Sunday thoughts: Medallion, European Union, O.J., Manziel and the Kansas Legislature

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He has squeezed, or attempted to squeeze, every seedy little drip of OJ’s yard sales and memorabilia for the past twenty years. If OJ’s relatives sell a lawnmower, there is Fred with his hand open, palm up. He is as much of a self-seeking skank as any of those you mentioned. Report Reply 1 reply · active 215 weeks ago +9 Vote up Vote down Bobby Wilson · 215 weeks ago Good for Goldman. As OJ has hid so much that could have been sold. The Goldman did not ask for their son to be murdered nor did they ever want to be dragged into a homicide trial that turned into a circus. They simply wanted justice for their son. I would want the same. Report Reply +11 Vote up Vote down iceman318 · 215 weeks ago I liked the manziel topic his dad is so correct. All that talent wasted. in more ways than I can post. Report Reply 1 reply · active 215 weeks ago -2 Vote up Vote down redfanx2 · 215 weeks ago You are correct. At least his parent understands “tough love”. And if the money used to promote OJ and his choices was used for good there would be no starvation! Report Reply -1 Vote up Vote down Ted “Theodore” Logan · 215 weeks ago Bipartisan – not taking sides… Report Reply 1 reply · active 215 weeks ago +4 Vote up Vote down I.B. Well · 215 weeks ago After the snow job she did in the obama administration, Sebelius has no room to criticize anyone. She should simply fade away into obscurity. Report Reply 0 Vote up Vote down Devoted Fan · 215 weeks ago Loved your comments/thought on Britain’s exit of EU! Always knew Cueball had a funny and serious side especially on the OJ saga. And if it’s sticking it to WDNews (not daily anymore) is good, go ahead-have at it! More interesting reading on Newscow from my viewpoint. Report Reply 0 replies · active 215 weeks ago Post a new comment Enter text right here! 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Medallion huntThe official start of the Kansas Wheat Festival is still two weeks away, but it truly starts Monday when the first clue of the Medallion Hunt is released, Monday exclusively at 6:30 a.m. on Sumner Newscow. A list of rules can be found here.This marks the fourth year Sumner Newscow is co-hosting the event along with Steve Page. With a registered button, you could get a cool $1,000 if you are to find the Medallion.As always, I’ll reiterate the position of Sumner Newscow as we have in years past. Much like the advertisers of this website, Sumner Newscow has nothing to do with contest’s content. We don’t make up the clues, we don’t organize the event, nor do we participate in the contest in any way other than providing the daily clues online and press coverage surrounding the event.Diana PageTherefore, it would be a waste of your time to complain to me. My official position is: whatever controversy that might develop, I will stand 100 percent behind the organizers who work their tails off to make this a fun event. So if you want to cry a river about the Medallion, take your tears elsewhere.Also, I want to salute the late Diana Page, who for years, made this Medallion Hunt a great event. It doesn’t seem possible she is not involved. RIP, Diana. Every summer at this time, your legacy will be revisited.•••••2. Open wound Europe…Two things are obvious from Great Britain’s vote to exit the European Union:1) The world is in a “screw you” mood – which bodes well for Donald Trump here in the U.S. in November;2) The European Union was destined to collapse anyway.Let’s look at the history of that region. Two World Wars not to mention countless revolutions throughout history have been fought on European soil. When the Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992 bringing 28 countries together to form the European Union, it seemed inevitable someone was eventually going to balk.I remember my publisher at the Grove (Okla.) Sun telling me then: “This won’t work. I give it 10 years before one nation pulls out. I bet it will be England. That country has always been more independent than the rest. Once England pulls out, then it will all collapse.”Sure enough, he was correct other than the fact his prediction was off about 14 years.Five other countries are ready to split: France, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and Hungary. In the center of it all is Germany, who is trying desperately to keep the European Union intact. Hmmm. Germany against the rest of Europe – where have we heard that before?There is a part of me that thinks this is all a bunch of much ado about nothing. What exactly has the European Union done to better the world? Is it really necessary we all have to come together, hold hands, and love one another?Inevitably, if you put a group of people together with one purpose, eventually that one purpose becomes two and factions form. And then there are break ups – whether it be dance studios, economic development commissions, youth sporting events, football factory conferences, minority groups, fast-food restaurants etc., etc. etc. Life is one big fight and will always be one big fight.And that isn’t a bad thing.Sumner Newscow wasn’t born just because we wanted to provide local news to the community. I’ll admit part of it was to stick it to the Wellington Daily News.Life is an evolution. If Great Britain is leaving the EU, this probably isn’t such a bad thing.