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first_img Previous Article Next Article If you had three wishes to change your company what wouldthey be? To have the resources to meet the public expectations of ourservice, to guarantee the safety of our police officers and to be able toreward excellent performance. What motivates you to go to work?Making the difference – there’s never a dull momentwhen introducing change into organisations. What is your least appealing characteristic?My unwillingness to accept that some people in organisationsdon’t always see that my proposals are for the good of the company and that mysuggestions are made from the best of motives. Related posts:No related photos. CV 1998 to date head of corporate services, Isle of ManConstabulary1996 Director of human resources, North Wales Police1992 Human resources manager, Enron Power Operations 1989 Personnel development manager, Clayton Aniline 1987 Personnel manager – Scotland, KelcoInternational1985 Employee relations representative, Marathon Oil UK What is your greatest strength?Getting people motivated and into the spirit and ethics ofthings despite themselves or their organisational hang-ups. What is the best thing about working in HR?Being recognised as so critical to the success of anenterprise that human resources practitioners are an automatic choice for anyproject/management group.center_img What is the strangest situation you’ve had to deal withat work?Moving – after years of handling redundancy situations andexperiencing high unemployment –  to anisland where there is zero unemployment and whereability to work is regulated by work permit. Based on the Isle of Man, Roy Martin is head of corporateservices for the island’s Police Service and chairman of the local CIPD branch.He has previously held, in both the public and private sectors, a variety ofsenior appointments at director and managing board level. Personal profileOn 23 Jan 2001 in Personnel Today What the worst thing about working in HR?Being seen by unenlightened line managers as administratorsand providers of non-strategic support services. Comments are closed. What is the most important lesson you have learned inyour career?No matter how good it was, the past cannot be recaptured;there is no going back. Organisational management must look forward.last_img read more

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