The 10 Biggest Games of E3 2019

first_img E3 2019 is over. It was an interesting year for the gaming industry’s annual Electronic Entertainment Expo. Much like 2012’s E3, this year felt like it was in a holding pattern. This makes sense considering how 2020 will see the arrival of Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles. With that said, E3 2019 had its fair share of highlights.I previously broke down E3’s biggest non-gaming moments and some of its more notable smaller titles. I want to finish the week off by listing some of the biggest game announcements. This isn’t so much a comprehensive list as it is games I’m looking forward to and ones I’ve seen hyped most on social media. These are the titles that will keep us all busy this fall and early next year.Star Wars: Jedi Fallen OrderStar Wars: Jedi Fallen Order seems to be everything fans of the franchise want: a story-driven Star Wars experience. While the two most recent Battlefront games have their fans, they never seemed to capture the essence of the series since they were so multiplayer-focused. Just being a single player game already makes Jedi Fallen Order stand out, which is a really weird thing to say. The small amount of gameplay we’ve seen is intriguing, though I personally want to know more about the characters. Hopefully this title will turn things around for the video game side of Star Wars.Pre-order on AmazonFinal Fantasy VII RemakeIt has been a long time coming, but Final Fantasy VII Remake is almost here. Well, the first part of it at least. During its E3 presentation, Square-Enix unveiled new information and gameplay trailers for the highly anticipated remake. I’m glad to see the real-time combat actually contains elements of strategy with the way players can slow down the action. In this way, those who enjoy the pure turn-based nature of the original won’t feel completely alienated. Though I’m excited to play Final Fantasy VII Remake, the episodic nature concerns me. How many parts will we have to play to get the complete adventure? Even if each installment is as long as a normal RPG (60-90 hours), having to wait years to wrap up the whole tale doesn’t sound very appealing. Hopefully, it won’t take too long.Pre-order on AmazonCyberpunk 2077As I talked about before, a big E3 2019 moment was Keanu Reeves showing up at the Xbox E3 conference to talk about Cyberpunk 2077. The Hollywood actor’s presence may have distracted you from the awesome footage he revealed. CD Projekt Red creates massive games with intriguing worlds and characters, and Cyberpunk 2077 looks like it will follow in that tradition. The size and scope of the Polish studio’s projects have always intimidated me but I really want to try out Cyberpunk 2077 and delve deep into its world. I know I’m not alone in this sentiment.Pre-order on AmazonAnimal Crossing: New HorizonsAnimal Crossing is one of those Nintendo series I don’t quite understand. I’m speaking for myself, but I don’t see the appeal of maintaining a digital farm. Though baffled by the franchise, I understand it has a large number of fans; hence why Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a big freakin’ deal. In this installment, players get to build a farm on a desert island. A new crafting system lets users create items like furniture and decorations. The ability to play with up to eight players should also give Animal Crossing: New Horizons a lot of replayability. I’m not sure if I’ll play this title, but I know it’ll be massive when it releases next year.Pre-order on AmazonThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2One of the coolest surprises (among many) to spring from the E3 Nintendo Direct was learning a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in the works. The brief trailer only teased what the game is about. Breath of the Wild is arguably the best Nintendo Switch game so it makes sense to produce a sequel. We have no clue when this game will drop. Thankfully, there’s another Zelda game that will help tide us over until then.The Legend of Zelda: Link’s AwakeningLike Metroid: Samus Returns for 3DS, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a remake of a Game Boy classic. Unlike Samus Returns, this one is coming to Nintendo Switch. The thing that immediately stands out are the adorable graphics. The art style is both wildly different yet true to the original. I never got to play Link’s Awakening so this should make for a fine introduction to a title hailed as one of the series’ best. The art style alone is worth the price of admission as far as I’m concerned.Pre-order on AmazonMarvel’s AvengersCrystal Dynamics finally unveiled its Avengers game and… yeah… it’s a thing. I’m sorry, but what is up with the characters’ faces? Even if Crystal Dynamics wanted to deviate from the characters’ movie counterparts, they could have at least tried to make them resemble the original comic book characters. Seriously, if you just saw headshots of the game’s main cast, you wouldn’t know any of them were the Avengers. I know I’m ranting here but I’m not alone in feeling this way. I’ll obviously give this a shot since Crystal Dynamics is a solid studio, but man do those faces bug the hell out of me.Pre-order on AmazonDoom EternalI’ve written about my love of 2016’s Doom before so it should come as no surprise that I’m stoked about Doom Eternal. I would have been happy if the sequel was more of the same, but it’s clear it will be so much more. In the trailer, we see three settings: Mars, Earth, and Hell. The Doomslayer is also much more nimble this time around. Platforming seems as crucial as running and gunning. Even the multiplayer component seems bad-ass. Like its 2016 prequel, Doom Eternal will take the twitch-based nature of the original and update it for modern audiences. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game.Pre-order on AmazonWatch Dogs LegionWatch Dogs Legion seems like it will fully capitalize on the series’ premise. This time, you play as a number of different characters who are truly “watch dogs.” Like the previous games, your job is to hack into the world’s ctOS network and use it to stop the bad guys. Unlike before, you’re not confined to a single viewpoint. The demo showed a variety of characters, including my personal favorite: a gun-toting grandma. To make things more interesting, any of the characters can permanently die. I’m not sure how this will affect the overall story, but it should make things more harrowing. I know I don’t want murder grandma to die. I think Watch Dogs Legion is exactly what this series needs.Pre-order on AmazonWitcher 3 on SwitchI have no idea how, but The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Complete Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch. Perhaps Saber Interactive (the studio behind the port) used some in-game magic to make this happen? Naturally, this port won’t sport the same graphical fidelity of its console or PC counterparts. CD Projekt Red confirmed the game runs at 540p in handheld and 720p in docked. While this is a decidedly compromised experience, just the fact The Witcher 3 is running off a 32GB cartridge on Switch is a miracle in and of itself.Pre-order on AmazonMore E3 2019 coverage on Smaller Titles From E3 2019 Deserve Your AttentionE3 2019 Has a Shocking Amount of Arcade MachinesCute New Pokemon in ‘Sword and Shield’ Melt Hearts at E3 2019 Watch: Marvel and Square Enix’s ‘Avengers’ Gameplay Still Creeps Us OutPlay These E3 2019 Video Games Right Now Stay on targetlast_img read more

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