••••••3. O.J. Simpson blather…You know how someone could make a lot of money? How about opening an O.J. Simpson museum?Maybe they can make an exhibit in which people can chase around a Ford Bronco in little police bumper cars on a go cart track. Families could participate in a scavenger hunt in which they search for a bloody knife. How about an interactive exhibit in which you can put on different items of clothes for Marcia Clark before going to trial? Maybe there can be an exhibit in which people can try on O.J.’s glove to see if it fits their hand.It’s been more than 20 years since the Simpson trial, and we still can’t get enough of it.I’m guilty as charged. I watched the FX show “People v. OJ Simpson” and the latest ESPN series “O.J.: Made in America.” in its entirety, and will watch the next O.J. special that comes along.And of the countless hours in my life wasting away on “O.J.” triving, nothing quite made me want to throw the remote through the television set more than when juror Carrie Bess, who is about 122, stated on camera that 90 percent of the jury acquitted Simpson because they wanted revenge for the Rodney King verdict – in which white L.A. Police officers were acquitted for the beating of a black man a few years earlier.I keep thinking about that trial and the media circus surrounding it, and I’m hard-pressed to find one person associated with it that had an ounce of redeeming qualities. There was the monster who is O.J., his adoring entourage, the cast of prosecuting idiots, the incompetent judge, the immoral defense dream team, the pathetic press, the biased jurors, the incompetent L.A.P.D. and forensic team, the racist cop, the cheering crowds during the police chase, and just a general lack of empathy.Was there anyone out there with one redeeming quality?If I could nominate one person, I’d give it to Fred Goldman, the father of Ron Goldman who O.J. murdered.He was his son’s No. 1 advocate, and the sole voice of selfless behavior.•••••4. Ooops, wrong number … Johnny ManzielI have spent a lifetime making wrong numbers. It started with a rotary phone, proceeded to a touchtone phone and now I am a full-fledged multi-media wrong numberer. I can send wrong e-mails, wrong texts, wrong telepathic messages to the wrong person during any wrong part of the day. It’s a skill I have perfected with great precision.But no matter how many wrong number or messages I make, I haven’t made one quite like the lawyer who is representing former disgraced NFL quarterback Johnny ManzielDefense attorney Bob Hinton thought he was messaging a fellow attorney when he sent a message that said his client would not be able to pass a drug test and that he recently spent $1,000 at a drug paraphernalia store after a hit-and-run accident last week. “God help us if he has to pee in a cup,” he wrote.Then he pushed “send.” And it went to the Associated Press instead of the attorney.Oops.I’m not sure if A.P. should have used that information since it was client-attorney privileged information and it wasn’t meant for them. And what did it matter? We already know Manziel has a drug problem and has pretty much already ruined his career anyway.But the bigger story was the response of his dad, Paul Manziel, after the story ran.He told ESPN: He’s a druggie. It’s not a secret that he’s a druggie. I don’t know what to say other than my son is a druggie and he needs help. He just hasn’t seeked it yet. Hopefully he doesn’t die before he comes to his senses. That’s about all you can say. I don’t know what else to say. I hate to say it but I hope he goes to jail. I mean, that would be the best place for him. So we’ll see.If I were Johnny, that very public message from dad is 100 times more potent than some random accidental text.•••••5. Life ahead…The Kansas Legislature blinked and passed a bipartisan bill Friday that takes $38 million from a variety of sources and puts it toward equalization aid  for property-poor school districts. Thus there will be no standoff between the legislature and the Kansas Supreme Court and there will be no school shutdown.Call it a temporary honeymoon.Next year, Kansas Legislatures will return to the state house needing to establish a permanent state funding bill in a state that is completely broke, during a non-election year. In the meantime, we have an election. It is up to the Kansas voters if we want more of the same, or make a change.Follow us on Facebook.Follow us on Twitter.last_img

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