Do you favor a “Mercy Rule”?

first_imgAs I was reading an article in the Indy Star, the idea of putting in a Mercy Rule in Indiana football is being discussed.    What do you think?The IHSAA would favor it, but most coaches do not.  They do not like a “give up” attitude.  This was brought about by the number of early season high school games that resulted in margins over 40 points.  You may remember last year New Palestine averaged over 60 points a game during the regular season.  Most of their games were over after the first quarter.Twenty states have adopted a Mercy Rule that when a team is ahead by 40 points at half time, you use a running clock for the second half.  A similar number of states have a stoppage rule, but the number of points at which the game is terminated is not consistent among those states. I have seen mutual agreement rules between coaches that they start a running clock when the game is obviously out of hand.People my age remember the Batesville/North Decatur game about 40 years ago, and I think Batesville scored 114 points in the game.  A running clock would not have helped in that game, because almost every Batesville touchdown in the second half was a one-play touchdown.  In this game, it would have taken a stoppage rule.I think the running clock is one option that I could support, but I do not want a system which does not allow younger players their chance to play in a varsity game.  Some schools put in the younger players but they do not allow them to do anything but run straight ahead into the line so they won’t score any more. This does not help the younger athletes learn the speed of a varsity game.  This is worse than a Mercy Rule.last_img

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