needs us.After winning Liverpool, the ambitious team has been seen.That victory against Liverpool gave us motivation and strength and we are aware that we have to keep winning in the League to continue up there.In flash interviewbelt, author of a goal and an assistance in the comeback of Atletico, valued for the Movistar microphone + the team’s performance:Again decisive, with goal and assistance.It was very important for us to leave the 3 points at home, we knew the results that had been given and we are happy for the victory.From Liverpool you see a 100% Atleti.That triumph gave us a lot of confidence and a lot of strength to face what comes until the end of the season, we have to continue in that lineChampions celebration.Liverpool is the best team in the world, it was a year since I lost and it was an immense joy. Going there will be difficult, but that is still missing. We enjoy these games in the league while.Third in the classification.It is what we want, to be fighting up, we are happy with the result.last_img

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