Lena Paradiso On a day filled with loud cries pow

first_imgLena ParadisoOn a day filled with loud cries, powerful songs and energizing speeches.“We are not here for breadcrumbs, we are here for more change,” Delaney Tarr, Stoneman Douglas Student.It may have been the sound of silence that best captured the moment.Emma Gonzalez, the woman who became one of the most recognized faces of the movement born out of the massacre that took place in the halls of her school stood ,in front of the crowd, stone faced and silent.“Six minutes and about 20 seconds, and a little over 6:00 and 17 of our friends were taken from us,” Emma Gonzalez, Stoneman Douglas Student:Gonzalez and a cadre of her Fellow Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High school students took their pain and turned it into action. In marches and rallies all over the world.While they may only had each other when those shot rang out. Today they had the support of hundreds of the thousands including celebrities.“One of my best friends was killed in gun violence. Right around here. So, it’s important to me,” Paul McCartney, Musician/Activist.Even the granddaughter of a Civil Rights icon was there to speak.“I have a dream that enough is enough! And that this should be a gun-free room, period,” Yolanda Renee King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Granddaughter.They  want stricter gun laws, something they fell like the  federal government has been reluctant to do.The debate over guns remains divisive counter rallies were held in cities like Boston and Salt Lake Cities. These Students are hoping this movement is different. They are warning their leaders, they wont be giving up until they get the change they are looking for. .last_img read more

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