The Rams revealed new uniforms on Twitter, and NFL fans ripped them apart

first_imgIf nothing else, at least the Rams are consistent.After a rough logo release in March, Los Angeles got hit with another round of criticism for its new uniforms. The Rams shared their new royal-royal, royal-yellow and bone-bone color schemes for the 2020 NFL season on Wednesday. 🚨 2020 🚨A new era in Los Angeles.— Los Angeles Rams (@RamsNFL) May 13, 2020🔥🔥🔥— Los Angeles Rams (@RamsNFL) May 13, 2020MORE: Here’s why Todd Gurley isn’t talking to former Rams teammatesIt didn’t take long for fans to start an avalanche of negative replies.At least they’ll look good in their week 1 loss— Chase ✭ (@Hobs_Creation) May 13, 2020Bahahaha you gotta be kidding me!! Once again EPIC FAIL!!! BIG JOKE!!— Michael Richards (@m3745r) May 13,— ong (@michael_ongg) May 13, 2020It’s official the Rams have the worst uniforms in the league. And that’s saying something.— Ethan Dimitroff (@ethan_dimitroff) May 13,— Reef (@reedlaww) May 13,— J.F.K Rams (@JasonFreshKicks) May 13,— Tonalista (@dinho_figueira) May 13,— Luke Easterling (@LukeEasterling) May 13, 2020These are quite possibly the worst designs you could’ve picked— Moh (@MohSanoop) May 13, 2020Congrats @AtlantaFalcons , you no longer hold the crown of worst uniforms in the NFL. 🤢🤮— SkolVikings72 (@SkolVikings72) May 13, 2020The hatred of the new uniforms was strong, but not quite unanimous. Some fans were completely on board with the changes. LETS GOOOO THESE ARE FIRE— HoldenCantor (@HoldenCantor) May 13, 2020But even those expressing satisfaction with LA’s look got crushed.“LETS GOOOO THESE ARE FIRE”— bolts (@chargerbolts) May 13, 2020And then there were the fans who tried (and failed) to talk themselves into liking the uniforms.Better than I thought , not good. Ehh. Pretty much ruined the most iconic helmet in all of sports , first team with a logo on helmet is now dead with a broken C. Maybe Yankees will get rid of pinstripes next, NOT— Rocky E Sizemore (@rockysiz) May 13, 2020Hey Rams, have you ever heard of the expression “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”last_img

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