Google planning 20 Chrome OS hardware subscription option

first_imgWhen Chrome OS finally gets released running as the default OS on a laptop, it is wideley expected that the pricing of such hardware will be lower than the equivalent Windows-based hardware. This is mainly due to Chrome OS being free to use rather than following a license-based system like Microsoft offered.But it looks as though hardware running Chrome OS may cost you nothing upfront in some cases. Instead, Google is willing to offer hardware running its new operating system on a subscription basis.AdChoices广告For between $10-$20 per month Google is apparently considering offering you a laptop. As long as the subscription continues Google will replace any faulty hardware and issue new devices at regular intervals as the previous device ageas. Effectively Google is replacing the upfront payment of hundreds of dollars for hardware and then a refresh every 3-4 years, with a subscription model for life.What is unclear is how far reaching this subscription offer will be, and if it will include any additional services to help sweeten the deal. It could be Google limit this to business users, on the other hand it may be rolled out to consumers will a Google Music subscription thrown in.Whatever Google’s final plan, it looks like Chrome OS will do more than shake up the OS market, it may change the way some of us buy our next laptop in the years to come.Read more at Neowin, via thechromesourceMatthew’s OpinionIf this turns out to be true I can see it appealing to a lot of people. Think about it, we are used to paying subscriptions for our phones, so why not our laptops too? If Google set realistic hardware refresh cycles, threw in a music download subscription, and possibly a 3G/4G connection too, it would be difficult to say no at $20 a month.The hardware costs upfront for Google would be large, but because Chrome OS functions in the cloud a laptop running it is far cheaper to produce than a Windows laptop. It would also be a loss leader that Google would get back in the first 12 months of subscription payments.Also, how do you compete with this if you are Microsoft or Apple? You can’t do the same as it would cost too much, and if the subscription includes hardware refreshes there’s no way you can really start pushing better hardware as an alternative easily.last_img read more

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