Which way forward for politics in The Gambia

first_imgQUESTION OF THE DAYThe nation is divided. The objective of the transition was to unite all political forces to focus on building the foundation of a new Gambia. Now the power struggle has commenced. Presidential aspirants have started to build their political platforms and are continuing to intensify their criticism of other political aspirants. Some are engaged in partisan propaganda, others in gender propaganda and still others in age propaganda.The transitional objective of building the instruments, the institutions, the norms and values of a sovereign republic, managed by a sovereign people is becoming illusive. Insults, are beginning to replace policies and the economic, social, cultural, environmental concerns of the people is no longer taking front seat. Party colours and symbols are now replacing coalition symbols.Since politics is about the people the future political life of this country is now in the hands of the people to determine. The type of Gambian we have will determine the type of Gambia we are going to build from henceforth. What is your vision of The Gambia? You should now decide so that you can stand and be counted. Foroyaa wishes you good luck. Aluta continua!!!last_img read more

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