Jeffrey Epstein Death Ruled Suicide

first_imgOfficials ruled the death of millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein a suicide on Friday.The autopsy cited his official cause of death as suicide by hanging, according to The New York City Medical Examiner.Epstein was being held in the federal facility while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.Correctional officers found Epstein unconscious last Saturday and took him to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.He was found just days after he was taken off suicide watch.Since Epstein was charged for sex trafficking, the case has been a constant source of shocking revelations, and his death was no different.Conspiracy theories after his death went viral almost immediately.An outrageously popular theory is that the Clintons orchestrated his murder.Suspicion of foul-play intensified after an initial autopsy revealed Epstein sustained multiple broken bones in his neck. Before his death, speculation arose that Epstein who never married or had children spread his DNA by impregnating his victims.A Florida-based genealogical company is now looking into claims made by those who could be related to the disgraced financier.The autopsy report seemingly answers questions that were fueling speculation about his death.However, it remains unclear whether the conspiracy theories surrounding Epstein’s life and death will ever be put to rest.last_img

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