New era of healthcare in southeastern Indiana begins

first_imgPresident and CEO Michael W. Schwebler cuts the ribbon signifying the rebranding of Dearborn County Hospital to Highpoint Health. Angela Scudder, Highpoint Health Vice President of Patient Care Services (left), and Dr. Nancy Kennedy, Highpoint Health Chief Medical Officer (right), assist by holding the ceremonial ribbon.Lawrenceburg, In. — Tuesday marks a new beginning for healthcare in Southeastern Indiana.  After almost 59 years as Dearborn County Hospital, the hospital, inclusive of its physician and provider practices and outpatient services, is now Highpoint Health. The announcement was made today at a celebration and ribbon cutting ceremony where the new name, logo, mission and vision statements and brand promise were revealed to an excited crowd of invited guests and members of the public.  Hospital employees, who were also in attendance, had been introduced to the new brand two weeks ago at a special in-house unveiling.“We are all extremely excited about our new brand,” said Michael W. Schwebler, Highpoint Health President and CEO.  “Rebranding is so much more than just changing your name, logo or colors.  While the changing of logos or corporate colors may be included in rebranding, that is only one small part of a much more in-depth and comprehensive process.“To make our rebranding successful, we need to enhance the way in which we interact with our community and with each other,” he emphasized.  “In addition to creating a new, more accurate identity for the hospital, rebranding is establishing core values and systemwide principles which are adhered to 365 days a year.  These are expressed in our new mission and vision statements and brand promise.“At the heart of our rebranding efforts are three simple words: hearing, helping and healing,” continued Mr. Schwebler.  “These words are part of our brand promise.  They very accurately and succinctly define what we do and they represent our renewed commitment to our patients and the community.”Rob Moorhead, Secretary of the hospital’s Board of Trustees, voiced his approval of the new brand.  “As this hospital organization has evolved over time, the previous name and logo no longer accurately reflected our facilities, our wide range of providers and services or even the geographic area in which our patients live and work.“Dearborn County Hospital, now Highpoint Health, encompasses more than 45 healthcare providers with offices located in Dearborn, Ohio, Ripley and Switzerland Counties,” Mr. Moorhead noted.  “In addition, we have convenient community settings such as our two outpatient physical therapy and sports medicine facilities in Bright and Versailles.  Highpoint Health also offers a wide range of home health and hospice services in five Southeastern Indiana counties, sponsors area WIC and PATHS programs and holds the licenses for a number of long-term care facilities located throughout the state.”“For more than a year, our rebranding team worked closely with Madison Design, who are specialists in brand strategy, creation and implementation,” explained Dr. Nancy Kennedy, Highpoint Health Chief Medical Officer.  “Focus groups, comprised of participants representing a wide cross-section of our community, were convened and asked to convey their thoughts and perceptions of the hospital’s brand.  Overwhelmingly, the participants felt the existing brand did not accurately represent the depth and scope of our facilities.  Additional focus groups were then utilized to explore potential new names and logos. This inclusive process allowed us to make our new brand even more representative of the thoughts and shared visions of those we serve.”The Highpoint Health logo mark is a unique “H” that consists of two progressively taller upright rectangles, communicating that we are a grounded and trustworthy healthcare partner: advising, advocating, communicating and explaining; and a tapered diagonal that moves up and to the right, emphasizing our commitment to continuously advancing quality of care.  The use of color strengthens the symbolism of these components.  The uprights are grounded by a familiar navy and the motion and intent of the crossbar are emphasized by an energetic teal.“It’s always a little bittersweet to close out one chapter and begin a new one, however, we are extremely excited about the new brand and the future of Highpoint Health,” said Sandy Hoff, Highpoint Health Laboratory Director and a 40 year employee of the hospital. “Nowhere is change more evident than in healthcare and we are thrilled to be entering into this new era under strong leadership and with a vibrant new brand which truly exemplifies our position in the community.”“As Sandy noted, many things have changed in healthcare since our facility first opened its doors to the community in the spring of 1959, but the fundamental message remains the same: we are neighbors who are devoted to hearing, helping and healing our fellow neighbors, regardless of the distance,” concluded Mr. Schwebler.  “Our staff is proud of the many individuals they have helped and the many lives they have saved as Dearborn County Hospital, but they are even more elated about what the future holds as together we embrace the mission, vision and promise of Highpoint Health.”Highpoint Health, formerly Dearborn County Hospital, is comprised of an independent acute care hospital in Lawrenceburg, Indiana; Highpoint Health Physician Partners, a network of more than 45 specialist and primary care physicians and providers; and numerous outpatient services and facilities located in Dearborn, Ohio, Ripley and Switzerland Counties in Southeastern Indiana. Highpoint Health also sponsors area WIC and PATHS programs and holds the licenses for a number of long-term care facilities located throughout the state of Indiana.The Highpoint Health MissionOur mission is to deliver quality and affordable care, improve the health of our community and embody excellence in all we do.The Highpoint Health VisionOur vision is to be independent and the healthcare provider of choice in our region.last_img

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