How to harness the potential of Weibo, the most used travel platform for Chinese millennials

first_imgSimon Properties is a global operator of real estate and shopping centers with over 200 of them throughout the United States. The company has an official Weibo account that serves as an inspiration to potential visitors by highlighting shopping malls, outlets, brands and experiences. Imagine two 26-year-old Chinese women planning a trip to California. In addition to sightseeing, they are also hoping for shopping. The reservation is made 60 days in advance which gives them enough time to prepare and make a travel plan. Both women have been active on Weibo for the past six years and use the social platform to consume news, fashion trends, and interact with friends. Consumer steps This announcement from Simon Properties ’official Weibo account highlights the Desert Hills Premium Outlets located an hour’s drive from Los Angeles. The listed shopping center includes 180 designer stores like the ones listed in the announcement. Conclusion Unlike Instagram, where users follow hashtags, Weibo allows users to search for hashtags that are in trend as well as content created by the users themselves. For example, a search of the hashtag “#LosAngeles” will show what other Weibo users are doing in Los Angeles. This feature allows users to filter out irrelevant or uninteresting content. Weib’s ease of multimedia sharing, live streams and user communities make it a major travel planning tool. Although destination marketing organizations have long recognized Weibo’s power, many have struggled to understand its value and how it fits into China’s social media strategy. Destination profile In a recent survey, Chinese marketing agency Mailman X surveyed 100 Chinese millennials about online travel planning platform preferences. The answers were mostly based on the most famous online travel agencies in China, but still Weibo was mentioned the most times, reports Skift. Consumer understanding is paramount. How young Chinese travelers use Weibo to plan their trips and how destinations can take advantage of the platform’s capabilities, you can read below. The two women will explore the best places to buy famous brands in California. Through their online acquaintances, they will notice Simon Shopping Destinations, a place that is popular among Chinese tourists, and will follow the company’s official profile. Millennial traveler profilecenter_img Destination steps Simon Properties has eight malls and outlets located within a two-hour drive of Los Angeles. In terms of Weibo strategy, it is crucial to ensure that each post contains hashtags such as “#LosAngeles” or “#LA”. This means that the posts will appear on the Weibo user pages of Chinese travelers as they explore California. Source / photo: Shift; Weibo CHINESE TOURIST MARKET – LATEST INDICATORS AND TRENDS Simon Properties ’Weibo account is a powerful source where Chinese travelers can find out information about one of California’s most popular shopping mall chains. They will review content that has already been posted, see which brands are on offer, and check available locations. They want to ensure the best shopping experience, and that includes checking for upcoming discounts, as well as other shopping experiences and benefits. Any good social media strategy should deal with highlighting new activities, restaurants, hotels, parks. It is important to focus on what is new and provide passengers with valid reasons to spend as much time as possible at the destination. As Weibo evolved, so did the behavior of its users. Those seeking to advertise to Chinese tourists need to be visible in China’s digital space and understand how potential consumers use the platform to create relevant content. RELATED NEWS: The hashtag “#LosAngeles” has more than 90 million views and over 128 thousand discussions on the topic. Simon Properties’ goal is to touch this sphere of Weibo and become part of conversations.last_img read more

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